Anna… what happened to our Continential Marshals?

Anna… what happened to our Continential Marshals? How may we join as being part of a group that is standing???
  • We now have a Peacekeeping Task Force that is networking and coordinating Constitutional Sheriffs, State Assembly Militias, and Continental Marshals.
    Your State Assembly Coordinator will be able to connect you directly.
    The Peacekeeping Task Force Coordinator and his Aide de Camp are touring the country and meeting with “unorganized militias” and helping them get properly and lawfully organized into their State Assembly Militias — work that ensures that we have “well-regulated” militias in every State and also ensures that the full spectrum of peacekeeping services is connected, with County Sheriffs, State Militias, and Continental Marshals all working together in their separate jurisdictions to keep the peace and protect the people of this country.
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