Court arbitration by Robert-Dean:House

Don’t be fooled, the court arbitrator is an arm of the court.
In 2007 and 8, around the time of the great bank bailout, I was notified by a financial grope who had notified me that I could access any amount of money from them up to $10.000.00.  I called their bluff, so I thought, and got $5,000.00 from them on only my signature contract with a payment agreement of $150.00 per month.
Due to the crash, I found 150 too difficult to handle and wanted to renegotiate the contract to a lesser amount.  They refused. Then I attempted to get the other $5,000 which they said I had available but due to the bank’s problems they refused.  I was still making the full payments until then.
Sometime after, I stopped the payments and they took me to court.  Under arbitration.
In a private room, I sat with the bank’s attorney and the arbitrator.
The attorney laid it on the table that they would agree to the $75.00 per month along with the court order.
I caught wind of something wrong and asked, what if I can not make a court-ordered payment of $75.00?  He, the attorney would not answer and the arbitrator stated he was just there to finalize the agreement.
I knew that missing one payment could get me a free stay at the crowbar hotel for violating a court order.
I told the attorney that I would not agree to such a contract.
The arbitrator then asked if I wanted to forfeit.  I said yes, knowing that they could not enforce anything on me for I had not put up any collateral.
I later found out that the judge held me at forfeit and the bank put a blemish in the public record which after their own statutes of limitations of seven years, charged it off.
Remember,  my contract was not with this attorney.  It was with the agent who signed me up for the gift of $5,000.00 and under common law it would have and should have been him in the courtroom instead of a third party contractor.
Arbitration is still under the court’s final say.  This is just another deceitful way they get you to contract with them.
Now, if you and the other party agreed to meet with a third party not associated with the courts, it could be settled with both party agreement and no threat of enforcement by a third party.


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Graham on Trump’s presidency, declassification of 2016 election intel


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Court Action versus Private Arbitration

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Court Action versus Private Arbitration

Most of what passes for “court action” in our present morass of ignorance is instead the private processing of corporate tribunal decisions that are not the actions of any Public Court at all.

Any time you see a docket sheet where the style of the name of the Court and the Plaintiffs and the Defendants all match, you are looking at an action in a private corporate tribunal designed to administratively settle disputes among the officials and employees and shareholders of the corporation.

If the court is captioned (named and described) in an Upper and Lower Case name and the Plaintiffs and Defendants are too, you are looking at a Territorial Administrative Tribunal case.

If the court is captioned in all capital letters and the Plaintiffs and Defendants are also, you are looking at a MUNICIPAL COURT TRIBUNAL.

These Administrative Court Tribunals conduct about 90% of all court actions in this country.

They all function by presuming that you are either an officer or an employee or a shareholder or a dependent of a corporation, and assume that whatever is being brought forward for adjudication is an internal dispute to be settled according to the internal statutory laws of the corporation (Administrative Code) and State Statutes and Public Policies of that corporation.

So, once again, it is up to you to “declare your law” and to choose which court you do business with, and also up to you to decide whether you address a court at all—– unless of course, someone else is trying to choose your law and your court “for” you. That’s another whole discussion.

For the moment, let’s just concentrate on the fact that when you bring forward something for settlement, it is your choice of law and your decision to address either a court or seek private arbitration that largely determines the outcome.

Most people in this country approve of land jurisdiction courts where the Ten Commandments form the basis for the Law being administered, but those courts were taken out of action surreptitiously by our “Public Servants” in order to better serve themselves.

So now what? A corporate administrative tribunal doesn’t fit who you are or what you need in terms of services, and the gozillion codes and statutes and policies of these corporations don’t meet your needs as a living man or woman.

Chances are you are just waking up to the fact that you are being “impersonated” as a corporate entity and a legal fiction entity, and not being recognized as a living man or a Lawful Person, either one.

Chances are you don’t know the variations of laws and codes and statutes and all the corporate legalese, all the court procedures, all the court rules…..

So that leaves you a stranger in a strange land and makes you easy pickings for these predators. You really are unprepared to interact with these courts, and they know it. They set it up that way, the better to profit themselves and to keep rigid control of you and your assets.

But when you are bringing the action, you do have an option. You can seek private arbitration instead. Arbitration has many advantages over court actions, not the least of which is simplicity. In arbitration, all you have to do is establish the form of law, the identities of the parties, and the nature of the conflict.

You can sit down together like rational people and speak plain English and be heard. The Arbiter is free to render a judgment based on the principles of justice apart from any corporate policies— and they often do so with great prejudice against those perpetuating injustice. You just don’t hear about these cases because they are private—- truly private, as opposed to the quasi-private corporate tribunal actions that are so common.

An arbitration action does not establish any precedent for anyone but you and whoever else is party to the arbitration. It does not establish any res judicata. But what it can and often does manage to deliver is justice.

So when you are standing there feeling utterly bewildered by the plethora of undisclosed courts and court operations that have nothing to do with you as a living man or woman, remember the option you do have — private arbitration.

As a result of the corruption of the corporate court systems and the basic fact that the courts are obliged to make insupportable presumptions against you to even bring a case into their jurisdiction — a very lively business has sprung up for Private Arbitration Services and you will find them under that heading in many metropolitan areas.

Make haste to make peace with your brother on your way to court…. and take a detour via private arbitration services instead. Until we have our own courts set up and functioning again, this is the best option for people searching for justice.


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Lawful Marriage

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Lawful Marriage

It’s “Marriage Season” — or so I am told. More marriages take place in June than in any other month of the year. I’ve been thumping on everyone about the word “Lawful” this week, as opposed to “Legal” so now we have the topic of “Lawful Marriage”.

What is a “Lawful Marriage” as opposed to a “Legal Marriage”?

A Lawful Marriage is one that takes place on the land and soil of an actual, factual country. It takes place according to the Law of Scripture and the Public Law of the country and internationally it is recognized as a Simple Treaty under the Law of Nations.

It’s both a private agreement and a public agreement between two people to live together and enter into all the rights and responsibilities of married life.

A “Legal Marriage” is a Joint Venture between two Legal Persons chartered by a State of State, subject to the Statutory Laws of that State of State. The State of State, like the State of Washington, issuing the new franchise charter is an undisclosed Third Party having an “interest” in the JV and the “products thereof”—- your children.

Obviously, you want to have your ducks in order and be making a deliberate choice about which kind of “marriage” you are entering into.

I’ve had distraught parents contact me seeking help to protect their children who are now planning to get married and not knowing the difference between these two kinds of marriage. They don’t want their children and grandchildren to be reduced to mere businesses operating a JV under the thumb of State of State subcontractors.

The basic situation is the same as what we encountered with the Baby Deed. If we don’t record our baby’s true identity as an American State National, the freebooters sneak in and register our baby’s name as a Legal Person and Ward of their State of State organization, leaving him or her — and their parents — at the mercy of the Territorial State of State.

To counteract, we record the Baby Deed at the land recording office and seize ownership to our own children on the Public Record. If the State of State then registers our baby’s name, it is clearly and demonstrably a secondary claim and is not owed any enforcement against the parents.

Straightening out your own political status records and recording that little Baby Deed on the land jurisdiction puts you back in control of your lives and the lives of your children. It’s the same way with marriages.

You need to record your Lawful Marriage with the Land Recording Office, prior to or in concert with any “registration” of the new “vessel” with the State of State organization.

To that end, our team has constructed a new recording instrument that does for marriages what the Baby Deed does for babies —- establishes your marriage as a Lawful Marriage on the Public Record.

This document is called a “Solemn Record and Proclamation of Lawful Marriage” and will be found –together with instructions– with the Article 928 documents at my website, and hopefully will soon also be available on website.

Those receiving this as an email will also receive a “red-line” copy of the form and instructions.

Recording this “Solemn Record and Proclamation of Lawful Marriage” protects your marriage from being treated as a commercial contract and prevents you and your children from being subjected to the unilateral demands of Territorial and Municipal Agencies.

For your own safety and sanity and for the well-being of your children, be sure to fill out the “Solemn Record and Proclamation of Lawful Marriage” and record it with the Land Recording Office nearest you. This is evidence that you are acting as living people getting married and not functioning as business entities engaged in a Joint Venture merger—- which is how your marriage will otherwise be “interpreted” by the existing court systems.

I will also point out that doing this prevents a lot of the other heartaches that can be associated with marriages — CPS, forced vaccinations, denial of home school rights, inequitable divorces, and a whole lot more can be settled privately and should be settled privately by arbitration. Just make sure to get your “Solemn Record and Proclamation of Lawful Marriage” properly witnessed and recorded and forestall any ability of the pirates to exercise their “discretion” with regard to what kind of marriage you have entered into.


Get help filling out and recording the paperwork based on Anna’s article # 928. You will be contacted by someone, usually within 24 hours.


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Lawful People, Lawful Money, Lawful Remedy…..

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

Lawful People, Lawful Money, Lawful Remedy…..

People come to me and they want to argue.

They have a clear view of their part of the “Elephant” and they want to argue about it.

If they have hold of the trunk, they want to tell me all about how it is long and flexible and tapered and seems to be hollow. If they have grabbed a leg, they are telling me about how it is rock solid and cylindrical. If they have hold of an ear, well, then, it is flat and flexible and flops back and forth like a piece of heavy cloth….

Then, of course, they want to argue with each other, too.

Which one is right? They all are.

They are just experiencing the government and the court system from different directions.

It’s important to step back and realize we have a whole “Elephant” here.

This morning I got a stream of emails because a “Petition of Remonstrance” was not heard by nor addressed by the State of New Hampshire Legislature. No big surprises here in Alaska.

When you “petition” anyone or anything, you give up your sovereignty to them, like a little kid petitioning for a cookie. Does the parent have the right to ignore such a petition and go on doing the laundry?

And as it turns out, the Petition was mis-addressed. Why ask Joe about Joseph’s business? It doesn’t make sense, does it? The names are similar, but there are two different parties involved.

So there again, why would the State of New Hampshire have a word to say about New Hampshire’s business?

This was followed by more emails back and forth, with people discovering that we don’t have any courts. Oh, my.

If I recall correctly, I came to the conclusion that all we have functioning as courts here (with very few exceptions) are: (1) Administrative Tribunals that handle In-House disputes for the corporations; (2) Maritime (Commercial) Courts operating under Admiralty Jurisdiction granted by Article III, Section 2 and exercised via the Special Supplemental Rules of the Federal Code of Civil Procedure; (3) Admiralty Courts functioning under Article III and the US Code of Military Justice: Military “Common Law”.

That was about five years ago, but the startled squawking about this “discovery” goes on anyway. Then the same people who say that I am wrong go on to prove me right, and the only thing that is accomplished is that more time and energy is wasted while everyone gropes the elephant.

The reason we don’t have any courts is that we haven’t been acting in our rightful capacity as Lawful People (we were unaware that we had been “redefined” as “Legal Persons” instead) and we have not, as a result, provided ourselves with the Lawful Courts we are owed under the Constitutions.

That’s right. We have been defrauded, that’s true, and we have every right to bring claims and take action.

But at the other end of the day, our lack of an honest court system for the service of Lawful People is our own fault. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

There is a Lawful System. We have to build it back up.

There is a Legal System. They own it “in our names”.

Deal with the facts, folks.

We are naturally Lawful Persons known as “People”, but when we are just babes in our cradles, the perpetrators of the Great Fraud sneak in, get our mothers to sign undisclosed contracts, and use that as the basis to redefine us as Legal Persons, instead.

No notice is given, so of course, you are unaware and unable to rebut their legal presumption and their deceitfully fabricated evidence (the Birth Certificate) that you are acting as a “Legal Person” and not as a “Lawful Person”.

That is, until now, when you have all been given not only the history of how this came to be, but also the tools you need to correct the situation and reclaim your status as a Lawful Person and one of the People of this country.

Go to: and scroll down to Article 928.

There is a logic to be observed. There are Lawful People living under the Public Law of this country, and those Lawful People are owed all the Lawful Money and Actual Assets, and they are also the ones owed all Lawful Relief and Remedy as well.

Legal Persons have no such rights nor property interests.

Underline that statement, put it in large boldface letters in your mind. Think about it. Think about what it implies. If you don’t get busy and reclaim your lawful birthright political status, you stand to be cheated out of your birthright and sold a bowl of porridge in purportedly equitable exchange.

If you want to address the actual problem at its roots and stop flailing away like a flock of disturbed pigeons arguing about elephants, do the paperwork to correct your political status, enter into your Lawful Capacity as one of the Lawful People of this country, join your Lawful State Assembly, and restore your Lawful Counties, Lawful States, and their associated Lawful Courts to serve the needs of the Lawful People.

Your country needs you to wake up — all the way up. The watch fires are lit and burning.

Go to


Get help filling out and recording the paperwork based on Anna’s article # 928. You will be contacted by someone, usually within 24 hours.


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Overcome Debt With Knowledge

46488575_297637147516301_44904243856932864_n  By David Everett Robinson

Federal Reserve Notes are promissory notes that Congress promises to redeem with our credit, upon demand.

A bill is a demand for real money — for currency backed by silver or gold. It’s a demand for a payment that can’t be made because there is no real money with which to pay it.

Federal Reserve Notes, in lieu of our credit, discharge debt. Our credit (our promise to pay) will extinguish debt, will actually pay it, if we accept the bill for its value with our credit sign (our endorsement) to settle the account.

Congress borrows Federal Reserve Notes from the Federal Reserve Bank with bonds that accumulate interest for the Federal Reserve, backed by the credit Congress borrows from us, the People of America, making us preferred stockholders of the corporate UNITED STATES.

The credit that Congress borrows from us — we the People of America — is called in the US Constitution, “the credit of the United States”.

In other words: The credit that Congress borrows from us is “the credit of (the people the people loan to) the United States.”

“Congress shall have power / to borrow money on the credit of the United States.” — Article 1, Section 8, clause 2, U.S. Constitution. (1:8:2)

Congress borrows Federal Reserve Notes from the Federal Reserve Bank with bonds that are backed by the credit of the American People.

“Real money of account of the United States is currency backed by gold and silver coins manufactured in a United States Mint.” (Coinage Act of 1792).

Federal Reserve Notes are debt instruments — evidences of debt that enslave us — so why use them? The use of Federal Reserve Notes is voluntary. Slavery to FRNs is an optional choice — whether we know it or not.

In 1933, House Joint Resolution 192 made it a federal offense to refuse to accept Federal Reserve Notes to discharge contract obligations demanding gold.

HJR 192 of 1933 did not order people to use Federal Reserve Notes to discharge debt — it allowed people to use Federal Reserve Notes to discharge debt.

People use FRNs voluntarily, whether they know it or not. By using FRNs, people volunteer into voluntary servitude to the Federal Reserve Bank.

Since there is no real “money of account of the United States” a charge (an invoice; a bill) is an offer to contract to settle the debt with Federal Reserve Notes or with a mutual offset credit exemption exchange.

The Accepter has the option of discharging the debt with Federal Reserve Notes, or paying the debt with his credit — his mutual offset credit exemption exchange — if realizes that he can.

Here is the remedy.

There is no real “money of account of the United States.”

On May 23, 1933, Congressman Louis T. McFadden (R-OH), Chairman of the House Banking and Finance Committee, brought formal charges against the Federal Reserve Bank, the Comptroller of Currency, and the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, for numerous criminal acts, including FRAUD, UNLAWFUL CONVERSION OF MONEY, AND TREASON !

To protect themselves from these criminal charges the House and Senate passed House Joint Resolution 192 on June 5, 1933.

HJR 192 of 1933 stated that the people were exempt from paying their debts, since the means of paying debts had been taken away and replaced with Fiat paper Federal Reserve Notes that discharge debt instead of paying debt.

Public Insurance Policy HJR 192 of 1933 provided a REMEDY for the victims of President Roosevelt’s crime. This REMEDY is the basis of lawful mutual offset credit exemption exchange.

This CONVERSION created the EXEMPTION upon which mutual offset credit exemption exchange is based.

The federal Government has been using the UCC Contract Trust Account in your name ever since you were born, and keeping its interest, without your knowledge and consent, to help pay the interest on the federal debt to the private non-federal Federal Reserve Bank.

The United States is the beneficiary of a private constructive cestui que trust and is using your commercial energy to fund the interest on its ever increasing national debt to the private non-federal Federal Reserve Bank.

The US Treasury created a private constructive cestui que trust through which the corporate United States and all its subsidiaries (states, counties, cities, towns, school districts, fire districts, etc.) interact with your fictitious mirror image strawman.

Fictions cannot interact with living, flesh and blood women or men; they can only interact with fictitious, mirror image, strawmen, that men and women are presumed to accommodate by co-signing agreements in their names.

The state has convinced you — the living flesh and blood woman or man — that it is addressing you instead of your fictional, ens legis, mirror image strawman. (“ens legis,” means “legally created”).

You are presumed to be voluntarily accommodating your fictitious, mirror image strawman whether you know it or not.

The debt belongs to the fictitious you, but the real you is presumed to be responsible for the fictitious, mirror image strawman’s actions and debts.

Now that you are aware of this presumption you can redeem your status by rebuttal to recover dollar for dollar the collateral that the government has been holding in your name and earning interest on ever since you were born.

MAXIM: He who holds the gold pays the bills.


The Article above is Chapter 14 of my book, GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT: MONEY DOESN’T GROW ON TREES, available at:


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