Human Sacrifice on Temple Mount Won’t Save Satanists

By Benjamin Fulford 

Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and his fellow Satanists staged a human sacrifice on the temple mount in a desperate bid to retain power and avoid war crimes tribunals, according to Mossad sources.  British intelligence also confirms a mass killing event took place but details of exactly what happened are scarce.

MI6 sources say there was “some kind of massacre at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.  We have a suggestion this is all purely Khazarian Mafia with some CIA thrown in.”

We have previously reported the original Netanyahu is long gone and so, according to Mossad, the figure now presiding over the massacre of Palestinians is “Bibi the clone.”

MI6 adds the “Jala Tower in Gaza was attacked to destroy servers with incriminating evidence relating to the mass murder of Palestinians.”

The Satanists behind Netanyahu, in order to stay in power and avoid jail also ordered missile attacks on Israel and blamed it on the Palestinians.  The attacks were designed to cause minimal or no casualties.  Then “retaliation” begins as a part of a final push to wipe out the non-Jewish population of Israel.  It also enables martial law so that he and his goons can stay in power.

Remember these people are religious fanatics who think that as soon as they massacre all the Palestinians and ethnically cleanse Israel they can rebuild their temple and enslave humanity forever.

The fact that a small majority of the Israeli people has woken up and voted to remove the criminal regime of Netanyahu is what forced these murderers into their desperate last-minute gambit.

Netanyahu is also now being publicly blamed for the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

“Netanyahu” and his gang must be hunted down and killed.

Personally, as a genetic Jew, I find it deeply shameful to watch religious Jews who have been ritually castrated (circumcised) worshipping at the wall of a Roman fort in a mistaken tribute to their enslavers.  If it is to be built, the third temple needs to be built elsewhere.

In any case, P3 Freemasons and others say their patience has run out and action will be taken against Israel.  Pentagon sources say the nuclear devices used by Israel to blackmail the rest of the world with their “Sampson option,” have now been neutralized.  That means the people of Israel will be forced to choose between the destruction of Jerusalem or the removal from power of the Satanists who use Netanyahu as their avatar.

There is another reason for the desperate massacres going on in Israel and that is developments in Switzerland involving the Priory of Sion, the Knights of Malta, the Dragon family, and many other powerful groups.  These groups are on the verge of reaching an agreement that will change human history.  In the latest development on this front the Dragon family sent the following message to the Western power groups:

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Megyn Kelly’s 9-Word Beatdown of Maddow’s ‘Maskless People’ Meltdown Is Beautiful


Imagine their shock, horror, and descent into severe depression. There they were, sailing along atop the mask mandate world, Joe Biden wrapped up tighter than The Mummy — outdoors, not another human being in the same zip code, Democrat COVID Clown Car hood ornament Tony Fauci dutifully playing his organ grinder monkey role, and for the most part, in total control — the ultimate goal of the left.

Then the Centers for Disease Control had to go and screw it all up.

Yep, after the CDC on Wednesday announced that “anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, large or small, without wearing a mask or physical distancing,” life as the left knew and loved came crashing to an end. Just like that.

Sure, they can continue the insanity — among those who will tolerate it — but they now know, as well as we have known for months, that their credibility is finally officially shot.

The political reasons behind the sudden 180º flip-flop by the CDC — precisely as Biden remains up to his eyeballs in multiple self-inflicted crises — is another issue, which I’ve discussed, elsewhere. For the sake of article length, I won’t delve into it here.

So, let’s get back to the now clinically-depressed, shall we? Even better, in the personage of none other than PMSNBC™ host Rachel Maddow — one of my all-time “faves.”

Put mildly, Ray makes smug look insecure.

In a hilarious report from Fox News on Friday — made hilarious by Maddow’s comments, as opposed to an attempt by Fox to write a humorous article — David Rutz highlighted several comments Maddow made in reaction to the sudden CDC flip-flop, one of which was an admission that she must now “rewire” herself to not see unmasked people as “a threat.”

Just look at how depressed the poor wretch has become:

“I feel like I’m going to have to rewire myself so that when I see someone out in the world who’s not wearing a mask, I don’t instantly think, ‘You are a threat.

“Or you are selfish or you are a COVID denier and you definitely haven’t been vaccinated. I mean, we’re going to have to rewire the way that we look at each other.”

“We,” Rachel? Lemme fix that for you.

“We willfully indoctrinated groupthinkers…” There, that’s better.

But fear not, fellow willfully indoctrinated groupthinkers, Rachel is going to be there for you, as you emerge into the light, guiding your, every silly step.

“Be patient and compassionate with each other as we deal with another period of change.”

As Rutz wrote, Maddow said Americans should give each other space to process the feelings about the shift in “norms” over the new mask guidance, predicting there would be a “visceral reaction.” Again, what would we do without Rachel Maddow and other “life coaches” just like her, America? Wait— we better not answer that question.

One noted person filled with compassion for Rachel Maddow is former Fox News and NBC “Today” show host Megyn Kelly, now an independent journalist and podcaster, Even more poignant, Megyn needed just nine compassionate — yet powerful — words to put poor Rachel’s current touch-and-go emotional crisis into proper perspective:

“Thoughts and prayers for her during this difficult time.”

If that doesn’t make you “weepy,” you are incapable of compassion and human kindness.

Dr. Jane Hughes — a real, medical doctor, as opposed to the poser, “you-know-who” — said it best. That is, in the minds of the rational among us.

“As we’ve been saying, the country has literally become mentally ill when it comes to COVID-19. We can blame MSM, bureaucrats and politicians. Maddow sees even masked conservatives as a threat.”

Well said, don’t you agree, Dr. Jill? From a professional perspective, I mean?

Thing is, Dr. Hughes, the left is fully aware of what it has done and continues to do. COVID has never been about facts, data, logic, or even “science” — sometimes the left’s ir be-all and end-all proof source. Nope, science only matters when it comports with the left’s narrative. That is never to happen the other way around.

Unless the present narrative comports with the science, that is.

Meanwhile, thoughts and prayers for Rachel Maddow at this very difficult time, as Megyn Kelly so eloquently burned poor Rachel to a charcoal briquette.

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Listening to The Left

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

The repetitive chant-like sameness of the Leftist diatribe usually puts me to sleep.  But, this morning, I heard something odd coming from the Left: a Leftist Gun Club.  The leader of this organization was being interviewed and saying—that, well, she wanted to be able to defend herself against thugs. 

Imagine that? 

This was an early morning radio interview so my imagination was free to envision a human Chihuahua on a polished waxed floor packing a .357…. which was unsettling enough to jolt me fully awake. 

And then she said something that answered a question that I have had for many years.  
She said that she and her cohorts on the Left see the government as a force to be used to promote the Greater Good. 

They see themselves as being anointed to determine what the Greater Good is, and then, they see the government as their means to power to implement it.

This took me back several decades to my time spent in California and the bizarre Bayside dinner parties I attended as one of the Greater Unwasheds scarfing up free champagne.  And it all made perfect sense.

These people have no idea what the government is, so they are using it for purposes never intended.  Like two year-olds with a hammer or a dog with a dildo ….they just came up with their own theory and ran with it. 

It’s a pillow smasher, no, no, …. it’s…. for denting the car fender!  Wait, what else can I do with this?  

What, I wondered briefly, would a tribesman living in the Amazon rainforest do with a wingnut?  

Or a Californian do with a government? 

Now, we know.  

Apparently, large numbers of New Yorkers and Californians were never taught the actual functions of government, so they came up with something totally different to do with it—-and then spread their new theory of government via morning television, reaching a huge audience as clueless as they were. 

Like birds pulling apart a sweater to make a fluffy nest, or Grandma using a cat box for a laundry tub, or kids turning an old packing crate into a castle, the Leftists have repurposed the Federal Government.   

There are now so many of them brought up under these false assumptions about the nature and purpose of government, that they are enforcing their own delusions. 
“Hey, Joe, isn’t the government supposed to take care of us, cradle to grave, no matter what happens?”  

“Yeah, that’s what I was told.”

They actually believe, as in religious belief,  that the Federal Government is a charity created to impose social justice (as defined by them, of course). 

I used my hand to prop up my jaw. 

That’s why the Leftists sound like they are preaching a religion.  They are. 
That’s why they are so Holier-Than-Thou.  
That’s why they believe that they can buy social justice.
That’s why they think that they can (and should) impose their own values on other people, using the government bureaucracy to do it. 

For them, politics has replaced religion, complete with doctrines and dogmas and sacred cows.
And they think that the government bureaucracy is their means to convert all the Unbelievers. 
Forget about militant Muslims.  Forget about the Jesuits. We’ve got something far more dangerous and unhinged going on. 

We need to start teaching Civics again, because millions of clueless people are falling victim to this theory of government, and once they embrace government as a religion, it’s hard to tap them on the shoulder and ask, “Why are you wearing a mask and a birdcage on your head?” 

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My Thoughts on the ArVee

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

The theory behind the “RV” is that when the US DOLLAR is trashed and people lose half to 80% of the value of their money in this country, it will be offset by gains in the value of other world currencies.  So, you are being told to invest in the currencies of other countries, because once “the RV” occurs, their gains will more than offset your losses. 

In theory. 

Of course, putting all your money in other currencies weakens the US DOLLAR and so, you are stupidly participating in the demise of the currency you have been using and investing in all these years, albeit under the force of Legal Tender Laws— which is another story you can chalk up to the U.S. Military.

Some of these foreign currencies, in theory, stand to gain much more value than others, because the countries involved have assets (like minerals or archeological sites) that have been discovered or developed in the years since 1941 — the last time that an RV-like event and worldwide asset accounting process occurred. 

Those responsible for trashing the US DOLLAR — mainly military officials who are supposed to be guarding our nation’s money for us — have been promoting the RV as an “answer” for their own gross mismanagement ever since 1863 when Lincoln appointed them to be responsible for our money.  

Refer to the very first Executive Order ever issued — General Order 100, also known as the Lieber Code, issued in March of 1863, one day prior to Lincoln declaring the Northern State-of-State organizations bankrupt.  The U.S. Army took over as the Territorial Government at that point and has been in control of the money ever since. 

It has been under their auspices and on their watch that so much terrible fraud and theft and abuse of the people of this country has occurred, so don’t for a moment think that our military can escape this debacle with clean hands.  They have had their paws in our cookie jar since 1863 and much of what we and the rest of the world have suffered is directly related to them and what they have done or failed to do. 

The proposed ArVee is no different. 

It is just another Big Con and Crap Shoot, based on graft and malfeasance, designed to benefit Insiders at the expense of Outsiders. 

And it is just as criminal as all that has come before it. 

The U.S. Military and their crony pals working the storefront in Washington, DC, have the most powerful commodity rigging scheme in place that anyone has ever attempted: The Exchange Stabilization Fund.  

Using this mammoth stockpile of foreign currencies, they can undermine any economy and “blow out” any currency worldwide, at will. 

They have been using this tool to conduct Economic Warfare since the inception of this scheme, and the ArVee is just the latest bit of their self-interested criminality on display, despite all the “secrecy” and elbow-jabbing associated with it. 

Obviously, with the world currency markets rigged to the teeth, there is no actual value in any of the currencies.  They are all arbitrary.  Some jackass sitting in a leather club chair in London and his buddies sit down over a glass of Scotch and out of thin air, decide the exchange rates of world currencies, and whether or not people in Nigeria starve this winter.  

It has nothing whatsoever to do with value or abundance of commodities or anything else. It’s just digits and stockpiles and petty little men playing “god”. 

If the U.S. Military was worth the powder to blow them to Hell, they’d rebel against these masters and stop their endless bootlicking, but then, they’d have to explain to the American People exactly how and why all our gold and silver was cashiered offshore in foreign countries for “safekeeping”.  

And they’d have to explain their part in the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.  

And they’d have to explain what went on in 1941, just prior to the staged attack on Pearl Harbor.  

To quote Ricky, Lucy would have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.  A lot.  

And most of it wouldn’t ring true or be justifiable.  It would just appear to be what it is — criminality in a suit. 

You want to know why Biden is “President” of a brand new foreign Municipal Corporation (that doesn’t have a contract) and Trump isn’t?  

Because the Dirty Military outfoxed the Clean Military.  Or maybe they just bought off enough traitors to pull the political equivalent of another one of their horrible Great Fiascos —- the September 11 Holocaust. 

Tell me, again, why NORAD was on stand down that day? 

No, friends, the ugly truth is that the ArVee is like everything else these jokers have done for the past 150-plus years and they all need to be keel-hauled. 

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The Rubicon

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

3154. The Rubicon

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The Revolving Door — Urgent Warning

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Once again, I am getting wind of a Trust Scheme.

And once again, more gullible members of our Assemblies are being misled right back into the same old traps that they have struggled to get out of.

This is what we call The Revolving Door Syndrome.

We work with people to get them out of the quagmire of adhesion contracts and trusts and “public interest” claims that have sucked the life and breath out of them, and deprived them of their freedom, and what do they do?

Given a song and a dance, they turn right back around, go back through the door they just came out of, and land right back in the same old cow pie.

Why, you might ask, should we bother ourselves about people clueless enough to get involved in another Trust Scheme, when they have just been delivered from a Trust Scheme?

Maybe we should just give up on them— wave good-bye and watch them sail over the horizon—- because they are back at sea, again, despite all our efforts to drag them to safety onshore.

So let’s briefly review what trusts are. Trusts are agreements about the disposal of property rights and assets.

A Will created as a “Last Will and Testament” is a common example of a trust.

The donor, a dead man, leaves his worldly estate in the hands of an Executor of his choosing. The Executor acts as Trustee, and the dead Donor literally trusts that Executor to do his bidding and deliver his bequests of property to his heirs and beneficiaries.

All trusts work the same way, there is a donor, a trustee, and at least one beneficiary.

Living men and women don’t need trusts — only dead people do, because they don’t have the ability to act for themselves anymore.

So, ask yourselves——are you “dead”?

Or have you taken my message to heart and realized that you have been “killed on paper” via the process of registration— and instead of foolishly agreeing to this, you need to come home and claim your reversionary interest in your own estate?

And take responsibility for your own affairs like any normal man?

That is what this whole exercise is about — coming home like Robinson Crusoe, denying the false claim that you are “dead” to your identity as an American— contrary to what your erstwhile employees have said and written about you— and reclaiming your estate, including your Constitutional Guarantees, which are owed to you by these Monsters.

That’s why we are here. That’s what we are doing in our Assemblies. We are reclaiming our estates, not acting as “donors” to give them away again to some new Masters working some new Trust Scheme.

We are not going back through the revolving door, and handing our property interests off to the Church (again) or to David Straight or to anyone else involved in any kind of Trust Scheme.

Remember that the Church created trusts as a means for the Church to gain a property interest in the estates of Christian soldiers who went to the Holy Land as Crusaders —- many of whom never returned.

After a period of years, the Church moved to claim their property as “abandoned property” and took it all. That’s the kind of “trust” you can have in them — to serve themselves and call it serving God, instead.

Many widows of Crusaders and rightful heirs were displaced by exactly this process and here we are again, after a thousand years of being duped by Trust Schemes.

Never willingly give away your power to anyone. Or anything. Ever.

Keep your property assets for yourselves and administer them as you see fit and do not ever shirk that responsibility for fear of liability.

The only people you can “trust” are those that you know are trustworthy — those precious few who are immune to greed or need, who love you and have your best interests at heart, and who will honor your wishes in your absence to benefit others.

Such a status should NEVER be accorded to a government or a church or any institution whatsoever for obvious reasons.

Anyone who has recently signed up for a trust under the influence of David Straight or Phil Hudok or any of the rest of the Pied Pipers, needs to rescind those signatures ASAP and make their complaints to the State Secretaries of State. You have been defrauded and have not been given full disclosure.

The corporations are giving their loyal employees and supporters a few pennies on thousands of dollars owed, and those who are foolish are going there for the corn in the troughs—- witlessly signing away their identity as an American, agreeing to be considered a U.S. Citizen, and donating their estates in the process.

If anyone comes to you with a Trust Scheme — show them the door. Kick it closed behind them.

The only kind of trust you will ever need will be a Last Will and Testament recorded on the land and soil. Period.

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Finally Some Truth! But It’s More Than Most People Can Handle!

Finally Some Truth! But It’s More Than Most People Can Handle! Epic Stew Peters Must See Video!

REPORTER: James Red Pills America: NOBODY blows the ROOF off of the Deep State Demons & their Complicit Cohorts, the RINOs better than Stew Peters of Patriotically Correct Radio! In this EPIC video, Stew mops the floor with these Demonic Weasels, from one end of the globe to the other – and these TRUTH BOMBS are more than MOST people can even handle!! But YOU can handle the TRUTH, can’t you?! If you can, then this video will be MUSIC TO YOUR EARS.

Click here to see, “Finally Some Truth! But It’s More Than Most People Can Handle! Epic Stew Peters Must See Video!”


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Embrace the Place — A Message for Our Assemblies

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

When I was young circumstances were often difficult. My Father was a German in the midst of Post-World War II America, and even though he fought on the side of the Allies and considered himself an American through-and-through, not everyone else saw it the same way.

Many people just looked at his name and his all-too obviously German face and did things like spit at him. And at me. Or, slam me into a set of lockers so hard my shoulder was damaged for life. Or trip me going down stairs. Or, or, or. The whole family suffered from this enduring prejudice.

My Father couldn’t get a decent job, even though he was highly skilled and well-educated. For twenty years after the war, he patiently dug ditches and shoveled cow manure and split wood to stay warm, while his former Air Force buddies landed cushy University jobs or built successful businesses.

Sometimes, especially when I was hurt by all of this, his patience grew thin. Sometimes, he had to go down in the basement and just punch a punching bag until he was exhausted.

How do you fight something as insidious as racial prejudice? Something unseen? An evil that hides in people’s minds, and bears fruit in unexpected ways and odd places? Buying a loaf of bread? Going to the movies? Why shouldn’t anyone be able to do things like that in a “free” country?

So when my African American and Hispanic and Asian and American Indian friends complain to me, assuming that, of course, I am a nice little white girl who never suffered from racial prejudice —and think that I don’t know what they are talking about—- oh, yes, I do. So did my parents and my older sister, too.

It was the same way for us, in the wake of World War II.

Still, we didn’t change our names. We didn’t apologize to anyone. We just “embraced the place” God put us and stayed the course, stayed on the High Road, and took joy in those small daily triumphs that come to people who try to do what is right. We made friends. We survived. So what if I wore old clothes or drove a car that was fifteen years old?

Today, I am not afraid of poverty, because I have been poor. Today, I place no value on a person’s clothes or circumstance. Today, as a result of those rough beginnings, I have a different set of values, knowledge, and experiences than I would have gained in a “better world”.

The irony is, that that world of prejudice and meanness, those years of hard-scrabble, made me a stronger, wiser, more discerning person. I am grateful for it now, because I see the fruits of what we went through.

In the same way, our Assemblies are going through a hard transition from war to peace. There are many people who are frightened and confused, many detractors, many who have unreasoning prejudices and pure, dumb ignorance that have to be dealt with.

And this is all taking place against a backdrop of entrenched institutionalized deceit and corruption.

A difficult situation? You bet.

But the fruit is coming, and the time when you see through to the end, when you realize what you have gained from going through the refining fires.

My Ex-O, Harold, and I had a breakfast meeting a couple days ago. He’s a very experienced man with a history of managing large corporate endeavors.

He wagged his head at me and said, “There’s positional leadership and situational leadership, and they (the Assemblies) need to understand that.”

Most of us are far more familiar with Positional Leadership. Someone came down and smote Joe Blow with a Magic Wand and Fairy Dust and made him The Leader. Maybe it was a rigged ballot box, or because he had a “special relationship” with the former boss’s daughter. Maybe he just slogged his way up the food chain by accident, but there he is: The Leader, for better or worse, and everyone has to do what he says, because, well, he’s The Leader.

Been there and done that.

But there is also Situational Leadership, where everyone is equal and striving toward a goal. That’s what happens when one guy reaches out to save a drowning swimmer and another guy reaches out to save the first would-be rescuer, and pretty soon you have a whole chain of people pulling against the rip tide.

Situational Leadership comes about in unsettled times, times of emergency, times when you just have to work together to get things done — no hierarchy, no “social order”, no caste, no class, no advanced degrees required. It happens on a much more basic level, something that is almost instinctive, where suddenly everyone steps back and each one of us just “knows” what we can best contribute. So we do. And it all works out.

Joe takes the wheel. John holds the door. Stan loans a computer. Roy drives the truck. May Ellen brings the coffee. Jim makes the sandwiches. Pablo brings the folding table. Marc loans space in his garage. And before you know it, what needs to happen, happens.

Why? Because at some deeper under-the-skin level, we all know who we are and what we have to contribute, and when push-comes-to-shove, we step forward and we do what has to be done.

That’s Situational Leadership, and if you think about it, it makes perfect sense that that is the kind of leadership our Assemblies, which operate as Committees of the Whole, have inherited. Our American Government was formed on an emergency basis. There was no time or place for an entrenched and formal hierarchy to form or to act.

Then, as now, there weren’t a lot of offices to fill and job descriptions set in cement, only jobs to do somehow and little or nothing to do them with. Our ancestors faced exactly the same dilemma and used the same tools, guided by Situational Leadership.

In the military and in the corporations, people advance by criticizing and undermining competitors. Poking fingers and tattle-tailing are often rewarded. Making oneself appear to be better by tearing down someone else is the order of the day. Gossiping around the water cooler and snarking about every fault and foible is traditional.

But in our Assemblies, it’s exactly the opposite.

When we see someone failing for lack of skills, we rush in to fill the gap and help them. When we perceive a brother falling by the wayside, we pick up his pack and get him back on his feet. When things start to go off-track, we check our compasses — we don’t blame other people because they are lost.

Here, in our Assemblies, the people who “rise to the top” do so, because they put themselves into the gaps and make things work.

My Mother, if she were here, would tell you, “Embrace the space God gave you on this Earth.”

Take it, own it, lumps and all. Be your own heroes. Don’t wait for someone else. Just the fact that you are here is all you need to know. Go forth, and conquer all the obstacles, all the ignorance, all the questions, all the lacks. Do it together on an “emergency basis” and do the best you can.

We’re not here to blame each other. We are here to save America.

We can always correct mistakes. The one mistake we can’t correct is never getting started, never doing anything for fear of not having an official stamp of approval, or not signing in the right color of ink.

Most of the Revolutionary War was fought by men who didn’t own a uniform.

Remember that and remember them. Take the message to heart.

This is your country, and these are your countrymen. That’s your Main Street. It doesn’t belong to the Chinese or the Pope or the Queen or the Lord Mayor. It’s your responsibility.

If the THING in Washington, DC, is off-track or the State-of-State Governor is doing the wrong thing, it’s up to you to get organized and take the reins back and settle things. Why? Because it’s your country and you have the Public Duty.

As new people come into the Assemblies — and they are doing so in droves right now — they are going to come in expecting an authoritarian structure to guide them. That’s all they are familiar with. Ask them to recall an emergency in their own lives, a time when they simply had to do what had to be done, without waiting for the Firemen or the Police to arrive— a time when it was just “you, me, and the gate post”.

Then nod sagely and say, “Well, yup. That’s where we are now. We have a Coordinator who can get answers to questions, we have a Chairman who can conduct meetings and get business done, but this is a Committee of the Whole, one big committee with sub-committees that work on special projects. We all work together and support each other to restore our government, bring Americans home to their native jurisdiction, and enforce the Constitutions and the Public Law. There’s no big pecking order, everyone just weighs in, contributes what they can, and we go from there. Any questions?”

The Newbies may stare at you like you are a Talking Horse. You may have to repeat this exercise several times. You may even meet people who have never been in an emergency situation where they had to take charge of things and deal with them. If so, share a few stories so they get the idea.

Maybe have a once-a-week half hour Orientation Meeting for new people.

Another common misunderstanding of Newbies is that they are fighting against “the government” —- which they identify as any authority whatsoever. Years of abuse by the Territorial Government or the Municipal GOVERNMENT has fostered a hatred of all government and these wild-eyed anarchists arrive in our Assemblies with the idea that we either join their campaign to wreck vengeance on the perpetrators or we are part of the problem.

The point is that we are not the perpetrators, but an entirely different government— a lawful, reasonable, peaceable government that is formed to protect people and their property assets from predatory commercial corporations and foreign powers.

We already have the lawful means to solve our own problems. We have the ability to form our own courts and invoke Ex Parte Milligan. We have access to the Public Law of this country. And we have the means to enforce it.

Revolution isn’t necessary; we already did that.

We simply need to learn who we are and stand in our own power and enforce our own jurisdiction and our own Public Law in order to sort everything out.

The sooner we do what we need to do, the sooner that the whole world can get back on course.

If you have would-be anarchists coming into your Assemblies, form a committee and as a small group, take them aside and have the necessary discussion: “We can’t afford disruption. This is an urgent situation. We need you to get on board and help, and if you feel that you can’t do that, for whatever reason, we need you to leave and go about your own business. We aren’t denying that you are an American or depriving you of anything, but there is serious business to be attended to, and your personal grievances have to wait.”

Most people, at least those who aren’t foreign infiltrators, or psychotic, can grasp the fact that the needs of the many do outweigh the needs of the one.

No matter how compelling or awful an individual situation may be at this moment, we cannot allow brush-fires to slow down or sidetrack the effort to stop the arsonists.

We have provided the Criminal Incident Report Forms and a process to prosecute them both in public and in private, but disruption of Assembly functions and brow-beating and blaming and “drama” can’t be allowed.

We are not at fault for these circumstances. We didn’t create them. We don’t condone them. But to effectively and permanently stop them, for everyone concerned, we have to keep our eyes on the prize, form our own courts, and keep moving forward.

God bless and speed your efforts, give wings to your feet, and gladness to your hearts. We are making great progress and each and every day brings new opportunities and new horizons into view.

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Discovering The Book of the States

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

3151. Discovering The Book of the States

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Special Restored Republic

From: Robert 

another truthful video | about 10 minutes of truth

Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Thurs. 13 May 2021 – YouTube

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