Weep With Me

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Today, a box came in the mail. It was just a small brown cardboard box. Inside was a smaller box, again just a box like anyone might have laying around the house.

Inside was a pile of donations to the Cause. Each one had a note attached to it.

In memory of Nichole…

This money was probably lost by a child since it was folded up many times….but we could never find out who left it behind…..so in their memory, whoever they were or are…. one dollar…..

This packet of money was found in our driveway….. in 2009. Whoever left it never came back and we had no way of returning it….. so here is a donation in their name, too….

I sat down and wept.

I could clearly see these good people keeping this money all these years, wondering what to do with it, and finally deciding to put it toward America, in memory of those who left it or lost it.

For me, it was a microcosm of the whole asset recovery process — all the money that was owed to our Great-Grandparents and Grandparents, our Friends and our Siblings, our Aunts and Uncles and Parents, all the Service Men and Women who never got their due, all those who paid into Social Security and never collected a dime, all those Americans who were taxed and harassed by these vermin and never actually owed a penny, all the farmers who lost their land.

Well, it’s due now.

And as we go after the assets that are being held by the World Bank and the IBRD and the “Federal Reserve Banks” and the BIS and UBS and all the other thieves and False Trustees— weep with me for all those who have suffered.

Let’s make it count for all those whose names are lost, all those who contributed and never received anything back in recompense, those who bled and went without because of these vicious criminals.

Because criminals they are, criminals and nothing but criminals. Any attempt to describe any of what has gone on here as politics must fail and any attempt to excuse it must also.

It’s time to collect.

For them, for all those Americans who were cheated and whose lives were truncated. For all the people all around the world who have labored and suffered under this veiled criminal commercial feudalism and institutionalized fraud.


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How Simple Is This, Really?

   Judge Anna von Reitz

We are the actual owners of the assets that have been “blocked” and which the banks claim are “abandoned”.

We have shown up in plenty of time, lodged our claims, and said basically, “That’s just plain old-fashioned fraud. We are here to collect.”

And we have provided everyone with our Provenance and our proofs and nobody anywhere has come up with any logical or compelling reason why we should not be recognized as the actual owners. Because we are.

But the banks are still standing there stonewalling, more than three years later.

And Mr. Trump is still being forced to play patty-cake with Rothschild instead of being paid directly.

These middlemen bankers, like their buddies in the Bar Associations, have no business usurping a middleman position in the first place.

It should be just Donald Trump being paid by the American People to do a job.

As our Delegated Powers have returned to us, we have every right to bypass European interference, to secure our assets, and to pay our own employees.

We also have the unquestionable right to receive back our purloined assets.

Mr. Trump can’t access our assets, because they aren’t held in his name, but we are in a different status. We have standing as the actual Heirs and Original Entitlement Holders.

So—Donald Trump needs our help, and we need his, to push the asset recovery effort home and put an end to all this criminality on the part of the banks and Bar and certain politicians here and abroad.

By all means, let’s get on with it. There’s nobody here but us chickens. And we are all American chickens for a change.


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The United States has been Hijacked w/ Judge Anna Von Reits

“You Know Something is Wrong When…..: An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”    https://www.amazon.com/David-E.-Robinson/e/B002OR956W/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1


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France? Liquidate the UN Corp and All Successors and Derivatives

   Judge Anna von Reitz

We know how it started. We know who did it. We know that the “UN Corp”, as opposed to the United Nations organization (chartered in 1945), was chartered in France during WWII by Vichy French Nazi sympathizers and these criminals then colluded with Swiss officials (also Nazi sympathizers) to transport their ill-gotten gains into Swiss banks by the railroad cars full.

We know.

It’s not just the Brits, though as usual, they are at the bottom of our particular dog pile. It’s you, too, France. And Switzerland. Oh, and Italy, too. Ironically, you are all now suffering from the parasites you harbored and are wondering why?

Because a snake is a snake. It is its nature.

And a worm is a worm. It is its nature.

If you want to prove where you stand on the issues of civility and law and culture, if you want to do the right thing and free yourselves to live as free men again, then start doing what has to be done.

Liquidate the UN Corp as a crime syndicate.

Then maybe you can stop talking about your “national debt” and start talking about your “national credit” instead.


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American Armed Forces. See That Word— American?

   Judge Anna von Reitz

What do Marines shout out every single day?

“I am an American!”

Not, “I am a United States Citizen!”

There is a reason for that.

Your loyalty as a member of our Armed Forces is supposed to be loyalty to America and your fellow Americans. Not some spider’s nest of evil old men sitting over in Europe. Not some ugly criminals in New York. Not venal vicious sick immoral politicians inside the Beltway.

We have suffered a classic geo-engineered weather warfare hit.

“Hurricane Michael”—- yeah, my fat rump. Just like 9/11. Another inside job.

This was done using CIPPA-based frequency generator equipment and other scalar / satellite technology being “tested” on a supposedly “domestic” population.

Except that we are not “domestic” with respect to “the” United States which is where? The District of Columbia and only the District of Columbia.

The ENMOD Treaty requires the signatories to limit tests and deployment of weather warfare technology to domestic targets. And Florida is not a domestic target.

The “United States” is out of compliance.

Rogue elements in the old nasty DOD and UN Corp (not the United Nations organization — the corporate doppelganger set up by the Vichy French during the Second World War) are playing war games and making threats against our States and our People. Most of this is coming from the “US” Navy, which has maintained inappropriate ties and accepted unconscionable orders.

It is no mistake that the recent assassination plots against President Trump had their genesis in the Navy and that the Navy has been instrumental in these weather warfare attacks beginning with Hurricane Katrina.

Let’s make this perfectly clear: failure to refuse illegal orders results in prosecution as a war criminal. War criminals are dispatched via lethal injection, hanging, or guillotine. Which do you prefer?

Or, by special demand, we could bring back the gibbet.

It is imperative that all members of the American military act as Americans, now and forevermore. This includes US Navy personnel. The ‘US” you are paid by and that you actually are supposed to work for is The United States, not “the” United States.

Listen carefully and remember the words, because it may be your only warning.

Any American who is aware of “UN Corp” personnel rigging CIPPA or other scalar technology for attacks against American targets is authorized to use deadly force to halt such plans and to bring the perpetrators to justice.


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A Donation and Something More Precious Than Gold — Thank You!

   Judge Anna von Reitz

I was recently interviewed and will be making that link available. In the interview I was asked honestly and frankly — how do I demonstrate to people who are totally asleep that what I am telling them is true? That I am not just a nutcase?

This was reasonable to ask and I immediately thought back over the long, long process that brought us here and the “pivot moments” when I knew for sure.

There was that sick, sinking feeling in the IRS Office, when they refused to sign off in writing on what they had told me verbally.

There was the similar sick moment when I got out my magnifying glass and looked at what appeared to be the signature line on my “personal” checks and saw that it was a line of micro-print endlessly repeating “Authorized Signature” and wondered why it was there and why was it so tiny?

There was the stupefying moment when I realized that: (1) there was no Declaration of War related to the so-called American Civil War, and (2) equally stunning, no Peace Treaty ending it.

There was the moment when the Congressional Research Office replied that yes, I was correct, the bulk of the Reconstruction Acts were still in full force and effect. Never repealed.

There was the moment when….. on and on.

Both according to the things that were there and equally, the things that weren’t in the Public Record—- inexorably, the story that I am telling you was told to me— not in some free-flowing narrative, but fact by fact.

That fact by fact narrative is still standing there for all of you to see for yourselves and I cherish all who make the effort to do the research and see it for themselves.

To be honest, I was caught somewhat flat-footed in the interview and just grabbed some of the most obvious things to direct attention to.

Yet, today, in the mail, I received a donation and an Atta-girl that answered the question far better than I did, an answer that is literally more precious than the “gold” that came with it.

It’s very brief and I will quote:

1. “Inhabitants” = loyal to the King [George III] 1783 Treaty of Versailles, about fishing rights: people = sovereigns & inhabitants = loyal to the King.

2. Northwest Ordinance also supports this in that people had a different requirement to meet to be able to vote/elect than the “inhabitants”.

3. Rule of Law = Commercial Law, according to John Codman Hurd, Counselor-at-Law, The Law or Freedom and Bondage in the United States, 1858.

These and other references including The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, leave no doubt that there are two populations on this Continent and always have been.

As The Definitive Treaty of Peace describes these two populations — we have the “free, sovereign, and independent people” and the “inhabitants” — British officials left behind after The Revolution to provide “essential government services” — as later described in Article IV of the Territorial Constitution.

So, if I am “crazy” and don’t know what I am talking about why weren’t you taught these facts — any of them — in school?

It’s simple.

Criminals in Britain (includes Scotland), France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Italy were intent on defrauding you and hooking you into paying their debts and “voluntarily” enslaving yourself for their benefit through ignorance of language, ignorance of history, ignorance of public finance, and plain old ignorance, full stop.

These vicious criminals deliberately made sure that unless you educated yourself by reading dusty old treaties and moldy law books, you would never know that there are two populations here, and would not be enabled to easily discern which population you naturally belong to.

The same criminals were busy falsifying all the public records related to you and your name, so as to build an alibi for themselves and their grotesque mistreatment of their hosts and employers. Theirs is a criminal Breach of Trust, carried out over the course of decades against an innocent unarmed civilian population.

No shame is deep enough for them.

Our only crime was to employ them and trust them to do their jobs. We should have kept hob-nailed boots on their necks and an army of Forensic Auditors on their tails

This is the reason you have been taught to parrot things like the “Pledge of Allegiance” — a veiled feudal “pledge” to the British Monarch — and to unthinkingly identify yourself as a “US Citizen” without asking — which United States?

This is why you were never told to record the names and parentage of your children with the land recording office as soon as they were born.

The sympathizers and collaborators of these criminals on this side of the Atlantic played their role, too, pretending to be loyal Americans to the Public, while taking in the European Payola and pillaging us for their masters in Edinburgh, Whitehall, and the Hague.

Bankers, politicians, members of the Bar — and even some ranking members of the American military colluded against our lawful government beginning in 1860. And they progressively, deliberately played this long charade for all it was worth, false taxation, false regulation, false arrests, false imprisonment, phony “wars”, fraud, fraud, and more fraud and all accomplished under Color of Law.

So what are we going to do about it?

I can tell you this much — anyone who wants to speak to me about “The Rule of Law” had better be prepared to have it stuffed down their throats, sideways. And “Lucifer” better run.

Our Living Law Firm is The Lion in the Door. Our Counselors-at-Law are doing battle every day. Our bankers are in the firefight. Our friends are answering the call. We are in it for the duration and determined to end this criminality once and for all.

Are you with us?

PayPal: avannavon@gmail.com and via snail mail: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.


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Unrebutted Affidavits Stand As Truth – Paperback – October 16, 2018

by David E. Robinson (Author)



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