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It isn’t just a fake Presidency, it seems like the whole election was a fake — a sting operation to draw out every cunning clown who thought they could get away with a communist takeover in America. Remember, these things are not announced in advance. You only find you’ve got a real communist in power when potential opposition is being exterminated (with no media coverage). You also only get to find out it’s a sting operation when it’s over (and the official state media are discredited).

President Trump has a long history of election fraud tweets. This operation to retake America for its People has been planned for decades. He has executive orders on election fraud and human rights, allowing him to seize the assets of those conspiring against the public and breaking their oath of office. The Stafford Act, 2019 Presidential Handover Act, and Insurrection Act give him the needed powers and allow FEMA and the military to take control. PEADs — Presidential Emergency Action Documents — were established under Eisenhower and are the “nuclear option” of continuity of government for exactly this kind of exigency.

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More Charts and Our Invocation of Law

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

In recent days we have been making a real effort to provide “charts” to people so that they can see how things fit in a sequential, more graphic form.  This simplifies and condenses vast amounts of information down to a very few pages. 

Our first chart shows the entire structure of the American Government and the Federal Government — together with the Missing Pieces that are still awaiting Reconstruction. 

Our second chart shows the Assembly Process that our States are currently undergoing step by step.  

Our third chart shows the essence of what we informally call “the Second Great Fraud: 1930-33” — this chart distills (in only three pages!) what FDR’s Administration inflicted on Americans and on our country. 

Please note that we have suffered multiple Great Frauds —the first Great Fraud took place just after the hostilities of the Civil War ended, the second one took place in the 1930’s, and the third Great Fraud is trying to take place right now.  

It’s up to us to stop it.  Ain’t nobody here but us chickens. Oars are available. 

We’ve declined the Pope’s offer to contract with the Biden Administration and explained why in very simple terms.  Joe is a self-admitted influence peddler and crook.  That’s really all we have to say.  It doesn’t matter how many of our Municipal Employees like him. 

Francis will have to pull a more acceptable rabbit out of his hat and it is anybody’s guess how he will manage that, after having engineered a phony election process to get Biden elected in the first place. 
That’s his problem and his pocketbook.  We aren’t going to make it our problem or expend our money to solve the dilemma the Church Leadership created for itself beginning in 1865.  We have enough to do to clean up the results of our own stupidity without borrowing anyone else’s Task List. 

The new chart will be posted and available at my website: and at website. I suggest that everyone download these charts so that you have a ready reference for your own study and understanding and can also just print them out to give friends and neighbors.  

Charted information is dense, but it gets the pain over and done with fast! 

This latest chart also contains a very, very important little thing called an “Invocation of Law” as the very last box on the last page (3).  

As all my students know, law comes from religion— no matter which religion, it all comes from religion.  So, when you “invoke the law” it is the same basic act as what goes on in an “Invocation” in a Church.  You “address” the Law and thereby give it form and force when you invoke it. 

In the present situation two forms of Law are invoked — Admiralty Law and Roman Civil Law. 

These are the two forms of Law that our erstwhile British and Papist Employees use as the basis of their operations in our country, and as it turns out, they have each grossly violated not only the Public Trust, but their own Laws as well.  

Admiralty Law requires that “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.” and as our Employees have acted as Inland Pirates, it is obvious that all our assets need to be returned to us and to our control.

Roman Civil Law requires that “Fraud vitiates everything it touches.” By that standard, everything that has gone on in this country and the administration of its government since 1865 has been one fraud scheme after another.  

They stand condemned under their own Law. 

And we’ve invoked it.  Amends and correction must be made without any further shilly-shally.  

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The First American Public Law in Over a Century

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

It has been a year as of this month since the whole virus scare began, and to date, absolutely no serious effort has been made to isolate any such virus. That tells you one of two things, Campers: (a) the “government” corporations know everything about this virus because they created it and caused the whole problem in the first place, or (b) there is no such thing and we have all been led on a long and incredibly expensive Snipe Hunt.  

I personally believe that there is a virus, that the perpetrators created it, so that they could step in with their solution to the problem they created— their own very expensive vaccine. 

This so-called vaccine serves a completely different purpose than any vaccine.  Its Messenger Ribonucleic Acid payload is patented nanotechnology and once it enters itself into the victim’s genome, it provides an excuse for the patent holders to claim that the victim is now a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) that they own.  Literally. 

This results because of a loophole in patent laws that allows this and creates a means of commercial entrapment and enslavement.  

So the American State Assemblies have moved to close the loophole and issued the first American Public Law in over a century.  This measure passed with a three-quarters vote of all State Assemblies, eight abstaining or still in process.  

This measure makes it illegal throughout The United States for any corporation or commercial entity or person however defined to claim any patent interest or make any ownership interest claim against living people based on the injection or other introduction of patented gene fragments or nanotech into the natural genome of men and women.  

Any claim that anyone is redefined as a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) by ingestion or injection or any other receipt of patented genetic materials is prohibited and punishment for offenders is established.  

Perhaps most important, no profit can be gained by any genetic material patent holder above the explicit cost of service or product and no obscene and secretive claim of slave ownership or Genetically Modified Organism “product” status can be advanced against unwary individuals; this includes protection of American members of the U.S. Military Forces and Federal Civil Service.  All such repugnant claims are outlawed in all venues and are unenforceable in this country as of 1 January 2021. 

We suggest that all other national governments take immediate and similar action to protect their own people from unscrupulous corporate raiders seeking to exploit this new fraud scheme promoting commercial enslavement. 

This new Public Law takes the profit motive away from the corporate sponsors of this deplorable episode in our history and will hopefully provide the necessary dis-incentive for more dabbling and entrapment of this kind.  Anyone who has taken any “vaccine” containing mRNA nanotech since January of this year is protected. 

Full Text of the Law:

By Roll Call Vote of The United States of America in Assembly

 It is hereby declared and recorded as Public Law of The United States of America that no person or Person or PERSON of any kind shall in any respect claim to have any commercial or trade ownership interest in a living man or woman, baby, boy, or girl, by any means at all.

Re-labeling living men or women by the use of other descriptions such as “male” and “female”, or via their acceptance of professional or other titles, or via their enrollment in offices of citizenry or personhood, shall not be used to confer undisclosed obligations upon them, nor shall any such means beused to convert the nature of living people, so as to excuse their abuse as animals or inanimate things.

This prohibition established as Public Law restricts the use of copyrights, trademarks, and patents to establish ownership interests in living things, and in particular forbids the use of patents to create or enforce any commercial or trade ownership interest in living men and women as Genetically Modified Organisms.

The injection or other introduction of patented genetic products or other kinds of engineered products into living people or into their genome, whether this is done voluntarily or under force, shall carry no implications of any ownership interest in the recipient by the patent holder(s) and shall have no commercial value or trade value or use beyond the price of the product or procedure itself, and shall not affect the standing of the recipients as free and independent living men and women owed all natural and unalienable rights.

The interest that each unique man or woman holds in their own gifts and their own biological, intellectual, spiritual, and material assets is unlimited and cannot be abridged, bought, sold, traded, waived, or bartered.

Any corporation(s) or individual franchises(s) promoting any plan to convert living men and women into Genetically Modified Organisms or advancing ownership claims based on the receipt of patented genetic products or seeking to use living people and their assets as collateral based on such claims, shall be subject to immediate and permanent liquidation, stripping of the corporate veil, and prosecution of their officers for crimes against humanity.

This Public Law of The United States of America shall be effective immediately as of the first day of January in the year of 2021 upon final enrollment of concurring votes from the State Assemblies and shall continue in force and be placed upon our Federal Record as Public Law A1010121.

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Who Are You Calling Fat?

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

We have a very large, very black, very long-haired cat. She started out with the name “Duchess” but she was quickly elevated in rank to “Princess Agatha von Tabbi”. As luck would have it, although I was her original sponsor in the household and although she more or less graciously tolerates my services, she fell in love with my son, the Royal Cat Petter, and with my husband, whose lap became the Royal Throne. Padded and heated, of course.

A couple winters ago, Her Royal Princess put on a few pounds and as my husband regarded her Royal Weightiness engulfing his lap, he looked down at her and said, mildly enough, “Your Majesty needs to cut back on the Fancy Feast. You’ve gained quite a bit of winter fat….”

And upon the utterance of the word “fat” she lifted her chin, looked him straight in the eye, and flexed her claws against his thigh…. for the first and only time she ever did that—- as much as to say, “And who are you calling FAT?”

Prick, prick, prick, flex, flex, flex….

So with that instructive lesson from the Ancient and Honorable Kingdom of Cat firmly in mind, consider this recent email conversation between me and yet another know-it-all Sheeple:

Him: “Good luck getting free utilities, not paying taxes and thinking you can do whatever the hell you please. Delusional mo…fos…. Don’t like the rules here, maybe Iraq will take you.”

Me: “It’s our country. We own it. It’s not “the government’s”. It’s the people’s. We are the Employers. They are the Employees. Talk about “delusional Mo…fos”? Count yourself as one of them.”

That’s right. Sheep are delusional. They think that the government owns this country and that we are all little serfs who owe the government a living.

Wrong. Got that all backwards and upside down. Who are you calling fat, buzzwit? Who do you think pays all that payroll payola? Just what and who do you think you are? An American or a slave to the Company Store?

When’s the last time the government paid your bills? Hmmm? Don’t know about you, Jillie, but I am 65 years-old and I have yet to see all that “federal” money pouring into my mailbox. No, in my experience, it has been exactly the opposite. It’s been my assets and my labor in the outgoing and their I.O.U.s. in my inbox.

So, pardon me, dipwad, idiot-script, ewe-uker, if anyone here is dumb enough to go to Iraq, it will probably be ewe, again. Obviously, ewe were dumb enough to go the first time and didn’t learn a flyspeck of anything from it, including the fact that you were used up and lied to and paid spit wages as a cheap, Cheap, CHEAP mercenary.

For God’s sake, if you are going to sell your life and body to go murder innocent people and blow up buildings and guard shipments of opium, at least have the self-respect, common sense, and brains to go out as a full blown, knowing, honest-to-God mercenary being paid top wages for being a thug —and forget the assinine lies and pretensions and flag-waving.

Yeah, who do you think you are calling out? I’ve been here working my butt off the whole time and yes, I have sense enough to know where the “balance of payments” lies. And guess what, you Clueless Goober? It’s not on my side of the ledger.

I happen to know and have direct evidence observable to all sentient beings, that we, Americans, are owed: (1) all our land and gold and silver assets which have been purloined by our own Employees; (2) all our credit assets which have been deliberately and fraudulently withheld; (3) yes, your “US National Debt” is in fact our “American National Credit” and (4) that doesn’t begin to count the accruals, interest, investments, and dividends that are owed to us, the American People.

So, come on, Genius Sheeple— tell me again, who is it you are calling delusional? Here’s the news Numbnutz— if “the US” paid off your mortgage, paid all your utility bills, all your medical bills, bought you a new car every year for the rest of your life, paid your credit card bills, college loans, etc., plus paid you back all the money the IRS collected from you and all the property taxes and franchise taxes and excise taxes you paid but never actually owed—- they still wouldn’t have paid you back one-tenth of one percent of what they owe you.

Got that? So don’t stand there blowing your s-for-brains mouth off at me, because I’ve got guts enough to tell the truth and actually say it in words that even a True Moron like you can understand: the “government” owes me, I don’t owe it a brass farthing. Period.

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Focus for Assemblies

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

When new people come into Assemblies, they don’t know what to think or expect. Most of them are scared or angry, and think that they are doing something unusual or suspect or dangerous.

So the first job is to reassure them that what we are doing is perfectly lawful and peaceful, not dangerous or questionable in the least. Then, interview them, find out who they are and where they are coming from, and given their situation — answer the question of whether they should be in the State Assembly, the Territorial District Assembly, or the Municipal District Assembly.

A lot of trouble is being caused because Coordinators and Assembly Members are not doing this Entry Interview and making a determination about the people in front of them. Where do they belong? Are they Territorial folk? They belong in the District Assembly. Municipal Employees? They belong in the Municipal District Assembly. They may also be State Nationals and may need to record their American identity, but at the end of the day, they have commitments and concerns that are foreign and which are not part of the business of our State Assemblies.

This is nothing against them, no value judgement, just the Facts Ma’am. Some Americans choose to live their lives as U.S. Citizens or even as citizens of the United States, and given those choices, they need to be in the correct Assembly.

A second issue to sort out up front is— are these people currently having some trouble with the Federales or their federated State of State bureaucracy? If so, you want to make it clear that joining an Assembly is not a Magic Bullet for resolving pre-existing legal issues.

You will want to get these Newbies up to speed and working on their own cases, filling out the Criminal Incident Report and taking other appropriate action on their own behalf without sopping up huge amounts of Assembly time with their personal problems.

Remember that the Assembly is a public body, not a private club.

This is not a place for you to come and regale therapy sessions about your trials and woes. The primary job of the Assembly is to get organized as a government for your State of the Union. It isn’t a Battered Americans Support Group.

Give every Newcomer a copy of the charts we are producing, especially the Assembly Process Chart so they get the clear message that this is a process and it is an orderly, known process with rules and steps.

Give every Newcomer a copy of the Orientation to start their education and realization and thinking process and aim it in the right direction. We have to literally teach people what self-governance is and how to do it, which requires developing skills most of them don’t have and have never even thought about.

Don’t let new people come into your Assembly and commandeer it with their “ideas” about how things should be and how things should be run. Nationality is a birthright. Assembly membership is a choice. If they want to join, fine. Put them to work, but also set boundaries.

While we cannot deprive people of their birthright, we can and must throw disruptive people out of meetings and refuse to let them interfere with getting the work done. Participation in Assemblies is predicated on being polite and productive members of the community— troublemakers and anarchists and the me-me-me people need to be disciplined, educated, and if need be, shown the door.

Toward the goal of having calm, productive meetings — establish an Agenda process and publish an Agenda before meetings. Adopt Rules of Order, so that people know how to act and what to expect and everyone is treated fairly but firmly.

Spending three hours of everyone’s precious time listening to someone’s personal problems at an Assembly Meeting is not an option. Putting up with “Angry Bulls” who just want to roar and fight, is not an option. Dealing with gossip and slander and complainers and time-wasters is not an option.

The Assemblies are business organizations engaged in very serious and important business. We have to “set the tone” for new members and establish the group values, so that the group as a whole disciplines people to be polite, logical, business-like, and mature.

The moment anyone starts acting like a Seventh Grader and gossiping and being paranoid, it’s up to the whole group to let that person know that that behavior pattern is not appropriate, not productive, not appreciated, and won’t be tolerated. Shun gossip and fear-mongering and it will disappear.

The primary job of the Assembly is to get fully populated and organized and cleared for action. Get your own courts restored and functioning so that these foreign courts no longer have any excuse for addressing any of us. That way, you solve the actual problem for everyone concerned and don’t waste time and money and energy fighting individual “brush fires”.

We have had repeated problems with people not understanding what the actual Mission is. Someone comes in with a compelling complaint and drags the Assembly into the middle of their fight with the Federales — which simply bleeds the Assembly dry and steals time and effort and money away from restoring our own court system and solving the problem for everyone on a permanent basis.

It may seem cruel. It may seem hard. It may seem like we aren’t doing enough to protect individuals, etc., etc., etc., but the bottom line is that we have work to get done — and for the sake of everyone in our State and everyone in our country, the more focused we are on getting the actual work of the Assembly organization completed, the better off everyone in this country is going to be.

We cannot afford to spend our limited time and money and volunteer base fighting individual court cases for people. Cannot. That will bleed the Assemblies dry and expose them to attack long before they can function as they are meant to function and do the things that will protect everyone in the entire State.

Restore your own courts and you put an end to all the brush fires and harassment for everyone. Keep your focus tight and get the actual job done and do not allow distractions or detractors to push you off course. Be like a fleet of tug boats, steering a steady course.

We have just published a new chart in Anna’s Charts showing the Assembly Process in the Big Picture, Step by Step View, so that everyone can see at a glance what the overall plan and mission is, can assess where your Assembly is in that process, and can make speed to get the work done.

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It’s Time To Restart Everything, Patriots Only Go Public When They Want The Target To Know!

X22Report: It’s Time To Restart Everything, Patriots Only Go Public When They Want The Target To Know! – Must Video

REPORTER: John Rolls: Trump gave a speech at CPAC. The clock has been activated, it’s time to restart everything. Trump dropped messages during the speech, letting the people know that they are in control. Specific targets are locked on and the people will begin to find out the truth. This is just the beginning. Trump is showing the people the truth, they are now understanding that the [DS] policies do not benefit the people. Trump is now placing everything into position.

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The Actual “Act of 1871” Being Referenced

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Most people that you hear talking about “the” Act of 1871 are talking about the Municipal Corporation Act creating a Municipal Corporation for the District of Columbia.  

We have pointed out that the real mischief related to that Act was the Corporations Act of 1870, which claimed the right to create corporations while acting in our names— which is, to quote a Brit friend of mine, “Really rather like my Gardener assuming my identity and fathering a lot of children in my name, with someone other than my wife.”

The end results in both cases are illegitimate.  Literally.  

But this merely rear-ends the actual singularly traitorous “Act of 1871” which, again, deals with the subject of corporations—- and let’s headline this with bold letters so that everyone gets off the Old Saw about the Municipal Corporation Act of 1871 and instead has a full nose of the treason committed by the Rump 41st Congress as of the Second of February of 1871, Chapters 62-65, in which the Congress declared itself to be the “successor” of all United States corporations and the property of all said corporations. 

These treasonous individuals claimed to own all United States corporations as successors — quite possibly the greatest theft and Breach of Trust in world history, carried out by the members of the Territorial Congress while wearing their “second hat” as a foreign Municipal oligarchy. 

Let’s get this straight — the members of any “Congress” convened in its Territorial or Municipal capacity never had any authority to make such a claim, not in 1871, not in 1971, and not today.  There is absolutely no shred of valid interest involved here, no contract, no equitable consideration, no vested authority, and certainly no consent. 

It’s a criminal offense and an act of treason and fraud that has waited in the wings for over a hundred years to be discovered and objected to.  Our corporations, like our ability to create corporations and our ability to issue patents, does not devolve to “the” Municipal United States, a foreign entity operating in our names simply because they made such an outrageous claim while acting in breach of trust and under conditions of fraud and semantic deceit. 

All corporations created under our names and issued charters “in our names” are ours by definition, and we do claim them back from the Municipal Government of Washington, District of Columbia, and from the various Territorial State of State and Municipal STATE OF STATE Governments that have continued the abuses endemic to the Corporations Act of 1870 and the “Ownership Acts” of 1871. 

We have been here, present and accounted for, the entire time — yet left uninformed and uneducated by our employees, have been preyed upon by them and their foreign Principals in Breach of Trust.

We declare that we are the lawful and rightful heirs and beneficiaries of all United States Corporations created by our Federal Republic, their heirs, operators, trustees, and assigns, without exception, and the only lawful saving grace for the Municipal Government now is to release their presumed “custodial interest” in all our assets, intellectual properties, and prerogatives, including the administration of our Corporations, our Patent and Trademark Office, our Copyright Office, and our Postal Offices. 

Let it be made perfectly clear to every banker and jurist on this planet — what occurred as a result of these actions undertaken by the members of the Municipal Congress in 1871 was a gigantic criminal fraud and Breach of Trust amounting to usurpation against the lawful government of this country and treason against our constitutional agreements— and all accomplished via means of fraud against their Employers.

In the case of the Territorial Congress, possession by pirates does not change ownership, and in the case of the Municipal Congress, fraud vitiates everything — including their claims to own all United States Corporations.

This is all that anyone ever needs to know as a Summation of the applicable Law in both cases — in Admiralty and under Roman Civil Law— both. The members of Congress must relinquish these claims and release our property both private and public to the administration of our lawful American governments– that is, our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America and our States of the Union until such time as we complete the restoration of our Confederation and our Federal Republic.

PS. Please note that we have already addressed this topic once; all such “United States Corporations” have a one-year grace period ending in mid-February of 2022 to re-charter as American corporations and accept their limitations under Public Law.

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The Bleeding of Britain

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

The Queen is the Agent of the House of Wettin in Britain, and holds a subordinate position to her own Cousin, Lady Somerset, the Dame of Glammis Castle— the “goddess”.  This is how and why Continental interests have been bleeding Britain dry for the last eight decades, up to and including the EU and UN.  More than half the members of Parliament have personally been on the take and receiving kickbacks from this group of Royal Investors, and still more have been blackmailed by them.  It appears to be a collusion between largely Middle Eastern bankers (Muslims and Jews alike) and the various monarchies of Europe seeking to create a new form of Feudalism, which I call “Corporate Feudalism” as it transfers the responsibilities of the Monarch onto the faceless, nameless, unaccountable backs of commercial corporations owned by the Crown, and various other corporations worldwide owned by other investor groups, and all controlled ultimately by the Holy See. 

The apparent goal in all of this is to set up a new means to enslave the public as serfs, with all named individuals serving the corporations that “represent” the various states and kingdoms (without being those States or Kingdoms or even necessarily associated with them)  and with the Monarchs only serving as figureheads to calm the masses into submission.  The object is to control the labor and commodities and natural resources actually owned by the people of the world on a private basis, so as to grossly enrich and empower the few private Parties that control and own both the Crown and the Holy See, and to protect their corporations from such unpleasantries as taxes. 

This debasement and dehumanizing of the Monarchy reduces it to the level of any other commercial corporation, whether you call it QEII or ELIZABETH II or LIZZIE, all of which and sundry others have been used as instrumentalities of HER MAJESTY, INC. 

This plot subjects the Queen and everything she owns to the authority of the Roman Curia, which makes up all these corporations and other THINGS such as Cooperatives and Limited Liability Partnerships and which serves to define what corporations are and what powers they have and what rules they must abide by and what punishments can be applied to them.  It is all bunk— charlatanism based on the theory and concept of “legal persons” as opposed to “lawful persons”, being used to impersonate people and suborn their assets as collateral.  

The actual history of all this revolves around criminal misuse and abuse of public trusts that were established under very dubious circumstances, which will be described more fully in our lawful proceedings, but for a good flavor of the actions taken and the results of these actions, please see the United States Federal Code, Title 22, especially the Annotated Revised Statutes at Large. 

The history of the Earls of Shovesbury goes back — not to England, but to the Frankish Kingdom that preceded the First Holy Roman Empire, and a portion of the world that is now considered Southeastern Germany in and around Dresden, and particularly the small town of Issagau, where my own ancestors came from, and the noble family known as the Brakespeares — for their habit of breaking spears aimed at them, and also, The Order of the Black Arrow, which has its roots in pre-Christian times, but which was much later taken over by the Jesuits and infiltrated by the Nazis. 

As is common among the kings and nobles of the Merovingian bloodlines, “v” and “w” — which is merely a double “v” — actually stands for the letter-sound “f” in German and related languages, sometimes also written as an “S” in the old handwriting known as Fraktur. 

So your name and title on the Continent is different than its later derivative in Britain, and became progressively Anglicized in Britain.  Shrovesbury pronounced “Schruffsbeurie” became Shrewsbury, in the same way as the French Belle Cher was Anglicized to Belcher. Both families ultimately came to Britain through France— directly in the case of the Belle Chers, and via France from Germany in the case of the Bacons — the von Specks.    And that is why to this day, one still hears both Shovesbury and Shrewsbury, Belle Cher and Belcher…. there are many other examples.  All date from before the establishment of the First Holy Roman Empire in 800 A.D. 

Sir Francis Bacon was the Earl von Speck — which means “bacon” in German.  As in “bringing home the bacon”.  You can now also better appreciate his pen name, William Shakespeare — William means “resolute protector” and Shakespeare is a take-off on the family name, “Brakespeare”.  In retrospect, it is easy to see that William Shakespeare’s message was largely addressed as an admonishment to the Tudor Monarchs, including multiple exposes concerning the reasons for the downfall of the Plantagenets as an object lesson.  

This also sheds light on the otherwise completely irrational fire-bombing of Dresden, Germany.  Dresden was called “Florence on the Elbe” for its great beauty and artistic treasures, it offered absolutely no military targets at all, yet on the fateful night of February 13, 1945, with the Nazi surrender clearly in view, the Allies staged one of the most devastating attacks in military history against this lone, unfortified, unprotected, helpless, beautiful German city.  They murdered 135,000 people, many of them refugees from Eastern Europe fleeing to safety, and nobody when called on the carpet for this atrocity had any excuse that made sense.  Why Dresden? 

Because what was thought to be the only surviving handwritten copy of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses was among the city’s treasures.  All that misery, destruction, and death was rained down on Dresden by the agents of the Pope, superstitiously and malevolently bent on destroying these few pieces of paper.  It will perhaps shame them and give them reason to pause and reflect that: (1) there are other copies written in Martin Luther’s own hand; and (2) the content of the work is distributed throughout the world so that everyone knows the criticism Luther issued against the Church.  Everyone knows about the sale of “Indulgences” allowing rich men to sin.  Everyone is now learning about the sale of children — and the Church’s no longer secret reason for opposing abortion, which has more to do with dollar signs than any care for the sanctity of life. 

The pagan sacrifice of Dresden by fire, like the Holocaust, like the World Trade Center bombings, has all been for naught. 

We can only call the religion of the Enlightened Ones– the Hanger’s On of the long defunct Roman Empire— “the religion of the Deceivers”—- and none are so deceived as the members of this cult. The phrase, “the smoke of Satan” does not refer to incense. It refers to the smoke from burning and charred flesh, that of people and of animals.  It is said to delight Satan, so that’s what his followers, who are ultimately the stupid ones among us, try to feed their “god”.  The members of this Death Cult are within the clinical definition of insane— self-destructive and destructive of all mankind. 

They substituted themselves and their own cult-followers for the lawful rulers of Great Britain and The United States, much as a magician changes hats and promotes an illusion, but once the “spell” of the illusion is broken, it all falls apart.  People awaken from their trance and all the black magic, all the seances with the dead, all the consorting with demons, the orgies, the cannibalism, the drug use, the pornography, the blackmail, the “sacrifices” and even the phony money is exposed for what it is.  
We have awakened from this nightmare before our kindred and we have sounded the alarm.  At first, nobody paid any attention. They were all too busy trying to earn a living and “get ahead” to think beyond their next working day.  Finally, things have deteriorated so much and the rot of this “system” is so blatant that everyone who can still think from Point A to Point B can see the lies of their purported leaders and smell the stench of this grotesque corruption.  We no longer have to argue about the existence of the corruption of our governments worldwide.  The only argument is — what to do about it? 

We have stood for educating people to self-govern since 480 A.D. and we still stand for this, as the only lawful and certain and ultimately, humane, answer.  This is in accord with Universal Law and it is amply borne out by our earthly experience.  A monarchy may be of some use as a fail-safe or safeguard institution, much as we have served in the present moment to bring forward the Public Law, but the ever-changing nature of inheritance and culture means that absent a conscious sharing of the burden of governance people are too easily misled and abused by a relatively few individuals manipulating commodity markets and currencies and legal systems and mercenary armies. 

Our conclusion?  People must be taught to govern themselves, to think for themselves, to choose what is right and to know what is right, to grow up and discipline themselves, to exercise the entire range of their potential as individuals, to bear responsibility and to exercise rights. They must be given the education, insight, and resources to do so.  The idea that we can or should simply extend the role of parents to the government and via the institution of a Nanny State seek to “free” people from such drudgery, results in those entrusted with the government exercising their power in inappropriate, destructive, criminal ways.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  We have seen this again, and again, and again.  There is no rational reason to argue the point.

Power-sharing at an individual level as well as a national level is necessary, just as growing up and accepting the challenges of adulthood are necessary.  A free society composed of healthy, honestly educated, empowered, and actively participating people who are fully engaged in rational self-governance,  is the only safeguard to overall well-being on this planet.  We can’t create this healthy dynamic by entrusting our fate to kings or conglomerates. Each one of us has to take responsibility and give a shove in the right direction.  

We hope that this little dissertation has shed light upon the darkness of some very unsavory history and circumstances, and may also, we hope, give you some inspiration and needed insight into the broader issues of your own inheritance. 

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Message to All Targeted Individuals

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Message to all T.I.s — you are being targeted because you are listed as being “citizens of the United States” — and so, are fair game as guinea pigs, the equivalent of fish in a barrel with no legal protections, no rights, and no hope of gaining an ear in Congress.  It’s Congress that “sold you” as human chattel to serve as test subjects.  Don’t be ridiculous and expect Congress, which is making money hand-over-fist from this “Test Program”, to cancel it just because you are being made ill and miserable.  

And don’t expect the mindless wonders in charge of the Territorial U.S. Military to give you any breaks.  So far as they are concerned, you are all “Enemy Combatants” in a theater of occupation.

So. Now that you understand your position, change it. 

Declare your political status as an American and reclaim your birthright.  Join your State Assembly and flex your muscle in your proper standing and capacity.  Inform the United Nations Secretary General that you are “non-domestic” with respect to the United States (Inc.) and you are being harmed as a result of their various warfare testing programs. 

That should be sufficient to get the ball rolling.  Then send a copy of the United States Secretary of State.  And to your State Secretary of State. 

Take action as an American and as an Employer of these dumb brutes, instead of signing a Petition and pleading with them, oh, please, please, Mr. Bad Man, don’t hurt me anymore!  I am just a hapless American being mistaken as an Enemy Combatant by my own Armed Forces while at home in my own country, and being used as a “domestic target” when I am not naturally in their jurisdiction at all and not subject to their government and not “domestic” with respect to them at all. 

Got the idea of what is actually going on now?  Know why the rats smirk at you and pretend not to know what they are doing?  Get the hammer on THEM and stop begging for mercy from pirates.  Get on your feet and start moving.  If you want to live in peace and not as buzzard bait —- do what I am telling you to do.  

Go to: and get started today.   

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Anyone think this is possible . . . ?

by Michael Edward

Trump will be back in March. Under the Insurrection Act, he is still POTUS till March 24th. This is why Biden is not in the White House or flying on Air Force One. Also, Harris is not living in the VP house in DC. The military will be arresting Biden/Harris before March 24th for Treason Under False Country. The USA CORPORATION is dead, finish, done as of Jan 1st 2020. So, Trump turns the country over to the military and lets them arrest everyone as the JAG AND MARINES ARRESTED 464 FROM THE D.C. CAPITAL ALREADY.

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