The World Fulcrum

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

The World Fulcrum

A critical moment in our history has come— the moment when the pendulum hits the zenith of its arc and swings backward.

This is known as “the World Fulcrum” because it is at this point in both space and time that energy forces reverse. This reversal can happen on a world scale, a regional scale, a national scale, a local scale, or an individual scale.

It is also called the “Moment of Change” when potential energy is converted into active motion, and when, potentially, new pathways can be chosen.

The actual occasion for the end of the arc came this week with the collapse of Bolivia’s Socialist Government.

Luis Fernando Comacho had had enough.

He left his home in Santa Cruz and walked all the way to La Paz.

He carried his Bible and a Letter of Resignation for Socialist President Evo Morales.

When he got to La Paz, he entered the Government Palace and knelt in prayer.

The Bolivian military and police forced President Morales to flee to Mexico.

And that was it. The quiet triumph of truth over falsehood.

You didn’t see any big announcements about this in the newspapers, did you?

Yet, the miracle came. It came just the same, like Christmas in Whoville.

The True Church rose up in Luis Fernando, and he walked every step of the way.

Thus, one of two Socialist Governments in South America collapsed, peacefully, and we see the pendulum hit the top of its arc, pause, and begin the return arc.

The question for all of us, is why should we continue to deal in pendulum swings at all? Why not awaken to new possibilities?

We do not have to waver between heights of impractical liberal insanity and oppressive Fascist hypocrisy, when what is needed for our joy and our progress is a steady, peaceful, middle ground.

Let this be a moment when we rejoice in what one man and an act of faith can do, and also a time to think about why this is true and has always been true.

We each have this power within us, to change ourselves and to change our world.

Let’s not wait another moment to do so.


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No “Peace Treaty” Needed

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

No “Peace Treaty” Needed

Our States and People were never involved in the so-called Civil War. The entire mercenary conflict wasn’t a “war” and it was fought by States of States organizations, like “The State of New York”.

So we don’t need any “Peace Treaty” to end a mercenary conflict we were never involved in.

Instead, the Vermin need a peace treaty to justify their crimes against peaceful non-combatant civilians. And that is why they are promoting “Peace Treaty 2020”.

Sign up and sign away your right to complain or seek compensation for their mistreatment and abuse for the past 150 years.

Now, ask yourselves—

Do we give them an excuse for their criminality and let them off the hook?

Do we go back and subject ourselves to a Queen that has already done all these evil things to us —- by claiming to be “natural persons” instead of one of the “People” she owes good faith service to?

Do we hand the Pope our land by allowing the Municipal Government to issue a “title” related to it?

Do we fail in our objective at the last moment by being weak-minded and believing that the same crooks who lied about and mistreated us before will keep their word once they have gotten what they want — our subjection and our land?

Stop and think.

Aren’t you already owed everything they are offering and more?

Where is your guarantee that they won’t just take your signature, seize your “donated” assets, and leave you standing there worse off than you were before?

After all, offering them a Peace Treaty doesn’t obligate them to take it.

And once you have admitted to being a “natural person” and admitted to being “at war” with them and allowed them to take title to your land assets — what do they need you for?

Nothing. They can seize your property and abuse you and do whatever they wish, because you agreed to all of it.

We will not be able to protect people who take this “Arbitration Award” offer, because we cannot protect them against themselves.

You have all been given the facts.

The American Civil War was a mercenary conflict, not a war.

It was fought by confederated “States of States” not States.

Our States of the Union didn’t fight in this conflict.

“Natural person” is a subject political status.

Accepting a “title” for land means you are a tenant.

If you can still think after a lifetime of false indoctrination, do so.

If this is a straight-up deal, why can’t you change your mind and withdraw from it once you sign on?

If this is such a great deal, where is Richard Schaum’s name on it?

Remember that they operate under Roman Civil Law, and under Roman Civil Law, it’s okay to lie, cheat, steal, and defraud to your heart’s delight, so long as you don’t get caught and nobody objects to it.

Well, I am objecting. But you all need to wake up and object for yourselves.


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Pope Francis’ Signature

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Pope Francis’ Signature

Okay, so now I have a mish-mash of Jews and Catholics on my back ranting —how could I know the status of the Pope and the Pope Emeritus?

My first question is—-why should Jews care?

My second question is —-why doesn’t everyone see what I see?

Benedict very clearly said that he retained his “ministerial” office. His sacred office was retained.

As for what office was he resigning? His secular-office as Roman Pontiff. That’s what he handed off to Francis, a loyal Jesuit, sworn to obey the Pope.

So Benedict is still in control and that is not gossip or guess. It is logic based on known facts.

Add to these known facts the way Francis signs his paperwork: FRANCISCUS.

This is the name of a slave in Latin.

It is the name of a corporation.

It is the name of a dead man’s estate.

And these are the only things FRANCISCUS can be or can stand for under the Roman Civil Law or under the Uniform Commercial Code or under Ecclesiastical Law, either.

No other Pope has consistently and only used this kind of signature. No other Pope has denied Obedience.

So we are in the presence of a ruse.

It may have been done to take pressure off of Benedict or to expedite business operations of the Pontificate or any number of other reasons, but you, I, and everyone else on the planet has cause to know that what is going on in Vatican City is not business as usual.

The dirty business dealings of the Roman Pontificate and the Holy Roman Empire and the City of Rome all have to be dealt with in a sober fashion.

The Great Tribulation (Tribute to Rome) has come and is now fading away.

The Apocalypse has come, too. A great many people are confused. Through it all, the Truth shines through and will not be diminished. If anything, it will shine brighter as the days grow darker.

The Dark Ones who have festered in the Church will come out now. Their hatred of Mankind will be self-evident. They will try for a Renewal of their Death Cult and attempt to go “mainstream” with their sacrifices and blood-letting and worship of idols. They will do this with great pageantry and pomp and special effects designed to cow us like cave men.

This will be welcomed by the majority of the members of Congress who are already members of this sickening cult— a “religion” which has been repeatedly suppressed because of its horrific immorality, cruelty, dishonesty, and destructiveness.

Even the “anything goes” Romans under Julius Caesar put it down and put it down hard enough to suppress it for the better part of a thousand years.

Now it will be up to us to put it out of its misery once and for all.

May we be equal to the task and may we destroy once and for all time the hateful and false premises and disgusting beliefs that give rise to The Great Abomination.


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Vampires Coming to Dinner

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Vampires Coming to Dinner

Remember the old black and white vampire movies?

Remember how the vampire would stand at the doorway and everyone in the theater would whisper, “Don’t invite him in!”

And, of course, the dumb girl would always invite the vampire in for tea and cookies. She had to, of course, or the movie would end right there.

It’s the same way with Federal Agents. They can’t come in unless you invite them in.

That’s why all State Assemblies need to use the Bevins Declaration at the beginning of all business meetings, and after any breaks.

Give them no excuse to infiltrate your meetings or to influence your proceedings as a State Assembly.

Word your Bevins Declaration to include all “US Citizens” so that you can identify people who don’t know any better, as well as those who are willfully adopting Federal Citizenship of one kind or another.

Now I will ask you to remember another blast from the past—-recall how the Federales got all the churches to fall into their “corporate franchise” trap?

They promised the churches tax exempt status.

The odd thing is that the churches were already tax free.

By applying for the offered “benefit” of tax exempt status, the already established right to freedom from taxation was converted into a privilege that could be denied by bureaucrats.

The churches unwittingly gave up a right to gain a privilege, and subjected themselves and their property assets in the process.

Now you may say, and rightly so, how stupid is that?

But we have a similar gambit going on right now with the so-called Arbitration Award.

The Arbitration Award is the same kind of anti-intuitive drivel they used on the churches, selling you —at great undisclosed cost—-something that they already owe you.

It’s like saying, “We will respect your virginity after we rape you.”

We will respect your rights and immunities right after you subject yourself to our Queen as a “natural person”, oh, and, of course, after you accept a Municipal Government issued “Title” being placed on your land….

Let me say it again and please listen closely and think about the implications:

That THING in DC is a foreign government operating as a private, for-profit “governmental services corporation”.

They think Prisons for Profit is a great idea. Charging $6000 a day for a cot and gruel sounds wonderful to them.

Cheating you out of your property assets using titles and tricky legal verbiage is business as usual.

Selling you something you are already owed— why not?

Convert your rights to privileges? Even better, so far as they are concerned.

The Federal Government is like EXXON or Monsanto on Methyl-Ethyl-Amphetamine.

That’s why we call it The Swamp.

The Federal Government considers you to be prey. Trapping you and your assets is how it feeds itself.

And there is only one way out of The Swamp. Reclaim your birthright political status as an American —no kind of US citizen at all — and join and support and protect your own State Assembly.

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About Our State Assemblies and Our State Citizenship

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

About Our State Assemblies and Our State Citizenship

Anyone who wants to claim back US Citizenship to take advantage of the purported “benefits” of subjecting themselves to the Queen and the Pope by signing on to the Phil Hudok “Arbitration Award” cannot serve as a State Citizen and MUST be “invited to leave” our State Assemblies no matter who they are or what position they may have been elected to serve.

They are forfeiting their State Citizenship and their heritage as Americans by choosing to participate in this fiasco. Let them go have at it, but do not allow them to remain as “members” or to occupy any office in any State Assembly.

Our States of the Union allow only one (1) form of Citizenship and that is State Citizenship. No Federal Citizenship at all. Ever.

As for Phil and Richard and those Numbnutz, they aren’t listening or learning and as a result, they aren’t doing what we are doing and not representing any actual State of the Union, either.

Everyone has been warned regarding the consequences of signing onto the Arbitration Award and the fact that you can’t back out of it once you take the bait.

Everyone has been told the consequences of allowing yourself to be identified as a “natural person” instead of one of the People.

Everyone has been told the consequences of accepting a “title” to land issued by the Municipal United States Government.

Everyone has been warned that Richard Schaum is a former high-level Department of Administration Accounting Consultant and that he has not reclaimed his identity as an American State National —-and so far as we have been able to determine, has not signed onto the Arbitration Award himself.

So if this is such a good idea and he is pushing it so hard, why isn’t his name on the roster???

Be ye not like dumb, driven cattle. Study to make yourselves approved. And stand firm in what is right.

Otherwise, the doorway to the slaughterhouse you were just delivered from, is still open and available for you to walk back into.

If you are an American, there are only two (2) choices — American State National or American State Citizen.

And if you are not an American and are instead choosing to act as a “US citizen” of some kind, what in the Hell are you doing infiltrating a State Assembly?

Any such persons acting as “US citizens” and seeking to infiltrate and influence our State Assemblies must be reported immediately to President Trump and kicked out and prevented from any further subversive activity.


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Implosion of NATO?

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Implosion of NATO?

I have been getting inquiries all day about an “implosion of NATO” —- there’s no implosion of NATO.

There’s a lack of motivation being applied to NATO.

You see, yesterday, Ukraine became a member of NATO.
And under certain “predictions” that meant that NATO would be obliged to go to war against Russia.

The War Mongers were saying—- Hallelujah! We have our excuse for World War III!

And then, nothing happened. NATO didn’t declare war on Russia.

Why? Because NATO would have to pay for it.

NATO is now paying its own bills to a much larger extent and war-mongering has just taken a drastic long-term slide as an investment opportunity, so the odds of them getting anything out of a war with Russia —-beyond a huge bill and a bloody nose— are standing at 95%.

So, no, NATO isn’t going to war with Russia and isn’t “imploding” either —they are just protecting their national economies and showing appropriate good sense in not spooling up a foreign war of aggression that is unlikely to benefit anyone— and cost more than they can or are willing to pay.

Ukraine, as a result, is seeking Russian protection.

Pillar to Post.

Vladimir Putin must be laughing his socks off, but, that’s not entirely a bad thing, either. The Ukraine is traditionally part of Russia, albeit, a very troublesome part, and a large number of Russians live there.

So let the Ukrainians and Russians deal with their own people and their own natural resources and everyone else get back in their own sandboxes and deal with their own lives, too.

The idea that Russia might cut off fuel supplies to Europe on a whim has to be exposed for the horse hooey it is— and overcome. Gas and oil sitting in the ground without customers is of no use to Russia, and if customers can’t rely on Russian gas and oil, they will go to other more expensive but more reliable suppliers.

Or other sources of energy will finally be made available worldwide, in which case, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief and breathe cleaner air and worry about other, better, more important things.


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Reply to Richard — 15 November 2019

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Reply to Richard — 15 November 2019

This isn’t anything hard to explain or difficult to see. It says, plainly, that I am acting as a “Private Attorney” for Pope Benedict XVI.

Where does this say or imply that I ever worked for “the Vatican”?

More obfuscation and misrepresentation on your part, not mine.
Acting as a private attorney for someone, for example, Donald Trump, does not imply working for the Department of Administration — which you, Richard, actually did. Not me.

After all, I am the one who published the records you are “exposing” and the exact circumstance was “exposed” at the same time.

Everyone is advised to run-not-walk to get a copy of my book, “Disclosure 101” —available on for the past several years, so that they might get an inkling of how much work has gone into dismantling the crime syndicates responsible for the embezzlement that occurred on Richard’s watch.

I am not made into a criminal or Bad Guy for exposing and opposing crime, and neither is Pope Benedict.

You, however, were in a critical position of public trust in this country and you just sat there for decades doing nothing about the obvious embezzlement and the withholding of credit owed to average Americans. In fact, just recently, you expressed support for the generation-skipping trust scheme as a way to avoid taxes.

And why would average Americans be interested in avoiding taxes they don’t owe?

This can only be accounted for as gross stupidity or gross dishonesty on your part, Richard. If I were you, I’d sit down and shut up and hope and pray to God — the True God — that all those Rotarians don’t catch on to what you were expediting against them.


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