Basic Roll Back — The Old, Old Ways

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Basic Roll Back — The Old, Old Ways

Because we live in what is essentially an infinite morphogenic information field, nothing and nobody ever really dies. We remain in intimate contact and the only thing that keeps us all from perceiving that, is the relatively dense energy required to sustain a physical presence.

My description of your body as a space suit is exact.

But even as you inhabit your space suit, you are moving not through time, but through an infinite dialectic field, called The Great Dipole. The Zero Point for this infinite dialectic field is localized in each one of us, so there is always a point that is absolutely still and around that point is an octahedron-shaped energy field. Imagine two pyramids glued together at the bottom, capstones aligned but facing exactly opposite directions.

So there your consciousness sits, perfectly motionless like an ant in amber, embedded in this endlessly flowing magnetic field, connected to all the other little octahedron-shaped, induced and inverted Zero Point fields, that have ever existed or ever will exist.
We are all connected. And not only to each other. To every other bit of ordered energy in the Universe.

So what I have just told you is probably not comforting, even if you succeed in visualizing the situation— but it should be comforting. For one thing, death and all its trappings, its illusions, its terrible sense of loss and separation — is all fake.

In the British Isles an ancient Stone Age religion has persisted through tens of thousands of years. Locally, this is known as the “Old Ways” and as you travel through Britain you soon realize that what is meant by the “Old Ways” in the South or the East is substantially different from what it means in the West and the North, with the Oldest of the Old Ways being retained in the most northerly and westerly places, where the air is grey and the wind is sharp.

French and Roman Magic, Tarot cards, and astrological traditions brought from the East have meshed and merged over the course of the centuries and married into local knowledge of the Earth and the herbs and the seasons in the South and the East of England, and their presence or absence forms a Great Divide going through the middle of England, striking straight north-south along the middle Ley Line through Ancient Powys and Somerset.

Cross the Magic Line to the West and you enter one Tradition, cross it to the East and you enter another. Inevitably, I suppose, one feels drawn to the landscape of the Magic that is closest in tune to your own.

The fundamental basis of this supremely ancient religion shares certain elements in common. The course of life for both sexes is divided into three stages. For women, this is described as: Maid, Mother, and Crone. For men, it is described as: Boy, Man, and Sage.

So there are six variations, and among them, both light and dark. Meaning that you can choose at each stage of your life the path you will follow, either the Right-hand Path of White Magic, or the Left-hand Path of Dark Magic.

This creates a total of twelve possible major variations built into our life cycle, and each one of these is associated with numbers and herbs and trees and jewels and seasons, foods, and runes, and metals, colors, totem birds and totem animals, signs and symbols, forms of water, flowers, and the twelve constellations in the sky.

It’s a very comprehensive vision of physical experience and affiliations within our relationships, and within the scope of the Old Ways and the Old, Old Ways, there is no disconnect at all. Life flows seamlessly into death and into life and into death in a never-ending river of experience, and being “alive” or being “dead” is only a relative condition, a matter of wearing a spacesuit or not.

You are not separated from your totem animal, your tree, or your names — which are kept extremely private — or anything else.  Ever.

Our experience travels through these twelve houses, lifetime after lifetime, each experience of life adding to our understanding of life, and hopefully, to our compassion and self-knowledge.

After many lifetimes and the experience of many conditions and passing of many tests, you finally get to the point where you are able to remember who you are from lifetime to lifetime, and know your past history. This has the effect of “resurrecting the dead” as you come to terms with and remember all the lifetimes you have ever lived, all the deaths you’ve ever died, skills you’ve developed, and all the people you have ever loved or ever hated.

This also opens your eyes to the “occult” which simply means “what is hidden”.

Well, it’s not really hidden. It’s in plain view. But perceiving it, recognizing it for what it is, is a different matter.

The Old, Old Ways are singularly devoted to Truth and Natural Law, the discovery of our connection to all Creation, the mysteries of life and death, and the elemental powers. This is High Magic, crystalline and clear, which is not “magic” in the sense of Fakirs and sideshows, but which is the fruit of a very long search for Truth.

What they call the “Old Ways” in the South and East of England are actually much more modern hybrids, more in the line of Harry Potter, and in keeping with the lusher environment of the South and East of the British Isles, more attuned to Green Magic, or what adepts call Low Magic, of the Farmers and Housewives.

This pagan Celtic religion and the system of law resulting from it, is the foundation of Law throughout the West. It vastly pre-dates Judeo-Christian Law, Roman Law, Babylonian Law, Greek Law, Egyptian Law or anything else — all these other systems having been tossed on top of it like whipped cream and so many cherries.

In our house-cleaning effort we’ve swept away the cobwebs back to the foundations of the world as we know it, and got down to the actual floor.

As we are tasked to rebuild our world, it’s important that we know the actual foundation we are standing on and examine it with our eyes and hearts.


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Any Fool….

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Any Fool….

Any Fool should know that a gas accounting for 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere (carbon dioxide) and alterations in the minute amount of this gas caused by human activities, could never account for any such phenomenon as “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”.

Whatever else we know, we know that much right off the cuff, without years of public debate, without spending billions of dollars on “climate research”.

Barring the existence of some unknown, unobserved, mysterious catalytic effect, there is simply no way that variations in the amount of carbon dioxide could change anything. The total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is far too small to have any general impact at all.

Honestly, it seems to be a contest to find out how gullible we are, and what line of horse hooey they can get away with as an excuse for their power-grabbing and taxation and depopulation schemes.

Here (see link) you have competent science giving you a reasonable and documented explanation of climate change. The warming is caused by reduced cloud cover.…/climate-change-hoax-collap…/

And guess what? The reduced cloud cover is being exacerbated, if not caused by the Chemtrail spraying, which kills forests and acts as a drying agent as well as an environmental inflammatory agent.

And this is being brought to us by who?

The same madmen who just published this craziness — Vatican official promoting New World Order and the “Removal” of 6 Billion People:…

I have a better solution.

The People of the World send their compliments to the Italian Government and demand that they revoke The Lateran Treaty signed by Nazi-Collaborator Benito Mussolini, and dissolve the basis for Vatican City’s international independent city-state status.

Next, we arrest all members of the Roman Catholic Clergy operating above the level of Parish Priests and all upper-level management of the [former] Vatican City State who are non-clerical employees.

Next, we nationalize all Roman Catholic Church properties and bank accounts and securities holdings worldwide, leaving only local church buildings and their immediate grounds and cemeteries and attached buildings undisturbed for the use of innocent parishioners.

Next, we arrest the senior management of the slightly over 700 corporations worldwide who have been engaged in the interlocking trust directorate scheme promoted and implemented by the Vatican and Universal Postal Union and Bank of International Settlements.

In tandem with all this, we search and destroy and/or confiscate all planes used to distribute Chemtrail pollution and seize the assets of all companies and management-level individuals engaged in this criminal activity and similarly confiscate all assets of corporations engaged in disruptive weather warfare and scalar resonance “tests” impacting “non-domestic” populations in countries around the world.

So, we’ve been foxed into using “credit” as money, and then not even getting the credit applied to our accounts. We’ve believed that “the Americans” dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that turns out to be “the US”, instead, and another Big Lie. We’ve been told that the death of one wandering Jewish prophet paid for all the sins of mankind forever, and have yet to see the “PAID IN FULL” receipt from his self-proclaimed “representatives”.

And in keeping with this Tradition of Big Lies, we’ve been told that the “desperate situation” caused by changes in 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere justifies Draconian taxes and coercive regulatory practices on a planet-wide basis, and, moreover, the death of six billion innocent people.

Are you getting all this?

The Roman Catholic Church. Again.

Catholics, if you don’t want to be held responsible for this, and don’t want your Church held responsible for this, you need to get on the move and protest in no uncertain terms.

United Nations? If your Officers and your corporations don’t want to be held responsible for this, and don’t want your organizations forced into Chapter 7 involuntary bankruptcy for crimes against humanity, you’d better haul rump, too.

The climate change hoax has collapsed. A devastating series of research papers has just been published, revealing that human activity can account for no more than a .01°C rise in global temperatures…

The climate change hoax has collapsed. A devastating series of research papers has just been published, revealing that human activity can account for no more than a .01°C rise in global temperatures…


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To the May Queen:

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

To the May Queen:

This note is addressed through Bathsheba and will be understood by those who need to know:________

My dear,

It is best always to remember Merlin’s prophecy.

The White Snake has no power over the Red Dragon and fighting will not change that.

The Seals have been broken. The Blessed have returned. It’s time for celebration.

If, as you say, you want the original Treaty of Peace with the Devics honored, that is much in our way of thinking, too.

If, as you say, you want the greatness of Scotland honored, that, too, is easy to respect and arrange.

Nothing you have suggested seems outlandish or wrong or improper — except the idea that six billion people have to die in order to bring this planet back into balance.

Cooperatively, we have the technology and know-how to repair every aspect of the natural environment and resolve the waste management problems, too.

As for the broken economic and banking system, we have all the answers for that, also. King Darren has already agreed.

Killing six billion people would cause a vast labor shortage if the object is to turn the Earth back into a garden space and create peace. And if that is not the goal that unites us, what is?

You know as well as I do that such a catastrophe would create no enduring peace. Quite the opposite.

That said, let go that one contention, and the rest is easy. The Great Dipole is complete. The Heavenly Host is content. The Interstice is cleared. The Ancient Kingdoms are restored.

There is nothing left, except your peace— and while I cannot grant your desire to have the Romanovs live again, or return the child you once were, my Father can.

In view of all you have been given and the kindness of life within you, is it really such a stretch to trust the Lord and Giver of Life to “make all things new”? Even them? Even you?


  • Anna von Reitz There are people who have spent their lives invested in a “dream” that includes removing six billion people. They are motivated by false conclusions that have been fed to them from various sources. This is the final hurdle — convincing them that it isn’t necessary or desirable and isn’t going to be accepted without a fight.
  • Like the climate hoax, the conclusion that six billion people have to die or otherwise be “removed” has been built on false assumptions.
  • There are treaties that we owe that we were never told about, but none of that is so terribly contentious or important. The important part now is coming to agreement about this one crucial issue. And resolved in favor of keeping everyone around.


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About Virginia Second Article Rally

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

About Virginia Second Article Rally

It is happily noted that someone, somewhere, has realized that the Second Article has far more power and standing as Law of Substance than any theoretical “Second Amendment”, and that this principle guarantee cannot be violated as a taking against the Will.

Kudos and congratulations to whoever had the good sense to notice that there is a difference between an “Article” of the Constitution and an “Amendment” to the Constitution.

That said, and in the same spirit of awareness — when you make reference to “civil rights” and Federal Code sections — except for the explicitly declared purpose of reminding them of what their own law requires — you are placing yourself under their law, not yours, and you are then unavoidably separating yourself from the protections of the actual Constitution.

You can’t be “in” and “out” at the same time. You can’t claim “Equal Civil Rights” as a Federal Citizen, and at the same time claim Natural and Unalienable Rights — and Constitutional Guarantees — as an American.

I cannot say this often enough or emphatically enough: both US Territorial and Municipal “Federal” citizenship(s) are created by the Constitutions, so either variety of “US Citizen” are not Parties to the Constitutions and cannot make any direct claim to any constitutional guarantee.

American State Citizens are direct Parties to the Constitutions and have the right of enforcement, but US Citizens — either Territorial or Municipal, do not.

Read that again: US Citizens are not parties to any Constitution and have never had any Constitutional rights or guarantees. As long as you persist in claiming to be any variety of “US Citizen” —- neither do you.

At best such Persons can hope that the Congress honors its agreement to provide “Equal Civil Rights” and this is a vain hope, as they have already declared a “state of emergency” which, for Federal Citizens, suspends their “Equal Civil Rights” access to the Constitutions.

So, here you are, mis-identified as some sort of US Citizen, depending on second-class “Equal Civil Rights” that have already been suspended.

This is not a tenable situation to be in, and if you wish to access the protections and guarantees you are heir to, then you must take pro-active measures to declare and record your correct political status as an American—–not a US Citizen dependent on “Equal Civil Rights”.

For help getting back to where you should be, go to: and declare and record your correct political status as an American today.

Don’t wait. Don’t try to argue it in court. Secure your evidence and position today. I am constantly contacted by people who get themselves in trouble with the Federal Authorities and then after-the-fact want to declare their correct political status and enforce the substantive law in their favor.

It doesn’t work that way.

Once you are in their courts and identified as one of their citizens, you are obligated to obey their policies and statutory laws.

Any attempt to change your political status in “mid-stream” looks suspicious and self-serving and is discredited as evasion.
Most Americans have been blissfully ignorant of their obligation to declare and record their political status as Americans, and as a result, are incorrectly identified as British Territorial United States Citizens or Municipal (Federal Civil Service) citizens of the United States—-and there is no evidence on the Public Record otherwise.

So — if you want to enforce your Second Article right to keep and bear arms, you must declare and record your political status as an American State Citizen and access your Guarantees directly, instead of relying upon the rogues in Congress to honor their action granting “Equal Civil Rights” to Federal United States Citizens.

What the Congress gives to its Employees and Dependents (Equal Civil Rights) the Congress can take away.

What is owed to you directly by international treaty and service contract is a different story.

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An Open Letter to the Queen and the Pope

jamesclintonbelcher   by James Clinton Belcher

An Open Letter to the Queen and the Pope

If anything bad happens in Richmond, Virginia, tomorrow, we are holding you and your respective governments entirely, 100%, commercially and personally responsible for it.

“Governor” Northam is administering a “Commonwealth” entity and unnecessarily and recklessly imposing upon law-abiding Americans in violation of their Constitutional guarantees.

This affront to our substantive law and to us is duly noted, on top of the many other offenses that your respective governments have promulgated in Breach of Trust.

It is also duly noted that in respect to the British Commonwealth United States the Queen acts as the Overseer for the Pope, so that in effect, Pope Francis is the Principal responsible for any bloodshed or acrimony or public damage in Virginia tomorrow.

In the event that Governor Northam does not show appropriate and due diligence to ensure that he is not presuming upon Americans who are lawfully guaranteed their absolute right to keep and bear arms, we shall hold both the Queen and the Pope accountable for condoning through their employees and agents the promotion of violent insurrection and conflict on our shores.

You have both been given due and appropriate Notice that illegal and immoral contracting practices have been employed by the British Crown and CAPSTONE to create fraudulent and unconscionable citizenship contracts with Americans. These contracts are invalid, null and void.

This conspiracy to evade your responsibilities under the Constitutions has been discovered and fully vetted and both your administrations have been found wanting.

You need to correct, not exacerbate this problem. Any harm, any public disturbance, any destruction of people or property will be held against you and charged at a rate of ten trillion dollars per life lost, and one billion dollars per house or building damaged.

We are posting this commercial fee schedule in advance to make it clear that there will be unpleasant consequences for you as well as for the people of this country should you continue on this reckless path.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State The United States of America


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For the Record

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

For the Record

There is more than enough evidence to prove that whatever hopped-up fire-bombing occurred at Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II, it was not a nuclear bomb and not a nuclear disaster. Somehow, perfectly sane people, including physicists, have failed to note the radioactive half-life of the isotopes involved.

If the bombs unleashed at Hiroshima or Nagasaki had actually been nuclear bombs, those cities and a large bit of the countryside around them would be dead and uninhabitable as a result of nuclear pollution and that pollution would remain for tens of thousands of years—- like Sodom and Gemorrah, not like Hiroshima and Nagasaki today.

There would also be evident vitrification of the soil and subsoil at least two meters down.

So, we have another Big Lie to face up to and it’s not a matter of “National Security”. National Shame and money laundering is more like it.

I don’t believe in nuclear weapons in the sense that the popular notion of “nuclear explosion” has it, but I do believe in nuclear pollution—and the deadly effects that radioactive isotopes can have on biological systems. Fukushima, the reactor, not a bomb, is creating exactly this horrendous scenario in the Pacific Ocean.

Radio-isotopes are very silent, effective, and long-lived biological poisons.

That’s why the pollution caused by including “spent” nuclear fuel in the payloads of bombs used during recent wars in the Mideast is a war crime against humanity and against the Earth—- a crime against our soldiers and a crime against the civilian populace of the Middle East where this heinous thing was done.

That in itself is more than enough reason to summon an International War Crimes Tribunal to Nuremberg.

Similarly, it is the pollution potentially caused by a nuclear “dirty bomb” that is implied by the Baby Boomer bombs —- not just physical explosive destruction which could be caused by any combination of metallic firebomb materials including Thermite, powdered Barium, etc.

The advantage to these monsters in the use of dirty bomb technology is that it helps prevent/preclude recovery of surviving records and examination of the bomb site. I hope that those promoting this scheme will now realize that the records will still exist and are still safe no matter what they do to the record repositories in Kansas and Colorado.

Also, the important records had already been removed from the Kansas repository, so that tells us right there that someone knew something and that the records had already been cashiered, stolen, or otherwise transported for purposes unknown by persons unknown. A big nasty explosion with radioactive fallout would seal the site and provide an excuse for the theft to remain undetected and provide an excuse to say that the records had been destroyed.

Just like 911.

The rats are not having a good week. And I personally hope it gets even hotter for them.


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Update — 18 January 2020

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Update — 18 January 2020

The Great Fraud scheme we have unraveled comes back, always, predictably, to the same Persons, the same Offices, and the same Institutions.

It is all caused and operated equally by omission and by deceit.
The intended “Gift Recipients” of all the lucre and physical assets on Earth were set up to be the Pope and the Holy See. These were intended to be the only unincorporated Public Office (Pope) and the only unincorporated Government (Holy See) left standing.

This means that they would “inherit” everything of actual value on Earth, own all land, all businesses, all other governments, all people —- and be able to run everything through their Vassal organizations, the incorporated government services corporations, all acting under the auspices of the United Nations organization, all secretly owned and operated by the Vichy French UN Corp.

All power and ownership interest would belong to the Holy See and be exercised by the Pope by Default, because the living heirs and rulers of our countries were deliberately mis-characterized and left without disclosure or Notice that the entire world was in probate.

You all know what happens in probate, don’t you? Well, everything gets thrown into a Slush Pile, and the Heirs have to come forward in the absence of a Will and claim back their own as best they can. Otherwise, their assets are deemed “abandoned” and up for grabs.

That’s what they have tried to claim about America and much of the rest of the world, too — as a means of gaining control of all assets on Earth.

Rather than admit what they’ve done and the deals with the Devil [aka “Marduk”] that they’ve made, the various parties responsible for this circumstance have tried to avoid the facts. Among the salient points:

Benedict XVI separated himself so that he could still act as Pope in “the ministerial office” — that is, the unincorporated Office—- and act in behalf of the Holy See, while Francis took on closure of the Pontificate — the corporate secular government of the Church, and the incorporated Vatican, too.

By their reckoning, there can be only one government, one church, one monetary system, one megalithic hell hole to live in. And they think of that as paradise. The Great Cause. No borders. Everyone mish-mashed together. Everyone enslaved.

One must ask —- having control of all the corporations on Earth wasn’t enough for the Pope? Especially in view of the fact that he didn’t do his duty to control the corporations and liquidate those engaged in criminal acts?

So now they are deliberately folding the umbrella and rushing to try to pull off their intended fraud—-when they need to admit that their Plan has been observed, the Great Fraud has been exposed, and none of it is going to work.

Let us also observe that the Queen is in on this plan and has been since June of 1953, when she abdicated the actual Throne and occupied The Chair of the Estates, instead. Read that: the British Throne has been vacant since 1953 and this has been fully proven in court. She can’t go back to the Throne, because she broke her Coronation Vow.

So at this moment, the entirety of the British Homeland and the British Commonwealth is “unclaimed” by anyone having standing to do it, and the Principal Parties are trying their best to ignore the fact that The United States of America has “risen from the dead” and has the standing and is making the claim for all the American assets.

A ‘General Melee” must shortly ensue, in which all the member corporations of the United Nations acting “as” governments must come to terms with the fact that they aren’t really national governments at all and never have been. By definition, they are just commercial corporations in the “government services” business.

So far, the only government on Earth to have itself together, standing ready to deal with the facts, other than The United States of America, is Russia. Vladimir Putin has claimed his living status and is now occupying the vacant Throne of the Czar.

This shouldn’t be interpreted as a power-grab by him, because it’s not. And it won’t be a power-grab when someone competent stands up to claim back the Throne of Great Britain, either.

Someone with the correct standing has to act for all the people in each country to receive back their land and soil assets. There has to be a lawful government — not just a “legal” government — present and making the claim for each country, or the bogus “abandoned assets” claim rears its ugly head.

Like us, the Russians woke up to the way that Operations of Law have been used to set up this situation, where it is all going, and what they need to do to stop it.

And that is indeed a great comfort to us and to every thinking soul on this planet. It means that The United States of America — the actual country — does not stand alone.


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