The Fetid Stench From Benghazi

Judge Anna von Reitz

I wept in anger when General Carter Ham was “arrested” by his sneaky little gobber-faced “UN Shadow” and removed from command for trying to rescue Ambassador Stevens and the other brave men at the compound in Benghazi.

I knew for sure that those men — including General Ham — had been grossly betrayed.

And they were betrayed, all of them, those who were killed by the mob and those who were supposed to rescue them, by some grimy little criminals in political offices— criminals who have yet to face justice.

For all of those who have wondered — WTF happened at Benghazi? — here it is, with thanks to Benjamin for reminding me:


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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears….and oh, my!  World Trusts! 

   Judge Anna von Reitz

First, there was the “Unum Sanctum” — “One Sacred” Trust, published in 1302.  It gradually gained traction and assets and network connectivity that spanned the Globe.  Like most human endeavors, it had its upsides and its downsides….

Upsides include a global postal and banking system which allows us to communicate and to trade on a global scale.  Those strawberries from Ecuador that you are eating in January would not be possible without the work of the Unum Sanctum Trust.
The idea of public hospitals and public charities and public schools for the masses are all the work of the Unum Sanctum Trust.  The idea of foundations devoted to things like Public Broadcasting and Art Museums and Public Libraries—- all from the Unum Sanctum Trust.
In fact, much of the modern world as we know it, and much of the good that has been accomplished, has in one way or another been guided or implemented or expedited or planned by the Unum Sanctum Trust and we take this all for granted as it things like the Postal Service just sprang up out of the ground like mushrooms in the fall.
Not so.  It took many generations of sacrifice and inspiration and donations by — largely Catholic supporters — to make all this possible.
And now for the downside….. over many generations, things got out of control and the power and connectivity and wealth of the Unum Sanctum Trust began to be abused for political and criminal purposes. The so-called “Middle Crown” of the Trust, the Romanus Pontifex was dissolved in 2011 as a result.
And then we had the ill-fated One People’s Public Trust — the OPPT, organized as a result of the work of the Paradigm Project — an attempt to “take over” the assets and resources of the Unum Sanctum Trust and redefine it and garner political support by giving away little dribs and drabs of assets while retaining the vast bulk of the “foreclosed upon” assets for purposes unknown.
This is in common terms known as  “rolling over” a trust.  When one trust ends, another begins. Or so that theory and means of dealing with the situation has it.
It is one of the great ironies of the world that Bar Attorneys are generally speaking the only ones who know how to foreclose assets, but they also have no standing as owners with respect to the assets they foreclose. They are the eternal middlemen, foreclosed themselves from entering into the Kingdom.
Well, according to some of the most ancient texts on Earth, somebody had to be the Gatekeepers.
And then, there is “Manna World Holding Trust” that has been making a bid to take over and control all the assets of the world.
Same story as OPPT, different day, more sinister provenance.
Some hackers at MIT in concert with certain loose canons in the so-called “defense community” developed a means to transfer information from the current banking system and lock down accounts all over the world.  They have since been thumping themselves on the back for their illegal acts and touting their own horns as if they have done a great thing.
We expect that when the dust settles they will all be tracked down and scrutinized and while they may make some claims that they did it for “national security”,  I believe that a very different motive will emerge.  They are trying to roll over the World Trust Assets, just like OPPT.  Only they serve their own masters and their own peculiar agendas.
Apparently, our simple idea that the assets need to go back to the countries and to the people to whom the assets naturally belong is too hard for all these power-hungry genius-types to grasp.
And in cases where nobody knows any longer who the owners are, simply put the unclaimed assets into an investment fund and use the proceeds to fund infrastructure in underdeveloped countries and to provide aid to those affected by natural catastrophe or war?
Once they deal with the fact that the American assets — as in our assets — are not “unclaimed” and that our government isn’t in any kind of “abeyance”,  the larger part of all the land and other assets they were planning to divide among themselves disappears from the table and the whole issue gets cut down to size.
And the World Trust is no longer a single juggernaut poised to destroy all national governments and impose a single world government administered by some kind of global “meritocracy”, either.  It dissolves like a paper tiger in the rain, melting back into the National Trusts that are owed to the people of every country.
Sometimes going forward means going back, retracing and rethinking.  A single World Trust — or even half a dozen such trusts — is a bad idea, because it concentrates too much power in the hands of too few people, who then become subject to the corrupting nature of such power.
Instead of universal brotherhood, it resulted in universal enslavement.
So scratch that one. Erase the drawing board. Start over.


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The Department of Injustice

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

I am re-posting this seminal article from “Four Winds” for all those who need to know the nature and status of the “Department of Justice” — and the fact that it’s an Executive Branch entity not connected with the Judicial Branch of government at all.

This makes the  “Department of Justice” an instrumentality of political policy and executive power and divorces it (from inception no less) from any actual role vaguely related to ensuring any kind of justice for anyone, including the President of the United States.
This is why you are continuing to see the DOJ Witchhunt in the national media: it is a political organ, and always has been.  Ironically, as you will see, DOJ is also meant to be a creature under the thumb and forefinger of the President, and a means for him to exercise Executive power.
Always remember that your actual land jurisdiction government, The United States of America, [Unincorporated] has never been at war, never been bankrupt, and is not subject to any form of martial law.  And when you reclaim your birthright, neither are you affected by any of this drama.
All this “reconstruction” — is within and a function of the Federal Government operating under Delegated Powers.  And now that the Delegated Powers have reverted by Operation of Law to the Delegators of those “Powers” it is time for us to settle this hash once and for all.
It is left to us, those who are awake and alive, to determine the fate of the “Federal Government” and finish not only its reconstruction, but determine its role in the modern world.  Read on— and all our many thanks to the original “Four Winds” who dedicated many years of worthy scholarship to the effort:

U.S. Under Martial Law Since The Civil War

Four Winds

Please be aware that what you are about to read will be very difficult to digest. All our life we have been living under a lie to keep us enslaved. The truth is now known. The problem is, what do we do now? Like you, I became aware of this same truth today and I don’t know where to go from here.

I learned that judges in California are not “public officials”.  I wanted to know why not, if they are elected by the people.

Now I know why, and so will you after reading this information.

It will take many educated and creative minds to solve our problem. I pray that you are up to the challenge.

Further proof that martial law remained in effect after the Civil War can be found in the “Congressional Globe” (now called the “Congressional Record”).  The following are excerpts from the April 20th through 29th, 1870 “Congressional Globe” concerning H.R. 1328 which established the Department of Justice to CONTINUE TO CARRY OUT MARTIAL LAW nearly five years after the end of the Civil War:

“The following bureaus shall be established in this department [the Department of Justice]:  a Bureau of International Law, a Bureau of Revenue Law, a Bureau of Military and Naval Law, a Bureau of Postal Law, a Bureau of Land Management Law.”

Congressman Lawrence then said in the record:

“This Bill, however, does transfer to the Law Department, or the Department of Justice as it is now called, the cognizance of all subjects of martial law, and the cognizance of all subjects of military and naval law, except that portion of the administration of military justice which relates to military court-martial, their proceedings, and the supervision of records.

“If a question of martial law is to be determined by the law officers of government, it will now belong to the Attorney General, or to this Department of Justice.  It will not belong to the Judge Advocate General of the Army.  He will not be called upon for any opinion relating to martial law or military law except as to that portion of the administration of military law which relates to military justice.

“In other words, the Judge Advocate General, instead of giving legal opinions to the Secretary of War relating to the status of the states of the union, their right to call upon the government for military protection, or military aid, and other grave Constitutional questions, will be limited.  The Judge Advocate General will perform duties administrative in their character and almost exclusively so.

“But I will state to the House why, in my judgment, no transfer of the Judge Advocate General or of his duties to the Department of Justice has been proposed in this Bill.  If this had been done, the Bill would have encountered the opposition of some of the officers of the Bureau of Military Justice and their friends, and so great is the power of men in office, so difficult is it to abolish an office, that we were compelled in the consideration of this subject to leave officers in this Bureau untouched in their official tenure in order that this Bill might get through Congress.

“But so far as the Solicitor and Naval Judge Advocate General is concerned, he is transferred with all his supervisory power over naval court martials and the records and proceedings of such courts, so that to that extent, this Bill accomplishes the great purpose which it has in view of bringing into one department the whole legal service of the government. It is misfortunate that there should be different constructions of the laws of the United States by different law officers of the United States.”


These traitors knew that they would have encountered opposition from the military with the provisions of H.R. 1328, so they decided to leave the military officers untouched during their tenure, and transfer them to supervisory positions over court martials.  This appeased the military leaders, who didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what was really going on.

Had the traitors fleeced the military of all their powers during their tenure in office, the military would have realized and possibly taken some military action.  But as nothing was happening at the hen house, they slept through this entire situation which resulted in an overthrow of the Constitution — an overthrow under which government pretended to operate in 1933, and under which it continues to pretend to operate today.

The traitors were now faced with a very serious problem, namely, what to do with the powers of the Office of the Judge Advocate General when their tenure in office expired. And they solved this dilemma by adding the following amendments, detailed in that same “Congressional Globe”:

Congressman Jenks:  I move to amend Section 3 by inserting the word “naval” before the words “Judge Advocate General”.

The amendment was agreed to and later Congressman Finkelburg stated:

I would suggest the propriety of amending the third section of this Bill by inserting after the words “the Naval Solicitor and Naval Judge Advocate General” the words “who shall hereafter be known as Naval Solicitor”.

Mr. Jenks: I have no objection to that amendment.

This amendment was also agreed to, and the Office of the Judge Advocate General became known as the Naval Solicitor.  Thus, when the existing tenure was over, the new office would have a different set of rules and regulations so that the Bill accomplished the great purpose which it had in view of bringing into one department the whole legal service of the government without the power of the Office of the Judge Advocate General getting in their way.

 This was a necessary step to bring the President into the position of a dictator over America. 

But they had one other problem facing them, namely, DIRECT ACCESS to the Treasury for the Department of Justice without interference.  They accomplished this by the following three sections of the Bill:

“…The Eighth Section provides that the Attorney General is hereby empowered to make all necessary rules and regulations for the government….

“…The Eleventh Section provides that all monies hereafter drawn out of the Treasury upon requisition of the Attorney General shall be dispersed by such one of the clerks herein provided for the Attorney General as he may designate, and so much of the First Section of the Act, making appropriations, past March 3rd, 1859, as provides that money drawn out of the Treasury upon requisition of the Attorney General shall be dispersed by such dispersing officer as the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby repealed….

“…The Fifteenth Section provides that the supervisory powers now exercised by the Secretary of the Interior over the accounts of the district attorneys, marshals, clerks, and other officers of the courts of the United States, shall be exercised by the Attorney General….”

It is important here to remember that under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the District Courts of the United States are:

   “…hereby given jurisdiction to make and enter all such rules as to notice and otherwise and all such orders and decrees and to issue such process as may be necessary and proper in the premises to enforce the provisions of this Act.”

It is here that we find out that the district attorneys, marshals, clerks and other officers of the courts are under the Department of Justice. That seems an obvious statement, given the state of the nation today.  But the REAL PROBLEM — given the broad scope of powers granted the District Courts under the Trading with the Enemy Act — is that the Department of Justice is *NOT* a part of the Judicial Branch of Government!

According to Section 101 of Title 5 of the United States Code, the Department of State, the Department of Treasury, the Department of Defense, the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, the Department of the Interior, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, and the Department of the Veteran Affairs are *ALL* under the Executive Branch of Government.

All of the above departments are under the Executive Branch – which raises quite a few questions about the balance of powers between the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government.

How can this be?  There is no balance of power under a declared state of emergency.  And we’ve been living under a declared state of emergency ever since the Civil War began, and have been living under a declared state of martial law ever since the Reconstruction Act.

This overthrow of the Constitution occurred long before the War Powers Act, and if we are going back in history to find our roots of legality — and if we stop our search when we reach the War Powers Act — we are NOT going to succeed in this venture. 

Where is the separation of powers if the Department of Justice is under the Executive branch? Shouldn’t it be part of the Judiciary?  The answer, of course, is yes; but it’s not.  Again, just check Section 101 of Title 5 of the United States Code. There is no Judiciary!

If only Congress has the power to regulate Commerce, under Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution, why are the Department of Commerce and the Department of Transportation under the Executive branch and not under the Legislative branch?

And if only the Congress has the power to coin money, according to the Constitution, why is the Department of Treasury under the Executive branch?

The Commerce Department (from Title 5):

 “…part of the Executive branch of federal government, headed by a Cabinet member, the Secretary of Commerce, which is concerned with promoting domestic and international business and commerce.”

To further illustrate the take-over by the Executive branch of government via martial law rule, the following offices, bureaus, divisions, and organizations are under the Department of Justice.  And remember, the Department of Justice is under the Executive branch — NOT under the judicial branch.

The Office of Solicitor General

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Drug Enforcement Agency

The Bureau of Prisons

Immigration and Naturalization

United States Marshal Service

Office of Justice Program

United States Parole Commission

United States National Central Bureau

The Office of the Pardon Attorney

Executive Office of the United States Attorney

Criminal Division

Civil Division

Anti-Trust Division

Civil Rights Division

Tax Division

Environmental and Natural Resource Division

Community Relations Services

Foreign Claim Settlement Division

Executive Office of United States Trustees

Executive Office for Immigration Review

Justice Management Division

Office of Legal Counsel

Office of Policy Development

Office of Legislative Affairs

Office of Public Affairs

Office of Liaison Services

Office of Intelligence and Policy Review

Office of International Affairs

Office of the Inspector General

Office of Professional Responsibility; and

Interpol — (Note: Interpol is a private corporation, yet it comes under (in this country) the Executive branch of government.)

In my opinion:  if the matter of the repeal of the Reconstruction Act and the old H.R. 1328 are not addressed, we will remain in a state of declared martial law. But few people do any research anymore, and even fewer read the results of research done by others.  Yes, we are already, and have been all our lives, living under declared martial law.

The source of this law is from 1875.

CITE 2 USC Sec. 118





Sec. 118. Actions against officers for official acts


In any action brought against any person for or on account of anything done by him while an officer of either House of Congress in the discharge of his official duty, in executing any order of such House, the United States attorney for the district within  which the action is brought, on being thereto requested by the officer sued, shall enter an appearance in behalf of such officer; and all provisions of the eighth section of the Act of July 28, 1866, entitled ‘An Act to protect the revenue, and for other purposes’, and also all provisions of the sections of former Acts therein referred to, so far as the same relate to the removal of suits, the withholding of executions, and the paying of judgments against revenue or other officers of the United States, shall become applicable to such action and to all proceedings and matters whatsoever connected therewith, and the defense of such action shall thenceforth be conducted under the supervision and direction of the Attorney General.


(Mar. 3, 1875, ch. 130, Sec. 8, 18 Stat. 401; June 25, 1948, ch. 646, Sec. 1, 62 Stat. 909.)


The provisions of section 8 of act July 28, 1866, ch. 298, 14 Stat. 329, referred to in text, were contained generally in R.S.Sec. 643, which was incorporated in the former Judicial Code, Sec. 33, and was repealed by act June 25, 1948, ch. 646, Sec. 39, 62 Stat. 992. See sections 1442, 1446, and 1447 of Title 28, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure. Other provisions referred to were contained in R.S. Sec. 771, 989, which were also repealed by act June 25, 1948. See sections 509, 547, and 2006, respectively, of Title 28.



Act June 25, 1948, eff. Sept. 1, 1948, substituted ‘United States attorney’ for ‘district attorney’.  See section 541 of Title 28, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure.



Judgment against certain public officers, satisfaction of, see Rule 69, Title 28, Appendix, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure.



This section is referred to in section 118a of this title.


Statutes Relating to Commissions, Appointments, etc.

Sections in this file relate to required commissions, oaths, etc., for officers and employees of United States government and the government of the District of Columbia. All sections have been pasted directly from the 1996 CD-ROM edition of the United States Code produced and distributed by the Government Printing Office. Notes in Italics that follow the sections list regulations for each section listed in the Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules.It is significant that the “Seal of the United States” is no longer affixed to commissions of “judicial officers” appointed by the President with advice and consent of the Senate; commissions are filed with the Department of Justice under the D.O.J. seal, which is an executive seal. This is suggestive that there are no longer any Article III[constitutional] judges in the United States.


4 USC Sec. 41                                               01/16/96



The Insurrection Act (enacted in 1807) delegates authority to the President to federalize and deploy the National Guard domestically during an insurrection or civil disturbance (10 U.S.C. Sections 331-335).  Section 331 authorizes the President to use federal military forces to suppress an insurrection at the request of a state government.  Section 332 authorizes the President to use armed forces in such manner as he deems necessary to enforce the laws or suppress a rebellion.  Section 333 authorizes the President to use federal military forces to protect individuals from unlawful actions that obstruct the execution of federal laws or which impede the course of justice under federal laws.  Section 333 was enacted to implement the Fourteenth Amendment and does not require the request or consent of the governor of the affected state.

Judge Anna von Reitz




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Steven Greer Update Aug 15, 2018 – Earth is under Quarantine


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“Hugest of News from Judge Anna” by Suzi – 8.18.18

HUGEST of News from Judge Anna!

With Anna von Reitz’s Article #1204, published this afternoon, we finally can get a glimpse of what is going on. Find the article at either site:

I suggest all read carefully a few times – sitting down — and then read “between the lines” a bit.

This does clarify for us the unique working arrangement for President Trump with the (unincorporated) United States of America, of which the American people and states are Primary Creditors and Anna is the fiduciary.

When I read about “Mr. Trump’s ignorant blessing” to allow yet another French corporation and yet another UK corporation to step in to continue to rape and pillage us, I cannot help but wonder whether this might have been some sort of a sting op. Clearly the unincorporated government had not given its blessing and in fact, had precluded that from happening again. (As Anna had stated previously – it was unacceptable that any successor contractors come in. We have been governing ourselves with a skeleton crew, so to speak, as I interpret things.)

Note the section about filling the coffers of the unincorporated original states such that newly activated state governments will have funds.

And herein Anna clarifies that “Congress” is all but defunct.

Finally, the last 3 paragraphs about NESARA. Don’t fall off your chairs! Given all the controversy about which bill was bona fide and whether there might be recent bills, does anyone have these details yet? Remember that way back, Anna had said that NESARA was a myth of sorts, and would not give it credence. Strategy? Or has NESARA been born anew?

A bit of a mystery also, where Anna states, “We are not proposing any great disruption of the world banking system nor are we proposing a lot of physical action moving or removing assets on deposit…”

Hmmmm…interesting. Let’s remember the way the bankruptcy case was structured. I am in the dark, but wondering whether after Anna provided her demand letters to the Queen, et al., which she has published on her site, whether another hundred or so countries are behind us in line with their demands also. Think about it. It sounds like worldwide hydration to me. However, this would just be the return of purloined funds, not yet the opening of ancient trusts – or might they be intertwined to some degree? Hopefully between Anna’s collection agency and forensic accountants and others such as Neil Keenan possibly, they will get to the bottom of this messy business.

Also, “Double Golden Jubilee?” Was this a Vatican action that was passed?

Hopefully, over the next few weeks, many of these questions and others should be answered.

Finally, full disclosure to the American people and the ability to elect whether each individual wants to have his political status as a sovereign national of the state of his birth, or remain a subject of the Queen. (See Article #928) with no rights and lots of obligations. I would not expect many takers for continued slavery…

TO JUDY AND PATRICK, and other subject experts: Can you shed light on some of these topics?

Let’s dig for answers and Stay the Course. Yes, Judy, patience is a virtue.

In total gratitude to God our Father, and for all his blessings upon our Patriots and White Hats WORLDWIDE, both seen and unseen, Earthbound and Galactic,

Where We Go One, We Go All,



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As Things Now Stand

   Judge Anna von Reitz

The assets of the bankrupt States of States (Territorial United States) and the liquidated STATES OF STATES (Municipal United States) have been claimed and rolled into the associated State Trusts doing business as, for example, the Maine State (Trust) and Wisconsin State (Trust) since 2016.

This was done by the Priority Creditors to protect the assets from the Secondary Creditors — international banks.

Meantime, the guilty government of France has launched “The Republic for the United States of America” as a replacement Territorial Government and the guilty UK Government has launched THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as a replacement for the Municipal Government.

And they have both proposed, apparently with Mr. Trump’s ignorant blessing, to continue paying themselves with our money, based on borrowing against our assets, without our permission and in fact against our actual instructions.

Therefore, as of yesterday, all the State Trusts were rolled over in-to the actual sovereign States and both The Republic for the United States of America and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA were hit with Agricultural Liens and seized upon.

Apparently, neither the UK nor France have learned that “No means no.” and they have somehow convinced Mr. Trump that the Operation of Law related to Delegated Authorities doesn’t work with the regularity of gravity. Even though it does.

Their attempt to continue the same old scam on a different day has been thwarted and our assets are now safely off their playing field. From here on in, it becomes a matter of head-to-head debate.

When the Donor and the Heir to an Estate held in trust are one-in-the-same, that person can act as the Donor to collapse or amend the trust, or as the Heir to receive benefit from it. The Trustees in the middle have nothing to say about the actions of the Donor and must obey.

In our case we were coerced and defrauded into unknowingly becoming Donors of our Estates and conveniently not told about all the actions taken by the Trustees acting “for” us. We were, as the saying goes, kept in the dark and fed horseshit for a very long time.

Emerging into the bright light of day, it appears that although our Donor status was engineered within a few days after we were born and were still helpless, and that this was accomplished via deliberate falsification of our public records, the equal presumption that we intended to be the Beneficiaries of our own Estates was not deduced by our brilliant Trustees.

So the Donors have “come back from the dead” and made our Will in the matter explicit and clear: yes, we are the Heirs of our own Estates. We didn’t give them away to England nor to France nor to Donald Trump, for that matter. Sorry. There has been a mistake.

And this Ship of State is not headed where we want it to go.

So, Trustees, get your girdles on and prepare to do some honest work.

High above the squabbling of commercial corporations masquerading as the governments of nations when in fact they are merely “service providers”, there exist actual sovereign States and Governments.

In this country, each actual State is sovereign and unincorporated.

Our actual Government in the international jurisdiction, The United States of America, is also unincorporated.

We bear the actual responsibility, and therefore, we are the Powerholders.

Since those who formerly held the Delegated Powers have plotted to vacate the constitutional agreements –apparently thinking that that would give them even more liberty to plunder on our shores— we have called them on it.

The Federal States of States were disabled during the bogus “Civil War” and “held in abeyance” — so color them gone, along with the original Constitution.

The Territorial Government went bankrupt this past year, as did the Municipal Government in 2015. Count both of them gone, along with whatever ragged claims they had to any constitutional authority at all.

The so-called “International Organizations” which have proposed to replace the Territorial and Municipal Governments owed to this country have been rebuffed and the actual government, The United States of America [Unincorporated] has accepted back the Delegated Powers, and has extended Donald Trump a month-by-month contract and bond, enabling him to get his ducks in order.

The Trustees, both the Queen of England and the Pope, have been given more than adequate Notice and Demand from the Donors that continued interference in our affairs and sequestration of our assets is not acceptable. They are under demand and so is the “Congress” in whatever capacity it pretends to continue to exist and operate — to deliver our assets back to us and to our control without further obfuscation or delay.

Anything less will be considered a criminal Breach of Trust and will appear so before the entire world.

Delivery and funding of basic government services under Mr. Trump’s direction is to continue, including the funding of public and military pensions, which includes Social Security.

Congress does not have access to our assets to borrow against, so we hope that wherever that $716 billion in war-making expenditures was going to come from, they are prepared to ante it up all by themselves. Perhaps they could use some of the over $20 trillion that has been embezzled.

Pope Francis, the Vatican Chancery Court, the Roman Curia, the Queen and Westminster are all under demand to make amends to The United States of America and to our States and People for the great wrongs which have been practiced against us. It is in keeping with the Double Golden Jubilee that all should be returned, free and clear of all debt or encumbrance. It is also in keeping with established Law that those who have been harmed by fraud and breach of trust are owed additional compensation for their innocent suffering and loss: we are thinking now of the many millions of Americans who have paid “federal income taxes” they never owed and “mortgages” they never owed and “utility bills” they never owed, either.

We have suggested full disclosure of the circumstance and facts, allowing individual Americans to choose whether they wish to be considered State Nationals or British Citizens, and following that election for there to be a full and permanent and internationally recognized severance of all other legal presumptions created by the purposeful falsification of our public records and the pernicious offering of adhesion contracts disguised as “government mandates”.

We note that although the Queen’s Territorial Government has widely described itself as being a “democracy” it has yet to establish a single public mandate for its existence, much less any of the actions which it has taken to cause so much pain, misery, disruption, theft, and war for profit.

Again, if there is any question on this point, we suggest that Americans be offered full disclosure of the history and the facts, and be allowed to participate in free elections to determine whether they wish to live in a “democracy” sans mandate or in their own State Republics.

There is no need for war, only a great need for new understandings and an honest foundation for going forward.

Our assets need to be returned by our Trustees, so that we can operate our own lawful government without any undue interference or financial manipulation. We are not proposing any great disruption of the world banking system nor are we proposing a lot of physical action moving or removing assets on deposit, but we do require the return of title and access to our assets.

While it was laughed at by everyone on Capitol Hill except its lonely sponsor, the original NESARA provisions should be accepted and passed by those few members of the “Congress” who are actually eligible to vote on the matter and the rest of the “Congress” should be ordered to fully fund every iota of it. “Ordered,” we say since every Bar Member currently sitting in the “US Congress” is under the command of the Queen and obligated to do exactly as she wishes.

Passing and fully funding the original un-amended NESARA legislation would at least be a token of repentance and renewed Good Faith between the UK and the American States.

We note that the Law supporting the originally proposed NESARA has already been enabled and that all that is necessary is a swift kick in the keisters of the American Bar Association members and our permission to fund it. Consider that permission granted.


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Judge Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison For Selling ‘Kids-For-Cash’ to Prisons – Article From Rumor Mill News

08/15/2018 By Stillness in the Storm
While all of the sentencing happened a few years ago the movie is coming out.
He was convicted earlier this year. …
A Pennsylvania judge was sentenced to 28 years in prison for selling “kids-for-cash.”
The bribery scandal made headlines when Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. was alleged to have taken $1 million in bribes from juvenile detention centers to fill their cells with children who came before him in court.
The Associated Press says the following:
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court tossed about 4,000 convictions issued by Ciavarella between 2003 and 2008, saying he violated the constitutional rights of the juveniles, including the right to legal counsel and the right to intelligently enter a plea.
Ciavarella, 61, was tried and convicted of racketeering charges earlier this year. His .attorneys had asked for a “reasonable” sentence in court papers, saying, in effect, that he’s already been punished enough.
The Times Leader reports that the courthouse in Scranton was overflowing as over a dozen people who had been essentially “sold” to prisons by the judge turned out to exchange horror stories.
Jeff Pollins’ stepson was convicted by Ciavarella. He turned out to eagerly await the judge’s sentencing.
“These kids are still affected by it. It’s like post-traumatic stress disorder,” Pollins said to the Times Leader. “Our life is ruined. It’s never going to be the same… I’d like to see that happen to him,” he added.
Now that Ciavarella has been locked up, that solves one problem but raises an important question that few are asking: Was this an isolated incident or are there more just like him who have made similar deals with prisons across the United States?
The fact that this sort of bribery would even be proposed to the judge suggests that this is a much broader problem, and this one incident was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


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