A Few Update Comments

  Judge Anna von Reitz

1.  I was just informed that none of the Talkshoe links to the DailyPaul 2012 article about Rod Class’s Administrative Rulings work.

Then, I was informed by other parties that Talkshoe “lost” all those episodes and that patriots who recorded them at the time are scrambling to put together a new website where these recordings can be accessed again.  They will let me know the details and I will let you know the details.
This just underscores the point that I am trying to drive home — save and record and get hard copies of everything, because there is an organized effort to obscure information.  The people we are dealing with are liars with a long, long history of book burning, record falsification, semantic deceit, and obscuring information that is not complementary to their position.
Those of us who have been doing this any length of time take it for granted when they “move the cheese” and records are altered, reordered, re-published, redacted, deleted, “no longer available”.  This is nothing new.  This is nothing different.  This is the way it is and the way it has been the entire time I have been working this problem.
So, all you Newbies just getting started— be aware.  You will need to copy and buy old dictionaries and haunt legal bookshops and do all sorts of things to secure your information. Once you have it, try to get it into a form where you can share it — scan it, make and distribute digital copies, make sure that it isn’t going to “disappear” again.
2. There is a push on to try to obscure the importance of Rod Class’s results by distracting attention.  This is a very common technique used by Bar Attorneys.
Think of a parent distracting the attention of a toddler by waving some bright object with one hand, and then swooping in and grabbing whatever the child was looking at before with the other hand.  It’s a deliberate technique used to break the chain of attention and redirect attention to some other issue or point, often completely bogus (the bright colored object need not be important– just bright colored).
In this case, the attorneys are trying to draw attention to the fact that Rod’s lawsuits were dismissed — as if that invalidated the action.  The dismissal is, in fact, the important result.   A result in a law suit can be “positive” or “negative” and in this case, it is the negative result — the lack of a result — that is important.
The Judge had to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.  He lacked jurisdiction because none of what appeared to be “government” departments and agencies were public entities.  All the entities named in Rod’s complaints turned out to be private contractors, so the Judge had to dismiss. They were not under his administrative control.
That is the important result. And the Bar Attorneys are trying to distract the ignorant from the importance of that result. Just like tricking a baby.
These Red Herring arguments are common as dirt and we all have to be aware and ready to see past them.  In fact, you need to train yourself to not only recognize these mental sleights of hand, but automatically expect them and immediately look harder at whatever they are trying to distract away from.  It is a clear indicator that you have hit a nerve and are on to something important.
Your adversaries won’t be expecting you to be so “sophisticated” — they will be expecting you to be like a Toddler — easily fooled and distracted.  They won’t think that they are tipping their hand by engaging in such common tricks, but until more people wake up, their arrogance gives the rest of us a significant advantage. When they try to lead the discussion off track — look hard and quick.


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The Biggest Back-Fire in History

  Judge Anna von Reitz

THEY, the Territorial United States, planned to vacate the Constitutions — all three of them.

THEY had already moth-balled and usurped upon and taken over the duties of the Federal United States 150 years ago, so that was no problem. With a little finagling and a lot of unauthorized spending, they figured they could bankrupt both their own corporations and the Municipal United States corporations, too.

Just run up a giant debt, let the corporations acting as providers of “essential government services” — Article IV — go bankrupt, so as to sever any connection to the actual constitutional agreements, and off-load all their corporate debts onto the unwitting backs of the American People.

Then, they planned to boot up a new corporation, call it something deceptive and sexy like THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, charter it in a foreign country like France so nobody would catch on, and then sneak right back in the back door and establish themselves as the Successor to the service contracts they vacated, by a process of assumption.

We’d assume that they were our own dear Federal Government, because we’d assumed that twice before. Why wouldn’t we go for the sop a third time?

Because we woke up and said, “No thanks.”

Hey, they are the ones who usurped upon the actual Federal United States, rendering it inoperative back in 1868. They are the ones who spent themselves into oblivion and bankruptcy. We are totally innocent Third Parties.

It’s all, one hundred percent, their own fault that they don’t have a contract.

It’s also their fault that all those juicy “delegated powers” reverted back to the Grantor of those delegated powers, The United States of America (Unincorporated).

They disabled the actual Federal United States via mercenary “war”, fraud, breach of trust and deceit. They disabled the Territorial United States via bankruptcy. They disabled the Municipal United States via bankruptcy. All three. They vacated all three Constitutions at one time and haven’t got a leg left to stand on.

What’s even more problematic are all the legal entanglements.

Now that we are back on the land and standing in our sovereign capacity and operating our sovereign government, all the many Peace Treaties and Friendship Treaties apply. The Chief Perpetrators responsible for this mess, the Holy See, the British Crown, the British Monarch, the French Government and the British Crown (Westminster) are all obligated to come to our aid.

They can’t make war against us — not even surreptitious mercenary war — because they are bound by Law and Treaty to provide us with “perpetual friendship and amity”—and in the case of the British Monarch, obligated to act as our Trustee and Protector on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” which includes the province of both Maritime and Admiralty Law.

And if they did make war against us, everyone on the planet would know that they were criminals.

The Chinese and Russians have never liked Britain, for good reason, but they have reason to like the actual Americans. Our egalitarian philosophy of life and government is far more compatible with their own views. We also have a somewhat distant but honorable history as honest people who mind our own business and pay our debts.

And wouldn’t that be a relief for the whole world? Actual Americans at the helm of the actual United States instead of Euro-Scum pretending to “represent” us?

The Russians and the Chinese and in fact all the people on this planet have more than adequate reason to support us against our run amok and misdirected Hired Help.

Not only has the Territorial United States left itself without a contract and without delegated powers, but it has spent the last hundred years telling everyone who would listen that they are a “democracy”.

A democracy only functions by majority rule. It requires a mandate — 51% of all eligible voters — to take a legal action. And the government of the Territorial United States hasn’t had a mandate for anything it has done in decades, if ever.

So between the fraud and breach of trust they employed in their in-house take over, which is all crime that has no statute of limitations, and their utter lack of a mandate even within their own self-proclaimed democracy, and their already observed lack of contract and delegated power, they are well and truly up a creek without a paddle.

What they intended for others has come home to roost upon them.

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving group of people.

That is, of course, said in irony. They have in fact been ruthless pirates and scourges, who have pillaged and plundered the people at home and neighbors abroad, and then proposed to blame their victims. The sanctimonious fraud artists are finally exposed for what they are. And cut off at the knees.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) has summoned the actual States to assemble, and they are doing so. The Territorial United States is trying every petty little trick in their book to interfere and discredit and gainsay the effort, but it isn’t working. The American People are waking up.

They are admitting to themselves just how abused they have been, how the fruit of their labor has been siphoned away, how they have been mistreated by police ostensibly hired to protect them, how they have been frightened in their own homes by un-elected agencies, how the quality of their lives and the value of their money has suffered along with their reputation in the rest of the world. Most of all, they are sick of constant, unending, perpetual war, war, war.

It’s time for peace and it is time for all sentient Americans to join the ranks of those standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of the actual United States. It’s time for them to overcome the lies that have been told to them and about them, and for everyone concerned to fully recognize the fact that the Territorial United States and its Government no longer “represents” us.

We have, even according to their description of the circumstance, returned home and resumed the operation of our lawful government.

Mr. Trump needs to take our offer to occupy the lawful Office of the President of The United States of America and join with us to finally, for real, drain the swamp and address the fraud and usurpation at the root of it.


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Urgent Information For Political Candidates

  Judge Anna von Reitz

I cannot possibly overstate the urgency of the information I am sharing with you.

The actual sovereign government and its immediate structures is shown in red. The Federal Government operating under powers delegated to it by the sovereign government is shown in blue.

Here’s how the American Government actually organized and authorized delegation of power:

ALL RED BELOW THIS LINE——————————————————————————————-

People form Families and Families form Family Farm Communities = Colonies

The United States (original) — formed by the Colonies via The Unanimous Declaration of Independence and State Declarations.

The Colonies did not disappear. The Colonies went on to form themselves into republics — for example, The Maine Republic (land jurisdiction) and The Republic of Maine (sea jurisdiction). See The Ultimate Supreme Republican Declaration of the United Colonies of America.

They also formed independent States = Estates doing business as Georgia, Maine, New York, et alia. The separate States hold the soil (national) jurisdiction and The United States (original) holds their national level soil jurisdiction in common for the purposes of the Declaration commitment. Soil is defined as the first six inches of the Earth’s surface.

The United States of America (original) — formed by the Second Continental Congress – September 9, 1776 — dba of The United States for the conduct of private international trade, a holding company in the form of a Federation of States. Member States are Georgia, Maine, New York, et alia.

The United States of America holds the international land jurisdiction of the member States. Land is defined as the Earth below six inches of the surface. It also acts as a Holding Company for all other international and global powers the States delegate to it to be exercised in common. This is where the delegated powers are collected together and delegated from to create the “Federal Government”.

All of these entities, The United States and The United States of America and the States, are unincorporated in the business sense. The States function as sovereign governments. The United States and The United States of America function as unincorporated business organizations belonging to and operated by the States. The business of these organizations is conducted by Continental (land jurisdiction) Congresses.

NOTICE that there are no “States of States” associated with or part of any of these organizations. Here, you are dealing exclusively with States and organizations of States.

Land (international) and Soil (national) and non-delegated Sea (international) and Global Powers above this line.

ALL RED ABOVE THIS LINE——————————————————————————————-


ALL BLUE BELOW THIS LINE——————————————————————————————

Delegated Maritime and Admiralty (international sea) and Global Jurisdiction held below this line

States of America (original) — formed by the Continental Congress – March 1, 1781 – The Articles of Confederation — for the conduct of public and commercial business in the form of a Confederation of States exercising delegated international powers as the Federal United States. Member States are The State of Georgia, The State of Maine, The State of New York, et alia. The Federal United States exercises nineteen enumerated and delegated powers via The Constitution for the united States of America (1787).

All delegated powers held by the Federal United States are in the international jurisdiction of the sea. This version of “United States” is strictly limited in scope and has no soil or land jurisdiction at all. It effectively ceased functioning in the wake of the Civil War. Reconstruction was never completed. The assets were transferred into trusts doing business as the Georgia State, Maine State, New York State, and so on.

Territorial United States was theoretically agreed upon via the Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, in which it was agreed that British “inhabitants” will remain in America to provide “essential government services” and this quid pro quo is implemented by the adoption of The Constitution of the United States of America in 1789.

The entity formed, “the United States of America”, is a doing-business-as name of the Territorial United States and is not the same as The United States of America, though the almost identical names have provided for no end of confusion and fraud.

The Territorial United States which originally occupied only the District of Columbia and actual territories of The United States was reorganized as an incorporated business chartered in Scotland in 1868 and established its own [Territorial] States of States which it substituted for our original States of America — thereby usurping upon The State of Maine, The State of New York, et alia.– as a merely presumed trustee and Executor de Son Tort during “Reconstruction”.

The Territorial United States has always been British-controlled, and so the Territorial States of States—again, very deceptively and similarly named as the State of Maine, the State of Ohio, and so on, took over in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract, and have been functioning in lieu of our original States of States ever since. The people of this country were never given anything like full disclosure, never told of any necessity to complete any Reconstruction process, and were instead victimized and their States occupied by the secretively usurping Territorial United States which owed them –and still owes them—nothing but Good Faith and Service.

Municipal United States was created in 1790 by the adoption of The Constitution of the United States (notice — no “of America” involved here). This was originally intended to provide a capital city government under the plenary control of Congress to be maintained as an international city-state where all the states could come in peace to accomplish their mutual business affairs.

After the Second World War the Municipal United States government provided by the members of the Territorial United States Congress (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17) was emboldened to create Municipal STATES OF STATES, such as the STATE OF COLORADO, and use these private incorporated franchises of a Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.) to pillage and plunder our people and our lawful States of the Union— despite the fact self-evident from all the public documents that the Municipal Government was always limited to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia and no such intrusion into our States or usurpation of authority from our government was ever intended or allowed.

ALL BLUE ABOVE THIS LINE——————————————————————————————-


It is clear from your focus above that you have been as bamboozled by the Territorial Government sideshow as most other Americans have been, but the fact of the matter is that our actual unincorporated Holding Company, The United States of America, has summoned the States into Session to deal with this corruption. In order to do that, we have had to overcome a plenitude of legal obstacles placed in our way to prevent us from knowing about our heritage and birthright, to expedite plundering and pillaging of public trusts created “in our NAMES”, to prevent us from having access to redress, and to ultimately steal and dispose of our land and other assets in payment for debts racked up by the Territorial and Municipal United States.

Instead of assisting the people and States and supporting their efforts to finish the long-delayed Reconstruction of the Federal United States the Territorial United States has been attacking those Americans who have overcome falsified political status records, unconscionable adhesion contracts, and other obstacles created by our run amok employees— and who have nonetheless returned to their birthright political standing and claimed their reversionary trust interest in their States and in their private assets.

Read that— our employees have been waging a mercenary “war” against us, literally stealing from us to fund their predatory and criminal acts against us– and this has been going on for 150 years right under the noses and often with the participation of elected political leaders who have acted in private capacities while deceitfully appearing to occupy public offices.

All those Territorial United States offices, all that “Republican” and “Democrat” frou-frou-rah, is nothing more or less than private corporate elections resulting in people being elected to fill private corporate offices. If you look up the legal definition of “President” you will see that the President is the Chief Executive Officer of a business — not the Head of State of a Country, which is just more proof that as incredible as all this may seem to you, it is nonetheless true. America is like Rip-Van-Winkle, waking up after a 150-year nap.

Obama was a British-controlled Territorial United States hit man, employed to deliver the coup de grace to our Constitutional Republics, our economy, and our way of life. Born in Kenya, raised on Communist philosophy, and indoctrinated in the Hate and Self-Pity School of Racism, he was taught to hate “America” by supporters of the entire system of British Commercial Feudalism — the same elitists who, with their callous disregard for law and decency, are responsible for by far the lion’s share of racial injustice, unemployment, and other evils that colored people have suffered in this country during the 150 year spree of bunko and mistaken identity con games the British-controlled Territorial United States has wrecked upon us.

Trump is a far, far better businessman and therefore a far better and more able President, and certainly a man who has regard for the country that bore him and the people who have supported him, although he does not appear to fully grasp the situation. He appears to think it is a localized phenomenon, a matter of individual crime syndicates and religious cults and political radicals — but no, this crime is institutionalized as part of the “government” as it has been run for the past 15 decades. This crime is based on a basic undermining of the structure of our government and foreign usurpation of it. This crime has been carried out against us by our own employees and by “Allies” that owe their own survival, through two World Wars, to us.

This crime is also based on the most audacious program of human trafficking on paper, identity theft, and political mis-characterization ever attempted in the history of the world. It has affected every nation on the planet. It has undermined the national governments. It has oppressed the people those governments are supposed to serve. It has reduced the population worldwide to institutionalized enslavement, involuntary servitude and peonage via deceit and fraud—-all implemented under color of law, in “the name of” the actual government owed to this country.

Take a good look at “The Pledge of Allegiance”. What is a “Pledge of Allegiance”— an ancient feudal act binding a serf or noble to the service of a King. Exactly what does that have to do with our American tradition and our lawful government? Look at the text of it — “I (securing individual consent) pledge my allegiance to the United States of America (not to The United States of America — but to the Territorial United States dba “the United States of America’— a commercial corporation) and to the Republic (since when did we ever have a single Republic? We have fifty republics….) for which it stands (and exactly why would our republics need any commercial corporation to “stand for” them?).

Yet millions of American schoolchildren have been indoctrinated with this mindless un-American tripe, and taught to just as mindlessly claim that they are “United States Citizens” —- with no comprehension that the “United States” being referenced is the usurping British-backed Territorial United States.

This is the situation we are all facing, and the more people who know it, the better —contrary to the desires of those guilty parties who are doing their best to try to stop the truth and the Truth-Tellers, and to hang their odious debts around the necks of the still-sleeping Americans, and to blame us for their sins — every true American is called to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction, to the service of the actual government of this country, and assist in the restoration of the Federal United States.

We have done our best to get this information to Donald Trump and have offered him the actual Office of President of The United States of America — the Executive Office of the Holding Company that delegates all the delegated powers and to which those delegated powers return — when, as in the current situation — the federal service providers are rendered incompetent by bankruptcy or usurpation. We posted a Private Registered Indemnity Bond for him and for this Public Office. I don’t think he understands that this is the true and actual Office that he should occupy and use to impose discipline and order upon the activities of the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States as well.

As things stand, the true Federal United States has been moth-balled for 150 years and is just now being recalled as the States assemble, both the Territorial and Municipal United States organizations have entered bankruptcy in the past four years, thereby becoming incompetent — so that all three “federal” service providers have failed. The delegated powers that they are supposed to exercise for us have returned to the organization that delegated those powers in the first place — The United States of America (the unincorporated Holding Company) and there is no agreement to assume any new service contract — especially not any open-ended service contract in which the employees continue to run rampant and pillage their employers.

We have called upon the governments of France and Great Britain, the principal offenders, to get their acts in order, repent their shameful behavior, and stop their mercenary actions. We have likewise held the Holy See feet first to the flames for their part and failure to discipline and police the Municipal corporations and the hideous extortionate behavior of the Bar Association Members who are not lawyers— but are foreign Shipping Clerks— run amok on our shores. The gross corruption of our courts has, if anything, gone far beyond and outstripped the corruption of our government. Just as privately owned and operated franchises of Territorial corporations merely calling themselves “the State of Florida” substituted themselves for The State of Florida, foreign private “courts” substituted themselves for the courts we are owed. These private Territorial and Municipal Courts have no right to even address our people, much less prosecute them. Twenty-five million Americans have been jailed by these criminal organizations as part of a Prisons for Profit scheme, most of them for non-violent statutory offenses that they were never actually subject to obey.

Day after day, I wonder how much more are the American people going to take? How much longer before the American military wakes up? How much longer before the political leaders who were elected in good faith stand up and do the job that needs to be done, regardless of what anyone else thinks or threatens? How much longer before the vast masses of American people who have been abused and robbed by their own employees rise up? How much longer before the people of other nations who have been similarly oppressed and abused by these monsters in suits take up the work before us? We know who they are. We know where they live. How much longer before the pendulum swings? And the longer that relief and restitution is withheld and these abuses increase and continue— what hope is there that this transition can be the peaceful and non-violent affirmation of Justice that it needs to be?

Those who created this “System” of crime and abuse and Breach of Trust, are all long dead. Must we really enter into yet another bloody round of violence and revolution to simply address institutionalized crime in our midst? Isn’t it enough to simply realize that it is crime and deal with it as such? Arrest those who won’t repent, and go on with restoring and rebuilding the national governments we are owed? This is not a matter of politics. It is not a matter of race. It is not a matter of social class. It isn’t even a matter of money. It’s a matter of crime left to gradually infest and eat away at the moral fabric of many nations, destroying our institutions of justice, our schools, our medical care, our science, our futures and our beloved Earth.


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Oldie But Goodie — Rod Class Forever!

  Judge Anna von Reitz

I am re-posting this Article from Daily Paul 2012 in its entirety because one of my readers tried to access it and couldn’t — like so many other key pieces of information (unless you save hard copies and to your own hard drives) — it has “disappeared”. Now you can see why.

These Administrative Rulings are, in my opinion, one of the greatest steps forward, up, and out, of the gross Breach of Trust and criminal mis-administration this entire country has suffered— ever. When you say your prayers at night, remember to add — “and thank you for Rod Class…..bless him and protect him and all those who are helping him….”

If you remember who you really are — take the steps necessary to re-establish your Trade Name on the land and soil of your native state of the Union without delay.

(www.annavonreitz.com, Article #928, Editable pdfs)

and then, go join your State Jural Assemblies. Go to the Michigan General Jural Assembly and also check out www.national-assembly.net. People create States and without you, your State of the Union doesn’t exist. Get moving now!


Rod Class gets FOURTH Administrative Ruling “Gov’t Offices are Vacant”- All Gov’t Officials are “Private Contractors”

Posted on October 14, 2012 by Admin

Daily Paul – by The South Yes, you read that correctly; it is true, and is now on the court record; black ink on white paper. Please read on:

A lot of us have been exposing the crime of the UNITED STATES corporation for many years, but until recently, no one has had the proof that all government offices are vacant; no one is home; those supposed government offices/agencies are being occupied by PRIVATE CONTRACTORS and are NOT being occupied by a legitimate government body.

This is equivalent to the ice cream man knocking on your door and extorting taxes from you. He has no lawful authority to do anything other than drive the ice cream truck – he’s not a government official; he’s an ice cream man.

Your supposed government officials are nothing more than ice cream men/women who are fraudulently extorting money from you and your family; throwing you in prison; taxing you to death; stealing your children and imposing their will on you, and enforcing their own internal-statutory rules and codes upon you and your family.

Rod Class has now received FOUR Administrative Rulings that prove what many of us have felt to be truth: What you think is government; what you think are legitimate Government Officials/Senators/Congressman/Policeman/Governors/Tax Collectors, etc. are nothing more than private contractors, extorting money from American Citizens and failing to pay off the public debt as they are instructed to do by the 1933 bankruptcy.

What they have done is this:

These people have switched places with the average American Citizen. They are enforcing their own Administrative codes, that are only meant for THEM, upon regular Citizens who are not being paid by the corporation. The supposed elected officials have hoodwinked the country into an employment position without pay. They themselves are taking public money to occupy government seats/positions/agencies, when they are nothing more than private contractors … Felony!

They are treating us as if we are paid government employees; enforcing their own internal rules-regulations-codes, and statutes on the average Citizen, as well as conveniently forgetting to send us our weekly/monthly government employment check.

I’ve been preaching this for the last year + with no avail on this forum. Perhaps now, people will begin to listen and take action.

In these radio shows, Rod explains his Administrative Rulings from the various Judges; explains the con, and shows you, where in their very own US Codes the above aforementioned information is spot on.

There are a few shows you need to listen to, and here are some bullet points of those shows:

1. All BAR attorneys are prohibited from representing John Q. Public; can only represent gov’t officials and employees within their own agencies, their BAR Charter says so.

2. Any Judge that prohibits you from representing yourself or hiring a defense other than a BAR attorney, are in fact, committing a felony on the bench in violation of the Taft-Hartly Act (running a closed union shop) and the Smith Act (overthrow of Constitutional form of Gov’t)

3. Anytime an BAR attorney represents someone in a case against you, you can now claim that person is incompetent; a ward of the state, with no standing to sue.

4. Any and all tax collectors, police officers, sheriffs dept’s, DOT, tag agencies, BAR attorneys, Judges, Highway Patrol, supposed elected officials, are nothing more than private contractors, who can now be brought up on fraud charges for impersonating a public official while receiving federal funding.

5. Any and all home, vehicle, credit card loans are supposed to be discharged through the Treasury window, in compliance with the 1933 bankruptcy laws. These scumbags are double dipping and never discharging the debt like they are supposed to. They are embezzling the funds and pocketing them for themselves.

6. Every person sitting in prison today was railroading by a BAR attorney who’s first allegiance is to the State; who had no lawful authority to represent them; who worked in concert with the State to perpetrate a fraud upon it’s victims.

7. Orders from Administrative courts prove for the fourth time, that an agency of the State is NOT an agency under the State.

8. Elected Officials are claiming 11th Amendment sovereignty, when it’s actually you and I that hold 11th Amendment sovereignty. They are getting paid by the corporation, you and I are not.

9. They have admitted to the crime of no one actually holding a public office; they are filling corporate seats and defrauding the public.

10. Political subdivisions are not getting their 40% funding from the Feds as they are supposed to get.

11. These Judges have admitted (black ink on white paper) that all these State Offices are ……….. EMPTY!

12. Now we have Administrative paperwork – ruling these public offices aren’t part of the State agencies.

13. Attorney Generals may not practice law; can’t represent the people who are not public officials.

14. If the State is a 3rd party interloper in your Marriage (marriage license); Vehicle Title (State Registration), etc. then they are liable for 1/3rd of the cost to manage the daily activities of that contract.

15. If the State demands you have a Drivers License and Tag your vehicle because it is registered with the State, then as the owner of the vehicle, the State is required to pay for the vehicle, the tags, licensing, fuel, tires, oil, etc. and they are also to pay you a salary for driving a State owned vehicle; it says so in their own Highway Safety Act and USC – CFR rules and regulations.

16. We now have the court orders that goes back and nullifies any and all IRS and Tax cases, Foreclosures, Credit Card Debt, cases or actions. These people never had the lawful right to demand anything of you; they are corporate actors, not a legitimate government body.

17. Judge admits the 1933 bankruptcy, and no way to pay off anything because of Federal Reserve Notes; all public debt is to be discharged through the Treasury.

18. Only the Secretary of Transportation can hear traffic cases; all traffic cases are civil, not criminal.

19. If you’re not being paid for your time, you are not required to have one of their CDL or CMV licenses; it’s prohibited.

20. Says we now have a major labor dispute on our hands; the US corporation is running a slave racket against American Citizens without the pay.

21. United States Codes (USC) and Titles #1 thru #50 are void; have never been passed by Congress; all have been repealed.

As I’ve been saying for a very long time on this forum: If you are not getting a weekly or monthly paycheck from the so called federal government aka UNITED STATES or one of it’s sub corporations such as the STATE OF ***, then their statutory rules (not laws), codes and regulations DO NOT APPLY TO YOU ……… Period!

There is so much information packed into these last six calls, I can’t even begin to share it in this post. If you want your freedom; if you want to know with 100% surety that the foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES has zero authority over you unless you are receiving a weekly paycheck from them, take the time to listen to call #646 through #651 here:


Scroll down the page and click on the orange “Listen” button; a pop up player will appear for your listening pleasure.

And believe me: This is pure listening pleasure, with the court filings; rulings and US Code to back it all up.

By the time you finish these few short shows, your fear of the government will be a thing of the past.

Also, many of Rod’s current filings against the infrastructure are at: http://harveyw26.minus.com …some may be easy to download, some may not !

And for those of you who are new to the forum and want to get a better grasp of all this prior to or after listening to the calls, here are some of my more informative posts on the matter at hand:

Public Notice to Gun Grabbing Politicians:


So the Government wants you to collect a sales tax?


Your Home Loan was paid the day you signed the note:


The real reason for the 14th Amendment:


What’s the One Document in your possession that gives you the authority to rule over my life?


Can the State be an actual injured party? ….. No, it cannot!


Having a Social Security # is not a contract with the State/Feds:


Trust Law, your Rights and how to enforce them:


Why you should never hire an attorney:


Hopefully now in light of these Administrative Court Rulings people will now come to realize the fact, that Unless You Are Getting A Weekly Check From Government, Their Statutory Rules-Codes-Regulations They Put Off As Laws, Have Zero Force Or Effect On You Personally

No Contract = No Jurisdiction

Did you fill out an employment contract with the State; are they paying you for your services? If not, why the hell are you following their rules?

This is how we change our current form of Government back to the Republic is was initially intended to be.

If you don’t take the time to listen to at least those last six shows at the link above, you are overlooking the most important information ever to come to light within the Liberty Movement.

Stop looking for a savior to save us from tyranny and listen to the shows I’ve provided. Now you are your own savior – Individually, now you can make a HUGE difference in our political structure and form of government.

In Liberty!



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Carpet Bagger Courts – Part 1

  Judge Anna von Reitz

Remember when I exposed the fact that Carpet Bagger Courts were established in the South following the so-called Civil War?

In May of 1865, the Territorial United States Congress created ten new military district courts in the South, and placed them under the command of Brigadier Generals who were charged with appointing civilian judges— judges loyal to the North, whose main job was to plunder and pillage whatever was left in the South, and to suppress any remaining rebels to ensure the public peace….

So what happened to those courts?

These military district courts are still with us today and still being deliberately confused with Territorial District Courts that have been improperly ensconced on our soil, too.

Remember the discussion about different entities all being called “United States” and the confusions that result?

There is the original entity dba The United States established by The Unanimous Declaration of Independence. Then, there is the federal United States dba the United States that is supposed to be exercising the delegated powers enumerated by the 1787 Constitution— but thanks to the “Civil War”— isn’t.

Remember that our National-level States of States dba The State of Georgia, The State of Ohio, The State of Wisconsin, et alia, were all moth-balled and their assets converted into trusts dba Georgia State, Ohio State, Wisconsin State…. and Territorial States of State dba the State of Georgia, the State of Ohio, the State of Wisconsin slipped into place like cuckoo birds stealing a nest.

So the actual federal “United States” that is supposed to be exercising the delegated powers has been “held in abeyance” all these years “pending Reconstruction” that was never completed because — basically — nobody was told what was going on and nobody knew that this all-important work remained to be done.

Which was just fine with the British Territorial Usurpers.

Remember also that Lincoln bankrupted the original federal United States in 1863, so that in 1865 when all this funny business was going on with the establishment of Military District Courts, this was being done by the British-controlled Territorial United States Congress in receivership.

Read that– bankruptcy trustees chosen by foreign creditors were running the show and organizing everything so as to expedite collection of debts owed by the federal United States.

These Military District Courts were set up as “debt collection centers” — not courts.

The federal United States organization provided by the States of America organized under The Articles of Confederation had two distinct capacities described by Dan Meador as “(1) general authority is exercised in the framework of constitutionally delegated powers, and (2) special, limited power is exercised under the territorial clause.”

Congress was obliged to abandon the general powers of Article 1 during the Civil War and has continued to operate under the “special, limited powers” ever since.

There is no other possible delegation of power for them to operate under because the actual National-level States of States haven’t been restored and the federal United States organization has not been reconstructed.

Now back to the courts and the situation created by the Territorial status of the federal government and the creation by the Territorial United States Congress of the “Military Districts” and the Military District Court System in 1865 for the express purpose of collecting debts (pillaging) and suppressing rebellion:

This whole situation has given rise to two (2) distinct UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS, in addition to The District Courts of the United States.

The original United States formed as a result of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence has never been bankrupted and its courts called The District Courts of the United States have never ceased to function. It’s only the federal United States which is supposed to be exercising the delegated powers, that is Missing in Action.

So the living people — if they retain their status as living people — have access to The District Courts of the United States, but if they are “rolled” by the Territorial Usurpers, they can only access one of the two UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT venues.

And they are: UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT (Territorial United States District) and UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT (Military District).

We know that both these COURTS are still functioning because we have found the evidence of them in Department of the Army Manuals and JAG publications as recently as 2015, fully admitting the responsibility of the military for the operations of these Civil War-Era Military District Courts.

So how can you tell which “UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT” is which?

The infamous gold-fringed flag is the only public notice that you are in a private Carpet Bagger Military District COURT.

This gold-fringed flag is called the “National Colors” and is
decorative only. This is your only warning that you have entered the twilight zone of international “waters” and false identities and courts operated as debt collection centers.


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Follow-Up on Affidavits

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

Yesterday, I reported on exactly how these cretins endeavored to render us helpless and voiceless — first by unlawfully converting our life estate into public estate trusts — and then, as no incorporated entity can make an affidavit, disabling us in the realm of commercial law.

Overnight there has been a flurry of inquiries — help, help, how can we deal with this?

Re-convert your estates. Do what I have been thumping on everyone to do. Re-Convey your Trade Name to the land and soil of your native state.

Here is a SHORT list of advantages.

1.You step outside the box they’ve put you in and reappear as their Employer, owed good faith service, and all the guarantees of the Constitution(s).
2.The “United States” you are owed can no longer be “presumed” to be the Territorial United States and must be interpreted as the actual United States.
3. You can no longer be presumed to be subject to statutory law.
4. So long as you object, you can no longer be presumed to be subject to licensing, property taxes, federal income taxes, etc.
5. Instead of being “interpreted” as a bankrupt debtor, you have to be interpreted as the Priority Creditor.
6. Your Good Name and assets have to be held out of the “general bankruptcy” and pushed to the head of the receiving line of creditors.
7. You become eligible to receive back your estate free and clear of debt or encumbrance, including your land set free of mortgages.
8. You have control of your affairs, including your bank accounts, the pensions you are owed, and all the other assets public and private that you are owed.
9. Instead of being able to pillage and plunder your ESTATE, the vermin are obligated to protect you and come to your aid.
10. You become eligible to receive back income from public lease of state property and escrows set up in your NAME(S).
11. You have to be interpreted by the commercial courts as the operator of a VESSEL engaged in private international trade — and as such, you are enabled to give an affidavit and it must be heard.
12. You are enabled to sue in your own interest absent any middleman acting as public administrator of your ESTATE.
13. You will not be considered chattel owned by foreign creditors of the Territorial United States.

There are still mountains to climb and irritations to be borne. You will have to re-educate your Public Servants. You will have to kick many Shipping Clerks out of the way. Most importantly, you will need to join your State Jural Assembly and consider serving — as I already am — in one of the many vacated public offices.

You will have to re-educate yourself, because those who benefited from this Evil System failed to do the job for you. Most of what you have been taught about your history and your government and how things work in general is pure poppycock. Much of what you assume to be true is not as it seems and in many instances, diametrically the opposite of what you suppose to be true.

The Three Branches of the Federal Government are National, Territorial, and Municipal — not Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

And that’s just a start.


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SERCO, SES, Comments….

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

Many of you are aware of the fact that SERCO, a giant British conglomerate, has been—-among other things—- acting as Paymaster for our military and the IMF has been paying Social Security pensioners. All our most crucial administrative functions have been out-sourced overseas.

Serco has also been providing communications and transportation systems (which they then control) worldwide, and otherwise placing itself in positions of key importance impacting the security of our country and many others as well. It is the physical, actual instrumentality of what has been called “the global control network”—- a vast interlocking trust directorate working through incorporated government and agency networks overseen in this country by a highly paid, largely faceless, and totally un-elected entity known as the “Senior Executive Service” — the SES.

Those who have followed the work of Field McConnell realize how our entire country has been compromised and endangered by reliance on SERCO and SES–and how this is now being corrected and monitored.

I am re-posting this recent article for everyone (below) and have just one wry, cautionary comment.

The writer makes the following statement– “I’ve come to understand that the kooky conspiracy theory about how the United States did not win the Revolutionary War for freedom from British control is true.” — he’s not the only one to be waking up to the deal-making that went down in the 1783 peace talks, but I want to point out that the proof of that “kooky conspiracy theory” has been on the books for over two hundred years…. and yes, the Territorial United States —not the actual United States — has always been under British control.


Shocking Global Control System Exposed

These are indeed very interesting times in which to be alive.

The first post that I ever made to this site about Serco was back in 2011 and I’ve been writing about the Global Information Grid and the Internet of Things for several years – more lately, due to the ongoing roll-out of the 5G network. I’ve also been writing about the Anglosphere and the 5 Eyes alliance for joint cooperation in signals intelligence between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US. I’d never clearly connected all of these processes until now because I didn’t understand how Serco is the corporate glue that’s used to merge all of the above into one Big Data behemoth that is the backbone of the Global Information Grid and Internet of Things.

Through the work of the American Intelligence Media, I’ve come to understand that the kooky conspiracy theory about how the United States did not win the Revolutionary War for freedom from British control is true.

The way the UK controls the US is through Serco, which is self-described as a “provider of public services”. It’s headquartered in the village of Hook, Hampshire in England and reports nearly $4 trillion in yearly gross revenue but only $1.35 million in annual profit (that sounds totally above-board!) The way Serco is able to get endless amounts of massive US government contracts, such as the one to manage the disastrous Obamacare website. They do this through its operatives within the US technocracy who hire them; members of the shadowy Senior Executive Service (SES) union who occupy key positions in every department of the US Government.

The Sun did not set on the British Empire, it just went into hiding, into corporations like Serco, a company with clear intentions of controlling the whole world. Aside from its enormous presence in the UK, with the maintenance contract for the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System and as one of the three companies in charge of the UK’s nuclear arsenal, it manages numerous RAF bases and prisons, hospitals, departments of education and the UK’s version of DARPA. Serco also has a major presence operating airports and all forms of mass transit systems in British Commonwealth countries, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the UAE.

Serco is “the biggest company that you’ve never heard of”. Prepare to have your mind blown with this interview by Douglas Gabriel of Michael McKibben on the latter’s fresh discoveries about this major arm of Anglosphere’s Deep State.

McKibben says, “We started looking at this 5G issue and the Walker patents, Serco and the Internet of Things and when we got all of those things on the board…it [was] like the Transformers movie. Everything started locking into place. You started hearing all these clicking sounds, click, click, click and we realized what Serco is there to do: Serco is there to manage this Walker patent implementation all over the planet and then to be able to dial up the 5G [frequencies] and its effects, which will include killing people – and then, also deal with the aftermath…

[They] deal with immigration, with healthcare, with prisons with pathology, FEMA Region 9…[an area] impacted by drought where they actually predicted there was going to be a mass migration out of California. We said to ourselves, “Oh my gosh”. Serco was organized to manage not just the [population] reduction, the eugenics of various countries [but] then to [clean up] the aftermath.”

Running Time: 51 mins

These are indeed very interesting times in which we’re living. It seems like many of the threads that I’ve been following for so many years are starting to coalesce into a clearer picture of an imminent dystopia reminiscent of Sky Net in The Terminator. The first post that I ever made to this si…


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