CCP Opens Police Departments in the US

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CCP Opens Police Departments in the US

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What it is all about…

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The Live Life Claim by :Robert-Dean:House

Listen to Ann in the video, below, trained by David Straight but still trying to claim access to another PERSON’S created trust.  If anyone can get this to her and have her call me at 239-229-6243, i can set the record straight. But for the rest of you, remember, a real man or woman cannot make claim to that which is not theirs.  Just because you think it is because it bears your all-caps name does not make it yours.  Did you create it? No.  It was created under fraud by others who wish to deceive you.  You cannot make claim to something that is not yours such as the trust created in the all CAPS NAME.  You must claim it for what it is, fraud.  American State National?  Are you kidding me I became a child of God before any nation of people or a State of people.  By the way, what America are they referring to?  South America, Central America, or North America which includes Canada?  And, if it is not the united, with the small u, States of America, you are in another corporation. 

For a free template and instructions of a Live Life Claim, please email me at

Ann Vandersteel interview with Radio Rosie on how to restore the republic. – YouTube

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Russell-Jay: Gould

From Robert:

Episode 108: How Grammar Can Save Humanity (

Countries around the world are at war… with their own people! Here in the United States, we have been in a state of martial law for decades which has rendered our courts and government agencies moot, as they are operating under corporate fiction. Our guest, : Russel-Jay: Gould., has uncovered the truth of this fictitious charade and has developed a system to help humanity disentangle itself by properly utilizing what he calls “Quantum-GRAMMAR”. We’ll discuss this system, as well as how people can utilize it to take control of not only their financial affairs but their physical and legal entities. For a broader understanding of this complex subject, please review the material provided in the show notes section, specifically the documentary film “The Last Flag Standing”.

Also, Tony Fauci and Peter Daszak collude once more to “study” bat coronaviruses at a lab in China in violation of U.S. law. The propaganda arm of the Globalists, the Washington Post, finally acknowledges that the jab is affecting women’s menstrual cycles. In California, undocumented immigrants are now eligible to receive identification cards, giving them the ability to potentially vote in future elections, while the State of California quietly amends the law to allow for massive ballot dumps at drop boxes. Plus, the CDC finally changes its mind and no longer “recommends” universal masking in medical facilities, proving once again that they never had the authority to mandate masks in the first place.

Podcast –

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Help Support Free America!

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FEMA Naples Fl. arrested

From: Robert:  

Military Topples FEMA Outpost in Florida | Real Raw News

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It Looks Like An Atom Bomb Dropped In Florida

From: Dan Mahnke 

It Looks Like An Atom Bomb Dropped In Florida

I would say that the evil ones used HAARP: Weather Control; High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program to destroy Florida and the East coast as they would not comply with the FEDS:

There could be a possibility that in order for Florida residents and other states’ residents to receive any federal funds in compensation or aide is to take the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters along with complying with any future assistance, as Florida absolutely refused. Since this is so devastating will the insurance companies even pay out as the people have no proof, with all their physical papers being gone? Hurricane Ian hit land near Fort Myers on the Gulf and then headed North towards Orlando and then the East coast of Georgia covering much of Florida with about 16 inches of rain and 115 mph winds. Why live there when you can live in sunny California where there is less damage, with M 6.0+ earthquakes every 20 years and covers less area; San Francisco 1906, Sylmar 1971, San Francisco 1989, Northridge 1994 and Trona 2019 with 2 in 2 days and there with one death. Back on July 14, we had an M 4.6 earthquake in Trona which is like rocking the bed, but nothing falling over. It has been reported that Puerto Rico was hit, and the IRS headquarters is there, so what happened to all our tax records? Are we to pay taxes that we already paid, to make sure we paid them or was that to remove all records so we never get any refunds when the Republic is made public?

By the way, it looked like Airforce jets, not Navy, low flying test runs over Ridgecrest, NAWS China Lake on Wednesday 9/28 with about a dozen in about an hour or so, so something is cooking for the military, and they have been doing other flybys over Trona for the rest of the week just not as many.

‘It Looks Like An Atom Bomb Dropped’ . . . Hurricane Ian Levels Neighborhoods In Southwest Florida
Posted By: SpaceCommando [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 30-Sep-2022 07:28:36
By Tyler Durden – September 30, 2022

Update (1342ET):

One resident told Tampa Bay Times, “it looks like somebody took an atom bomb and dropped it,” referring to the widespread damage across Southwest Florida following the devastating hurricane that made landfall about 24 hours ago near Fort Myers as a Cat. 4 storm.

The footage is absolutely shocking . . .


VIDEO 1.22 – The Gulf of Mexico has Disappeared – Watch
Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Thursday, 29-Sep-2022 21:42:30

Last night I posted that Tampa Bay had disappeared. Now the Gulf of Mexico!!?? Where is all this water and hope it comes back GRADUALLY!!! MANY blessings to all the patriots/people who have been through so much in recent days!!
video 1:22 minutes
the Gulf is now mud

ABC News Live: Search and rescue efforts underway as Ian pounds Florida
1,515,493 views  Sep 29, 2022  23:35 minutes

Causeway connecting Florida mainland to island crumbled into ocean
296,271 views  Sep 29, 2022  8:49 minutes

Millions without power as Hurricane Ian ravages Florida
273,155 views  Sep 29, 2022  4:14 minutes

Rescue efforts in Florida
31,017 views  Sep 30, 2022  2:41 minutes

At least six dead in Florida after Hurricane Ian
29,808 views  Sep 30, 2022  2:14 minutes

The Ted & Austin Broer Show
Date: 09-30-22 – B

Show Description: Episode 1849 – Ted and Austin live today with hurricane update. Putin heats up the Rhetoric against the and the Globalists. Who really runs The FDA? More food ranking nonsense! California is now a transgender sanctuary state? Be careful of flood damaged used cars. Fentanyl is a killer. You will rent nothing and be happy! High energy must listen show today!

Hosts: Ted & Austin Broer
At start of audio and they live near Tampa; ‘Orange Groves are being removed for housing developments where the water was sucking up the water and now the water is still in the ground for the more flooding to occur.’

The Time is Yet to Come Saith the Lord God Almighty!


Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission [Enacting NESARA and the Republic on Nov 2, 2020]

I-XII Amendments to the Constitution, 1789-1804

Organic Act of 1871  [Feb 21, 1871]


The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission

Declaration for the California Republic, 2020

House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933

Without Prejudice

Dan Mahnke

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Requiem – STORY OF ONE SKY 💜

Everything is divinely orchestrated, right messengers, old souls, beings of light, called to signal, to prepare, to help humanity make the shift from darkness to light. So many Hear and Answer the calling… choosing rightly, choosing Life and Light.

Dimash’s message addresses exactly our times, to his brothers and sisters living together in such epic moments of crucial importance. According to our consciousness, understanding, soul experience, heart opening, and calibration…the impact of his creation will differ from person to person. His prior compositions prepared us for this…and for what is coming next. We can only grow and bloom together as we are crossing together this tormented period in our existence.

Hopefully, his impressive Voice emitting on the most suitable frequency now for our hearts, minds, and bodies, to properly calibrate and integrate the Light coming down on Earth…will reach as many souls, touching the right cords, making them vibrate and facilitate heart to heart communication, connecting and uniting people from all over the world, hearts beating together as One.

Dimash’s Music breathes life & spirit into the world, bringing fresh new energy, breaking old patterns, reviving, embodying moral healthy human virtues, sharing immense Love, bringing joy and healing, feeding starving souls, speaking the language of love, being the change he wants to see in the world. He is far more than just a Singer, composer, song-writer, instrumentalist, and actor.

Obvious already, for large amounts of Dears, feeling almost instantly and permanently touched, uplifted, and different in the best ways possible.

It is a “get up” waking Call toward new Life, Light, Love, Rebirth, Unity, Understanding, Peace… letting behind old mentality, the old world of death, killing and blood, destruction, war, lies, and separation.💛🌞🌏✌️

Let’s stay strong together in our Light and keep shining! Darkness is fading away 💞💞 – official video

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More from Judge Anna von Reitz | #3817 & 3818

3817. International Notice of Claim and Proven Interest

3818. Rat Watch

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Camp Lejeune

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Attorneys, wolves in sheep clothing by Robert -Dean: House

April 1978 I was transferred from Barracks duty in Guam to Camp Lejeune, N.C. as an 81mm NCO until my end of time in service in March of 1979.  When i arrived,  i noticed the tainted water whenever taking a drink from the scuttlebutt, (water fountain).  It had a very high content of chlorine.  They new something was wrong with the water before i got there, how long, they will never tell.     

Now, 44 years later there are ads all over T.V. and Radio of the contaminated water discovered in 1982 as one of the ads claims.  Really, 1982?  Well, let’s just go with that and break this all down to what it is really all about.

I want to ask my fellow Marines some questions:

1.  Why was the chlorine so heavy in the drinking water?

2.  Marines did complain about it but what was done?

3.  Why did it take 40 years to admit the water was toxin?

4.  Why are “they” getting so many attorneys to advertise the fact? 

5. Who are “they”?

6.  Attorneys.


1.  Chlorine was used to kill, prevent, cover, the toxins but as we all know, chlorine is a toxin, so the matter was just made worst.  How long before i got there was this going on?  Maybe that can be answered by a fellow Marine who was there when it was started for i do not have that answer. 

2.  Even thought there were complaints and concerns by the Marines stationed there, tradition has it that Marines never complain.  The response i got was, “The upper command is well aware of the situation and are dealing with it”.  Something like that. 

3.  40 years?  But they knew about it in 1982, so they claim.  They also are claiming that from 1934, i am guessing, is when it was first noticed, through 1982, when, i am assuming, they rectified the situation, that is 54 years of Marines being contaminated.  I do not think anyone is going to find out how many Marines are stationed at Lejeune let alone how many have been there and left through the years but i will give you my estimates just for an example more or less.  Based on a 3-year tour, estimations of 250 thousand Marines every tour.  3 into 54 is 18 years times 250 = 4,500,000, that is four and a half million.  But wait, they are going from 1934 to 1987, 1.250,000 more. An estimated total of nearly 6 million Marines or better.  Not to mention civilians.

4.  Attorneys, ambulance chasers, BAR members, characters in a play, wolves in sheep clothing, Gargoyles, they are not your friend.  To get a better handle on what is going on and why, i contacted Sokolove Law and had them send me one of their applications/ contracts.  They were to get 40% of the settlement and i was to get 60% but all the expenses were to come off the top of the 60%.  You finger it out, that could leave me with very little. Even with my condition of skin cancer on my face the past ten years and now a football sized tumor behind my left ear, this would leave me with very little.  Needless to say, i turned them down and went to the DAV, Disabled American Veterans.  The DAV does not charge anyone to become a member and they act as your counsel and do not charge a fee for the proper paperwork for a claim with the V.A., Veteran’s Association.   In a bad situation such as mine i could get 100% disability for the rest of my life, even though i have been told that that could be ending some time in 2024.  That is a total of $3,400 per month.  When you factor in attorneys with this amount, for example, you would get about $680 per month plus if you have had other claims with the V.A., they will reevaluate those claims and deduct from them the amount that the Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022, H.R.6482 allotted you as a total to include your payment to the attorneys, after all that is all on you. 

5.  Who are “They”?  In this case “They” are claiming to be Congress, not a true government of this country but a for profit business Corporation doing business to give the people a service or services from the pockets of the people or in this case as in so many others with attorneys, your Cesui Que Vie Trust created in your name via the Birth Certificate.   In H.R 6482, just under its bold print and once again under, A BILL, it reads, “To establish a cause of action for those harmed by exposure to water at Camp Lejeune, North Carlina, and for other purposes”.  What other purposes?  I asked the attorneys at Sokolove Law and they refused to answer.  They did not even want to tell me what H. R. stood for.

6.  Attorneys act, (actors) for the legal system, a system of color of law.  Such a system is backed and supported by the deep state in other words the Globalist.

They are so hearting for funding these days that they have to create another, “look over here event” and one where their Gargoyles reap the profits off the backs of Marines who were serving their country and a great nation of people. Every Marine who signs a consenting contract with the deceivers will also be signing away two times the amount given by congresses H.R. 6482 via the Cesui Que Vie Trust held by the Vatican.   Need i say any more? 

Please remember that i also give away a template and instruction for a Live Life Claim for all those who wish to get out of the Corporate Citizens Ship of deceit and consent.  Just email me at,  Thank you and may God be with you. 

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3816. A Message to All State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

People who have been deeply indoctrinated into a foreign political system are trying to restore the American Government we are owed; unfortunately, many of them cannot recognize it when they lapse backward into the old “system” and they react by acting upon the old political power paradigm they were taught.  

As a result, there are three key bottlenecks that these people attack and attach to and try to control in the Assemblies.  

The first bottleneck opportunity that they swarm to is the Vetting and Oversight Committees.  They assume, based on their past experience, that these committees can be used to promote their individual agendas for the group, either by limiting the choice of candidates to those who meet their own personal approval (Vetting Committee) or by removing officers who don’t perform to their personal satisfaction (Oversight Committee).  

What everyone is missing is that we don’t have political parties and neither of these Committees have the authorities and functions that some people assume that they do, 

The Vetting Committee is supposed to check three things: (1) basic eligibility for the job in question; (2) past criminal history that might affect job performance; (3) substantial conflicts of interest.  

Finding no significant evidence of impairment, the Vetting Committee must let the candidate apply for and/or run for office and let the Electors elect whomever they judge to be the best candidate. 

In no case can the Vetting Committee base any of their  “Pass/Fail” decisions on their collective personal feelings or prejudices. To do so would be to put themselves in the position of Electors PRIOR to an election, and thereby put them in position to bounce out candidates BEFORE they have a chance to present themselves to the General Electorate. 

The job of the Vetting Committee is simple.  Check to be sure that the candidate is properly recorded as a member of the Assembly, check to be sure that they have no criminal record that would prejudice or impair their job performance; check to be sure that the candidate has no substantial conflict of interest, such as having significant income from foreign sources. 

Yes or no?  

It is not the Vetting Committee’s job to judge whether the candidate is “personable” or pretty or enforce any judgements related to a person’s religion, appearance, age, race, or former political persuasion.  

Similarly, regarding the Second Potential Bottleneck, it is not the Oversight Committee’s job to nit-pick and harass anyone.  They exist so that any perceived serious breach of trust or improper activity can be brought forward and addressed.  Examples of breach of trust include misrepresentation of the Assembly, abuse of or misrepresentation of office or authority, and violation or evasion or prejudicial exercise of service obligations.  Examples of improper activity include nepotism, adultery with subordinates, petty theft and the like. 

In no case can the Oversight Committee lapse into witch hunts or complaints based on nebulous unfounded suspicions. Complaints must be based on facts.  It is the Oversight Committee’s job to inquire into the actions and operations of The Assembly to ensure that everything is above board and running properly. 

Any conflicts need to be brought to the Ombudsman.  If the Oversight Committee finds that the Treasurer made an improper payment, for example, and they can’t get correction from the Treasurer, it’s their right to bring the matter forward to the Ombudsman’s Office.  If the Ombudsman’s Office can’t solve the problem to everyone’s satisfaction, it can be taken to the General Assembly for a vote. 

All offices and positions in a State Assembly are subject to recall by vote of the General Assembly, either for cause or for lack of confidence. 

The third and final bottleneck is the Marshal-at-Arms Office. In a traditional State Assembly, the members are engaged in face to fact meetings.  The Marshal-at-Arms is charged with ensuring the physical safety of the Assembly and its members during meetings and events. Today, that duty can extend to maintaining simple decorum in meetings and enforcing the Agenda and limits which the Assembly may adopt on the length of time that individuals may speak.  It is important to note that these limits must be imposed by vote of the Assembly and must be applied impartially, so as not to censor dissent or curtail free discussion. 

In Assemblies with a lot of members and especially a lot of talkative members (California, for example) it is advisable for the Assembly to set up a process by which topics can be added to the Agenda prior to scheduled meetings and to also set up a limit as to how long an individual speaker may speak.  These are actions that help expedite the flow of business and discussion, and are not meant to prohibit or prevent action or censor anyone unduly.  Each Agenda item should be limited in proportion to the other Agenda items and if an Agenda is too packed to get through in one meeting, the topic gets held over to the top of the list at the next meeting. 

Rules of Basic Decorum may also be adopted.  People come into Assemblies flat-footed and often they are angry with “government” in general.  Some people may also come in drunk or under the influence of other drugs, and start raging and shouting and causing inappropriate disruption, at which point it is the duty of the Marshal-at-Arms to terminate the disturbance. 

In this manner, everyone knows the rules beforehand and there are no surprises.  Keep your cool, have your say within the time limit established for individual speakers, and behave politely. That is not too much to expect from our members. 

I should also say that if elections are properly conducted in the first place, the results of elections are permanent for the term of the office and may only be overturned by recall and/or impeachment for cause.  

Everyone who is a member of an Assembly is an adult and expected to act like an adult. 

Name-calling, threats, outbursts of rage, unfounded accusations, drunken speech, and similar activities are to be discouraged and curtailed for the sake of the Assembly-at-Large. We have work to do and can’t let it be sidelined by a lot of nonsensical drama.  The Marshal-at-Arms must exercise discretion and let people have their say within the limits set by the Assembly and may not abuse their position for purposes of censorship — but if anyone is being disruptive, impolite, or threatening, overstaying their turn at the podium, or otherwise imposing upon the other members, it is entirely proper for the Marshal-at-Arms to hit the mute button. 

Assemblies are here to conduct business for their membership and their State and maintaining a calm and business-like atmosphere is important.  There are many other places for people to vent outside the forum provided during General Assembly meetings.  

Keep the ideas of “appropriateness” and “reasoned debate” uppermost in your mind when it comes to General Assembly business.  Is your concern better addressed by a Committee –or best addressed by a Committee, before you bring it to the Assembly?  Is your issue personal or does it impact everyone?  How important is your issue, really?  If it involves debate, should that debate be scheduled as a Special Event with time allocated for a prolonged discussion?  

Creating a safe space for reasoned discussion is the job of the Marshal-at-Arms.  Setting the rules to provide that safe space is the business of the Assembly-at-Large.  If everyone understands the goal — which is calm and productive business meetings — there should be no great deal of controversy about how we arrive at our chosen destination and put an end to grandstanding and political rhetoric and irresponsible accusations.  

As members of your State Assembly, you should be aware of and sensitive to the functions of these Committees and the office of the Marshal-at-Arms, so as to make sure that practical level-headed people are drafted to serve in these positions.  


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🔴Brad’s New SPC Book?

From Brad Tipton –


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