We Found Out — Now What?

by Justice Anna von Reitz

We Found Out — Now What?

“If The American People Ever Find Out What We Have Done, They Will Chase Us Down The Streets And Lynch Us.” – George H.W. Bush

From A 1992 Published Interview Granted By President George H. W. Bush To Sarah McClendon, ‘The Grand Dame’ Of The White House Press Corps At The Time.

Thanks, WarNuse.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to lynch most of these reprobates, as most of them are already dead and gone.

So is FDR.

And paying to keep the surviving excuses-for-people alive in state of the art cells at Gitmo is just offensive to reason.

Do you know how much it will cost to keep John Brennan alive for the next twenty years?

We could raise twenty young Americans in very good circumstances and send them all the way through college for the same amount.

The extremely “relative pleasure” of reducing his life to the hope of a book contract is not sufficient to excuse such a waste of funding.

No, I like GHWB’s idea better.

We plunk them down at one end of Wall Street and tell them to run for it….

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