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judge2banna  Anna von Reitz

A few days ago I told everyone that the “mountain moving” has begun.  So it has.

Most of the criminality that has infested this country has been built around one central lie — the idea that our government of the people, by the people, and for the people was in “interregnum” — a polite fancy way of saying “on pause”, not functioning, in-between periods of activity and leadership— for the past 150 years.
When a Pope dies and the conclave of Cardinals come together to choose a new leader, the Holy See is in “interregnum”.
So the rest of the world has, as Karen Hudes said months ago, considered our lawful government to be “in interregnum”.
We, the sovereigns of the land jurisdiction of The United States of America might come back or might not.  Meantime, our servants running the Territorial United States (military) and Municipal United States (Washington, DC) settled in for a nice long session of eating our food and drinking our wine and sleeping in our beds and generally running amok with our credit cards.
That presumption can now no longer stand.
Please see attached.

By their own rules, the cards have been called.  And they lose.

Here is the document Anna referred to as an attachment in the announcement.
The first and second are page 1 and 2 of the whole document, and the third link is the last page of the entire document. 

The first document: 

Second document:

Third Document:

Fourth link is the entire 28-page Document:

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Declaration of Flag/Conveyance of the Abeyance/End of Presumed Interregnum

I, James Clinton, born alive of William de Guilleroi, right-wise king: King of Powys: King of England: King of Normandy: King of Gaul: Head of State for The United States of America, Ninth September 1776: do declare by this flag shown, the United States Civil Peacetime Flag, and by my hand and authority as hereditary Head of State for The United States of America, peace is declared on air and land and sea and this flag is raised:

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By my testament are all rights and titles and material interests owed to the American states and people conveyed out of abeyance and returned to the lawful Holders in Due Course still living on the land and soil of their birth and by these signs are all claims of Interregnum and Abandonment silenced. The civil government of The United States of America is restored:

This 21st day of October 2017: Proof Seal

By: _____James Clinton Belcher ____Head of State

The United States of America (Unincorporated)

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Image result for united states flag or peace

Proclamation in Addendum:

This Proclamation in Addendum is fully incorporated and made part of the Declaration of Flag/Conveyance of the Abeyance/End of Presumed Interregnum Issued October 21st 2017

Whereas following the undeclared and illegal commercial mercenary conflict known as the American Civil War the responsible generals did not take action to restore the lawful government of the American states and people and instead created a military dictatorship to rule the Territorial United States and the United States Congress did similarly betray our trust and did create a Municipal United States government as a foreign incorporated city-state oligarchy, and as a result our government has been widely held and believed to be in interregnum, it falls to the Hereditary Head of State responsible for the international jurisdiction held by the unincorporated United States of America to come forward and settle this debate. Be it known that the American states and people have not abandoned our land and our government has not ceased to operate.

Beginning in May of 2015 the Municipal United States parent corporation announced its insolvency and entry into Chapter 7 liquidation. This was followed in 2017 by the similar announcement by the Territorial United States that it, too, was insolvent and entering into Chapter 11 reorganization. This is the third time in a hundred and ten years that these foreign service providers have engaged in this patented cyclic process of running up odious debts that they will again seek to charge against us and against our assets, leaving us to pay their bills without regard for the limitations of their contract, but this is the first occasion when both parent corporations have proposed to seek bankruptcy protection during the same time period.

If left unopposed, this concerted action by both the Municipal and Territorial United States would have vacated the federal side of the actual Constitution and left our states and people both unprotected and presumed to be the Sureties for these Bad Actors, when in fact we are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and their Priority Creditors.

Therefore, as of November 4, 2015, we acted in our capacity as Head of State for The United States of America (Unincorporated) and re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent and gave Notice to the responsible Principals of our action. We also formed and published a new Declaration of Joint Sovereignty and partnership with the American Native Nations to fulfill the responsibilities of the federal government. This new arrangement preserves the actual Constitution owed to the American states and people and provides for a lawful and peaceful continuity of government and transition under our stewardship pending the full restoration of the lawful land jurisdiction government of the people, by the people, and for the people of this country.

Notice Regarding Treaties

This Notice Regarding Treaties is fully incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum:

Our agreements and treaties with the Lakota Sioux and Athabascan Tribal Nations are not exclusive and do not preclude participation by other Native American Nations. We wish to make it clear that our goal is to create a unified and peace-oriented international government which serves the needs of all Americans.

We honor all sovereign-level treaties among nations, however, we do not recognize so-called treaties entered into by and between incorporated entities and franchises as actual treaties, though they may be called bank treaties, tax treaties, or trade treaties. No incorporated entity has the power to enact agreements obligating the unincorporated United States of America or any member state thereof.

No legislation engaged in by any incorporated State of State or STATE OF STATE federal franchise organization, whether Territorial or Municipal, is binding upon the unincorporated state nor the living people.

We specifically object to the existence and continuance of tax treaties and false claims related to tax treaties entered into by incorporated and franchised Third Parties deceitfully usurping upon our authority under color of law and we call the Holy See to account for continued mis-administration as of 2015, seven (7) years after the Holy See in the person of Pope Benedict XVI was visited and agreements severing these practices were secured.

In particular we object to the COMPETENT AUTHORITY ARRANGEMENT BETWEEN THE COMPETENT AUTHORITIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE HOLY SEE, ACTING ALSO IN THE NAME AND ON BEHALF OF THE VATICAN CITY STATE signed purportedly in our behalf by Douglas W. O’Donnell styling himself as Commissioner, Large Business and International Internal Revenue Service.

The Holy See has been fully informed since 1998 and again in 2008 and now again in 2017 and it has cause to know that there are no competent authorities operating as Third Party corporate franchises acting under our names, as in: COMPETENT AUTHORITIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We have authorized no such representation and such authorities do not exist, yet the Holy See persists in its presumption that they do and that these dishonest legal fictions moreover have the right to enter into agreements in our behalf and that we can be obligated by such measures.

It is at best a gross infringement upon our Common Law copyright and a trespass amounting to attempted identity theft and a disingenuous lie on the part of the Holy See and the corporation presenting itself as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to pretend that any such agreement has any bearing on the actual United States of America, our states, or our people. We object and disallow any such misrepresentation of our interests, cancel any and all such purported agreements, and also cancel any agency relationship with THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

We realize that the Holy See can move at a truly glacial pace when it comes to correction of its errors, but when a Pope gives his word, we do expect to see appropriate correction in less than twenty (20) years.

International Notice to the Bankruptcy Trustees, Banks, and Interpol Officers, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Principals, and Other Concerned Nations:

This International Notice is fully incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum accompanying our Declaration of Flag/Conveyance of the Abeyance/End of Presumed Interregnum and in part is intended to give official international Notice to the United Nations organization and the UN Corporation and to the Secretary of the Treasury now acting as Governor of the International Monetary Fund and to the Territorial United States Secretary of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pope Francis, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, President Donald J. Trump, the Central Banks and Bankers, and generally to the incorporated governments of other concerned nations regarding our claim to be the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the bankrupted Municipal United States and Territorial United States corporate governments and all their franchises worldwide: we have been the recognized Holders in Due Course since the ninth of September 1776 and all infringements, deceitful pretenders, and bankrupt servants notwithstanding, we remain the Principals, Fiduciaries, and Holders in Due Course of this country’s international jurisdiction without exception.

As such, we are the lawful receivers of the bankrupts and their assets and possess unique standing as their Priority Creditors; we have presented ourselves without representation, without agency, and without hindrance of any former Powers of Attorney that are now uniformly and explicitly cancelled.

Notice of War-Making Powers

This Notice of War-Making Powers is fully incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum: our unincorporated states occupying the soil and land of this country and their elected Fiduciary Deputies assembled as a Continental Congress have the entire and unique responsibility, duty, and authority to declare war and to negotiate peace settlements in behalf of the actual United States of America; however, confusion has arisen as a result of deliberate obfuscation and the use of deceitfully similar names by both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States.

The Municipal Government is a plenary oligarchy allowed by the original and actual Constitution of this country. As such, the members of the (Municipal) United States Congress may declare and make war in behalf of their city-state which is limited to the ten (10) square miles allotted to it and those who are naturally citizens thereof. False claims of voluntary private contract and attempts to conscript and press-gang all Americans so as to remove them from their natural domicile on the land have been made by this foreign Municipal Government in contravention of international law. Any Declaration of War by this foreign entity must be recognized as a separate act unrelated to the actual United States of America, its states, and its people in general.

The Territorial Government is an inchoate incorporated international conglomerate made up of “states of states” as defined by the Uniform Commercial Code operating within federal districts, both military and postal; this entity has been broadly interpreted as an occupying army in charge of our security during a purported interregnum of the civilian government, but which in fact has been run as a foreign usurper under the oversight of military officers and international trustees during a 150 year-old Reconstruction Period that followed the never-declared mercenary action called the American Civil War.

This preposterous situation has only been continued because the actual states and people were kept carefully uninformed, the better to exercise inappropriate martial law and to create and pillage public trusts. We consider ourselves fully reconstructed after fifteen decades of this merely presumed interregnum and we order the occupying army to stand down and focus on rebuilding America.

This militarized territorial government has operated under Abraham Lincoln’s General Order 100 (The Lieber Code) since 1863, morphing into The Hague Conventions of 1907, and subsequent Hague Conventions since then. The Territorial United States has no actual war-making power of its own affecting us, our people, or our resources; any declaration of war it might make while presuming to act as a proxy for us must be recognized as an illegal commercial mercenary action taken under color of law and any such action it takes in its own behalf must be recognized as pertaining only to the Insular States.

The bad behavior of this conglomerate has nothing to do with the actual American states or people, except that we have been defrauded, pillaged, robbed, and millions have been murdered by it in the name of national security. While we support our military veterans however misled and abused they have been, the Territorial United States has been a hot bed of international criminality and war-for-profit for generations and a scourge to this country and the world as a whole.

It’s time for the Generals to do what they should have done in 1865: assist in restoring the lawful American government and guaranteeing the unimpaired elections that the states and the people of this country are owed. It is so ordered by the lawful Head of State and any act otherwise shall be recognized internationally as treason against the lawful government of this country.

Notice of Re-Venue and Lawful Conversion of Public Trusts

This Notice is fully incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum:

Insofar as our government has been wrongly presumed to be in an Interregnum and in an abeyance and insomuch as numerous public trusts including individual generation skipping trusts and tax sheltered trusts and transmitting utilities and cooperatives and labor and construction contracts and lines of business and investment contracts have been entered into via managed ACCOUNTS which appear to be our NAMES and which are operated in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea and under the false presumption of and usurpation of delegated powers never granted to the Territorial or Municipal United States and which would be immediately recognized as gross neglect and Breach of Trust by HRM Elizabeth II and Pope Francis and their respective governments if examined, now therefore we proclaim that all incorporated entities of any form whatsoever being styled as municipal or territorial government franchises, trusts, trademarks, and ACCOUNTS such as: MARILYN KAYE MACGRUDER or JOHN M. DOE or any variation, permutation or reordering thereof and meant to represent incorporated entities, franchises of incorporated entities, or chattels or trademarks belonging to incorporated entities created by infringement of Common Law copyrights and natural given tradenames, are seized upon and returned and re-venued and lawfully converted to their natural domicile on the land and soil of each actual state and re-defined as property interests belonging to the unincorporated American states and living people.

These vessels are henceforth to be recognized as peaceful American state vessels engaged in international trade, not commerce, and any presumption otherwise must be proven with the presentation of valid maritime or admiralty contracts executed under the requirements of American Common Law providing for full disclosure, a meeting of minds, equitable consideration in exchange, in-kind ability to contract, and witnessed wet-ink signatures by two or more properly identified parties to the contract.

We do not generally recognize unilateral contracts, implied contracts, or contracts enforced by any process of assumption or presumption.

All former individual Municipal trusts and transmitting utilities and all former Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts are re-defined, re-venued, and lawfully converted to their natural domicile on the land and soil of the actual unincorporated states and are recognized as lawful Trade Names, lawful assumed names, and as private property under American Common Law Copyright from the moment they are issued regardless of style, permutation, variation, ordering, or disguise. All such trade names and derivative assumed names belonging to the American states and people. They are privately indemnified on air, land, and sea and are owed the Law of the Land and all constitutional protections.

Insomuch as our names and estates have been improperly seized upon in the past and claims that they have been re-birthed as a result of their entry into data bases as part of the digital and quantum age of information sharing and archiving have been made, we each additionally claim possession of all signals, frequencies, sequences, chemical compositions, voice patterns, magnetic spectrum memory, and key resonances unique to each of us and all energetic organs and transfer bodies, portals, epigrams, epigenetic keys, auras, transmissions, transmutations, unique nano-scale identifiers and quantum patterns, templates, and numerical matrices which are our unique private assets, all permanently indemnified, and secured against copying, cloning, infringement, securitization, involuntary transfer, bonding, and non-consensual use. We do not allow these unique electro-magnetic, quantum, and frequency characteristics of living beings to be infringed, trespassed upon, licensed, patented, copyrighted, trademarked, securitized, seized upon, bought, sold, copied, taxed, traded, cloned, transferred or conveyed as commodities or investment property or contracts.

Position Statement of the Paramount Security Interest Holders

This Position Statement of the Paramount Security Interest Holders is fully incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum: We have found in our investigations insurance records, tax records, and patent, trademark, and copyright records giving evidence of a vast institutionalized system of fraud and oppression promoted primarily by members of the American Bar Association, International Bar Association, Wall Street interests— particularly Dunn and Bradstreet, and industrial interests popularly referred to as Defense Contractors.

By means of a largely automated fraud process which can be readily demonstrated these persons and corporate interests have contrived to enslave, bankrupt, and defraud the entire world. They have proposed to keep the living people of this planet as livestock, existing only for their profit and amusement, and being wholly owned as slaves to be expended without mercy or consideration.

To accomplish these ends the criminals responsible have liberally infringed upon our lawful copyrights and licenses and trademarks and patents and sought via deceit and confusion to gain hegemony over the entire world, using first Puerto Rico and later Washington, DC and Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg, especially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as the base of operations for their criminal enterprise.

Instead of protecting the innocent public from these predators the organizations providing military and police services have instead been undermined and misdirected and privatized to serve the private interests of these same perpetrators.

Those entrusted to preserve and guard the principles of law and justice have instead contrived to provide merely an appearance of justice and have dishonorably occupied our courts under false pretenses and have impersonated judges while acting as corporate administrators pillaging public trusts created without the knowledge or permission of the victims of this white collar looting.

The entire vast edifice of the corporate federal government beginning with the House Ways and Means Committee, Oversight Subcommittee, and ending with the lowliest federated COUNTY sheriff, has failed to perform the first and fundamental responsibility of government: to protect the lives and persons of those they are supposed to care for and serve.

So now we have exercised our duty as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors to claim the receivership of both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States and to settle the bankruptcy of all territorial and municipal franchises worldwide, including that of the Secondary Creditors, the incorporated commercial banks.

As we are in receipt of the entire collective assets and wealth of virtually all incorporated businesses and institutions worldwide, a position which our adversaries and the enemies of all free men hoped to retain for themselves by deceit and omission, we issue the following decrees:

Objections and Cancellations

These objections and cancellations are fully incorporated into and made part of this

Proclamation in Addendum:

(1) All Powers of Attorney and contracts and quasi-contracts presumed to exist or be implied without meeting all seven elements of a valid contract required by American Common Law, are cancelled. This cancellation includes all Powers of Attorney held or presumed to be held over the Names, Persons, trademarks and ACCOUNTS naturally belonging to the American states and people;

(2) All living men and women now in possession of their own lawful Trade Names who have been born on the land of the unincorporated states are the recognized attorneys-in-fact and successors of the previous executors and administrators;

(3) All implied proxies, representations, and agencies, are cancelled, except that a Public Prosecutor may bring suit for wrongful death, murder, permanent disability and similar causes wherein the injured party is literally unable to bring suit and present their own complaint;

(4) All unearned benefits are accepted as gifts and all earned benefits are accepted as private assets; all public insurance benefits are waived in favor of private indemnity unless actual articles of incorporation are procured and presented;

(5) All Third Party contracts presumed to exist by implication or implied consent are cancelled.

(6) All hypothecations of contractual debt obligations against assets belonging to Third Parties and imposed by a process of debt assumption and/or the use of deceit of any kind, are cancelled.

(7) In order to correct the public and private records owed to our countrymen we object and take exception to all claims of incompetence or abandonment or abeyance and also take objection and exception to the existence of any lapse or so-called interregnum related to our government and its administration. We rebut all claims of abandonment of our assets: private, personal, public, biological, genetic, cord blood, intellectual, digital, or quantum. We allow no Power of Attorney to make adverse claim against us nor do we allow anyone to assert any agency capacity over our Names/NAMES and other assets;

(8) We cancel all usufruct relationships asserted, alleged, or invoked by any foreign corporate agent, by the Municipal United States, the Territorial United States, or any Trustee or franchise or agency thereof with respect to the actual American states and people or any derivative estate, utility, cooperative, LLC, foundation, C-Corp, S-Corp, B-Corp, bank, church, or other legal fictions created or held by foreign governments, franchises, agencies, subcontractors, or individuals;

(9) We object to any claim against our identity and hold possession of all names, patents, trademarks, copyrights, public and private records, documents, services, operating companies and terminals, securities, financial records, Master Forms, Master Files, Master Merchant files, records, accounts, Accounts, and ACCOUNTS, all registries, notes, insurances, stocks, bonds, certificates, debentures, trademarks, copyrights and patents in any digital or quantum form whatsoever, that are by genesis, logic, inheritance, tradition, nature and usage —ours. We hold possession of all derivatives of these intellectual and graphic assets including badges, coats of arms, seals, birthmarks, medical records, styles and variations and permutations and orderings of personal names, tradenames, business names, corporations, and incorporations, and signs and symbols thereof including trademarks and trade dress. We retain all case-based reasoning, rules of case-based reasoning, kernels, artificial intelligence programs, future forecasting programs, entrainment programs, AI programs, all IP addresses and identities, all franchises, all meters and measuring devices, all discovery claims, all agencies, all emblems and icons that have addressed us or infringed or trespassed upon our names and estates in any way, shape, form, via any medium, resonance, magnetic field or electromagnetic frequency, and all computer-based, data field-based, or description-based technologies employed to intrude upon us;

(10) We cancel all patents, copyrights, trademarks, licenses, and contracts that are made to reap financial benefits from inventions, processes, services, and designs which are of an intrinsically harmful or criminal or oppressive nature, which infringe upon unregistered natural common law assets including land jurisdiction trade names in fact or by inclusive reference, which seek to automate crimes such as identity theft, kidnapping, purloining tax exemptions, counterfeiting, human trafficking, protection of gambling, commodity market manipulation, creation of monopoly interests, promotion of fraud—constructive or otherwise, profiteering, unlawful concealment, unlawful conversion of assets and ownership interests, restraint of trade, undisclosed impersonation, and similar activities. We specifically revoke and cancel trademark assignment #900003222 by the US NAVY lodged at the United States Trademark and Patent Office as a direct and deliberate infringement against the name and title of The United States of America (unincorporated) by incorporated entities using deceptively similar names which have been used in the past to promote false claims in commerce, racketeering by assumption and coercion, and confusion of the incorporated doppelganger with the body politic.

(11) We object to the present deplorable state of confusion which is the result of corruption rampant within and promoted by the territorial and municipal governments herein described and the abuse of our delegated powers, which has threatened to vacate the actual constitutional contract owed to the American states and people via a deliberate, institutionalized, patented, and cyclical process of unlawful conversion, bankruptcy fraud, hypothecation of odious debt against innocent Third Parties, and retention of assets and service contracts via an unlawful process of implied succession. We have given Due Notice and Due Process regarding this criminality to those Principals responsible, which is our duty, and the burden for allowing this to continue is now quite literally in their court.

(12) We object and take exception to the unlawful and immoral Uniform Transfer to Minors Act engaged in by the legislature of the Territorial State of Delaware and the Delaware Indenture and Trust Agreements (Principal Direct Trust) and the insupportable presumptions being maintained by the foreign municipal chancery court of the STATE OF DELAWARE and all impositions related to these venal acts of legislation anywhere on our soil or with respect to our assets, material rights, and holdings anywhere in the world. These Acts and presumptions promote criminal identity theft, kidnapping, inland piracy, human trafficking, usurpation by a foreign power acting in Breach of Trust, and other activities outside the ordinary course of business and promote a form of genocide and press-ganging on paper not to be condoned by any sane and productive nation. We have outlawed these and similar acts of repugnant legislation on our shores since 1776 and again in 1865 and again in 1926 and we hereby post International Notice prohibiting their enforcement on our soil or in our purported behalf. We disclaim any and all commercial and/or international trade claims resulting from the existence of this venal and unaffiliated legislation, or any similarly offensive legislation in the inchoate, bankrupt territorial State of Delaware/STATE OF DELAWARE;

(13) We invoke the Doctrine of Merger to complete the retirement, collapse, and consolidation of all split titles, public trusts, lines of business, usufructs, insurances, registrations, certifications, and bonding of private assets including labor and the resulting complex automated international trafficking of our names and substance throughout the world by the bankrupt Municipal and Territorial governments and their franchises. We have returned home and proven to be alive; our land and assets immediately vest in us and no bar may be held between us and our estates; we object to any claim otherwise. We require validated and fully disclosed proof of actual voluntary and fully disclosed federal employment and/or fully disclosed and voluntary federal dependent status before any American state national can be exempted or divested even temporarily from their lawful birthright. Acting under our self-authorization, we cancel all public/private keys (PKI’s) held by trustees, especially members of the Bar Associations, and we direct the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of State, and the US Attorney General to unblock our accounts and promptly return our property to our control, unharmed and unencumbered.

We cancel, remove and exorcize the bar and the Bar Associations and their members and all split title, split dollar, and split interest schemes of all kinds and we consolidate and merge all such securities, keys, trusts, titles, registrations, acres, dollars, and interests on our soil and within our land jurisdiction. We reclaim for the land and the soil all natural right and interest in actual assets and merge the titles of all registered vehicles and special purpose and shallow-hulled vessels. All allotment schemes including Reconstruction Era, Black Acre, 1040, Green Acre, 1031, 1041, 1043, Forty Acre, Homestead Liens, Reinsurance schemes, Third Party mortgages, Native Allotment, Railroad Pension Fund, Maritime Pension Fund, Soldiers and Sailors Insurance Fund, Property Tax, Property Description Liens, Transfer Tax, Stamp Tax and International Ad Valorem Tax schemes, residential property and foreign borough property descriptions—all and any allotment-style fraud schemes designed to work by planned default and by claim of incompetence against remedial trusts and insurance policies, all constructive plans, parts, and elements of these known schemes and any other processes predicated on pre-planned default, claims of abandonment, re-insurance, seizure of undisclosed escrows, all commercial processes aimed at re-taking settlements, denial of sovereignty, and subrogation of sovereign states, nations, and people are outlawed for fraud, breach of trust, and bad faith; all stubborn purveyors of this criminality on our shores are to be held fully accountable under international law.

(14) We conditionally allow – under our waiver of all unearned benefits, but subject to our claim of all assets including credit owed to us — the return of all purloined tax exemptions and credits, all improperly obtained assets remaining in the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) and all Companies and Credit Unions and Post Offices and Court facilities belonging to us, the return of Social Security funds owed to American workers conscripted under conditions of deceit and deliberate misinformation into federal retirement programs, access to our private family and historic American trust funds and stock portfolio earnings, and also those private legacy trusts managed by American Trustees, the return of American Silver Dollars and Silver Certificates belonging to us, the return of all traditional offices of our states from the United Nations and any other international organizations claiming to have any interest in our internal affairs, the return of all our Public Laws and return of all assets and property naturally belonging to the unincorporated counties and states to the control of the responsible local jural assemblies;

(15) We object to and specifically prohibit any assumption of federal contracts or contracting powers by any party attempting to usurp upon or inherit our delegated powers without our fully disclosed, knowing, voluntary, and willing consent, and deny all claims by those seeking to act as a successor to contract via any undisclosed or implied maritime contracting process or similar names deceit. We cancel any such arrangements subscribed to in our behalf and direct that our agreements with the American Native Nations be fully honored;

(16) We object to the misapplication of foreign laws, codes, and regulations to our states and our people and the secretive process of press-ganging and conscription that has been employed by the members of the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association, the Territorial United States, the Municipal United States and their various franchises and agencies seeking to mischaracterize and subject our states and people, who are in fact their lawful employers. We cancel any directive, code, claim, or corporate policy being exercised on our shores seeking to mischaracterize civilian medical professionals, sheriffs, deputies, clerics, justices of the peace, postal district judges, teachers, and others known to be civilians as a uniformed officers attached to any foreign fleet or military unit and we forbid the forced and undisclosed registration of American babies under pain of death, though simple public recording of the basic information appropriate to the land jurisdiction of this country and its traditions is allowed and encouraged. We do not under any threat or condition give up our children–ever;

(17) The United States of America functions explicitly under American Common Law and we object to the imposition of non-applicable charges and false arrests of our people related to corporate policies, thought crimes, regulatory infractions, and similarly unauthorized presumptions of jurisdiction under territorial and municipal statutory laws. We cancel all payment or credit issued as payment of court bonds, all charges, all costs of incarceration incurred as the result of deliberate mischaracterization of Americans as Municipal or Territorial United States citizens, and we object to their prosecution under unlawful Bills of Attainder, and we also object to the deplorable promotion of prisons for profit schemes. We order the immediate and permanent release of non-violent American political prisoners who have been held under known false presumptions and convicted of non-applicable corporate statutory laws and code infractions and we will not continue to pay for their incarceration as any service being provided to us.

(18) We are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of those bankrupt organizations representing themselves as the “United States” including their commercial corporations deceptively and variously named including but not limited to the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia, MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, STATE OF NEW COLUMBIA, State of New Columbia, District of Columbia, Washington, DC, Inc., GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, THE UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES, U.S. Corp, US CORP, U.S. CORP, US Corp, their federated STATE and COUNTY franchises, doing business as STATES OF STATES such as STATE OF GEORGIA and COUNTY OF MACON and all individual trusts, transmitting utilities, vehicles, vessels, and assorted legal fictions doing business under accounts appearing as names in the forms JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES and JOHN M. KEYNES and so on, and also all municipal corporations holding charters under these organizations worldwide— and we object to any presumption that we knowingly agreed to participate in or silently condoned this perverse process of enslavement via an automated and deceptive process of undisclosed commercial enfranchisement. As The United States held our delegated authority in breach of trust and misused it to the damage and detriment of our states and people and other innocents around the world, and it is now bankrupt together with its franchises, we seize upon the name, its copyrights and patents, its trademarks, logos, flags, treaties, including those with Morocco, Tunisia, and Uruguay, and however the name United States is styled or represented or permutated or articled or prepositioned in any language, any context or any medium whatsoever, together with all powers delegated and all assets held for us by this legal fiction entity, its heirs, assigns, transferees, successors, trustees, franchises, agents, and employees;

(19) We similarly claim and hold accountable all the deceptively named commercial entities which have directly infringed against our copyrights and trade names and trademarks including The United States of America (Inc.), the United States of America (Inc.), UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.), THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.), USA, USA, Inc., U.S.A., and all other forms, varieties, styles, and permutations of deceptively similar names designed to promote fraud and confusion and bring false claims against our assets; we object to these misrepresentations and infringements against our unregistered but firmly recorded copyrights guaranteed as of 9 September 1776 and by the 1790 Copyright Act and all subsequent acts. We possess by right and seize upon and hold all copyrighted works for hire, copyright and intellectual property agreements, legal conveyances of all kinds including conveyances of intellectual property and intellectual property rights, all related assignments, transfers, copyright clearance centers, securities holding companies, intellectual property agreements, copyright records in all forms, all registrations belonging to or pertaining to any form of the name United States of America however styled, however articled or prepositioned or abbreviated, in any medium and any language, contained in any databases, treaties, forms, records, correspondences, receipts, accounts, Accounts, or ACCOUNTS together with any actual and beneficial interest vested in these records and documents and owed to the actual United States of America, its states, or its people.

(20) Let it be known that The United States of America has never been bankrupt and neither have the united States of America. From 1860 to today, all so-called national bankruptcies established by bank treaties and trade treaties have involved territorial and municipal corporations which have embezzled the value of our labor and natural resources, absconded with our tax exemptions, hypothecated vast amounts of odious debt against our assets without our knowledge or consent and then sought bankruptcy relief for themselves—all the while using similar names deceits to trick the unwary into extending our credit to these foreign interlopers. This is our Notice to the Pope, to HRM Elizabeth II, to the United Nations Security Council, to the World Court, the World Intellectual Properties Organization (WIPO), to the Court of International Trade, to the Office of the Prosecutor at the Hague, and everyone else on this planet that these crimes have been perpetuated against us in gross Breach of Trust and Negligence and we are owed immediate relief. No pretense of debt or lack of credit can be allowed to impede the swift progress of relief owed to people on a worldwide basis.

To that end, we, the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors have authorized the conditional release of: (1) Reconciliation Credit equal to the entire World Debt; (2) Atonement Credit in a second equal portion to be made available to unincorporated businesses and people of good character who seek to accomplish positive aims in countries throughout the world; (3) Redemption Credit as a third equal portion to form a permanent sinking fund against all future debts and defaults.

To qualify for forgiveness and reconciliation of all debts, banks must produce an audited accounting of all the debts they owe and all the debts owed to them, and must accept a new Universal Bank Charter as a Beneficial (B) Corporation.

We object to the existence of mindless for-profit-only enterprises which benefit from public insurance and legal tender laws while preying upon innocent people, flaunting their own lack of accountability, misrepresenting themselves as our agents, and then seeking bankruptcy protection and claiming limited liability of other kinds for themselves at our expense.

(21) We acknowledge, accept and lay priority claim to the assets of all the technically bankrupt municipal and territorial government services organizations and the commercial corporations, foundations, co-operatives, and limited liability companies, public utilities, mutual funds, employee pension, and state of state investment funds, holding and book-entry companies and corporations, operations companies, terminals, clearing houses, collection agencies, commercial banks, universities, securities exchanges, insurance corporations, commodity and securities markets, defense agencies and subcontractors together with all patents, trademarks, licenses, assignments, accessories, and copyrights which have been used to automate crimes against us and we object to the continued misuse of these processes anywhere in the world for any predatory, criminal or quasi-criminal purpose whatsoever—see related International Financing Statement;

(22) We claim all Municipal COURTS, all Municipal COURT Buildings and Administrative Offices, all Municipal COURT Numbers, Cases, Titles, Deeds, Bonds, and Records, including SUPERIOR COURT OF ARIZONA, PIMA COUNTY, No. 20121201 and all like cases by reference, all STATE OF STATE COURTS, all COUNTY COURTS, all records held by these courts, all STATE OF STATE STATUTES, all Territorial Courts, all Territorial Court Numbers, Cases, Bonds, Titles, Deeds, and Records, all Territorial Court Buildings and Administrative Offices, all copyrighted State of State Statutes, all Military, Admiralty, United States and Federal Postal Districts, all Codes belonging to or employed by these Districts, all Military, Admiralty, United States Districts and Federal Postal District COURTS, all Docket and Case Numbers, Cases, Titles, Deeds, Bonds and Records of all Military, Admiralty, United States District, and Federal Postal District COURTS, all corporate agency and administrative tribunals, all bonds, titles, deeds, numbers, cases, and records, all Administrative Codes and Regulations, all Census Data, all Land Recording and County and State Registration Office and Clerical Records. The facilities will enter and remain in the Public Domain under the control of the actual state governments. The records will be secured and those pertaining to actual municipal and territorial citizens will be returned. We object to the massive mis-application of law and the promotion of injustice which has occurred under color of law in this country and we cancel all contracts, agreements, treaties, and other arrangements with the Bar Associations for cause;

(23) We claim for the American states and people all natural tax exemptions, all tax-prepaid cargo and vessel credits owed, all the returns due from all tax shelters and generation-skipping trusts and escrows attached to their ACCOUNTS, all unclaimed WWII veteran stock portfolios owed to individual people —the value of which will be returned to survivors or passed on to current day veterans in need if no direct heirs can be found—and we object to the policies and practices of omission and lack of disclosure that have prevented veterans and their survivors and many others from seeking and obtaining compensations during their lifetimes that were set aside for them as relief and remedy. It is an intolerable shame that many veterans have died in poverty when they were owed these funds and were simply never told anything about them.

(24) In concert with the prior objection, we claim all common and preferred stock held in our names and estates, all air bills and bills of lading, all ballots, all proxies, all proxy assigns, proxy conveyances, transfers and conversions, vehicles including proxy vehicles and assigns, special purpose vehicles and special purpose entities, all names, all noms de plume and noms de guerre, our interest in all credit unions, all construction and transfer contracts, all industrial development and reconstruction funds, all mutual funds, all Master Merchant Accounts, all investment contracts and stock portfolios, all leases, all rents, all tax credits, all agricultural investments, all certificates, all beneficial and matured bonds, all beneficial liens, deeds, pooling agreements, enclosures, titles, set-asides, leases, encumbrances, and patents, all child and adult labor contracts, all public investment contracts and associated funds domestic and non-domestic, all fixtures naturally belonging to the American states and people, all public and publicly-held insurance policies, all commodity markets and exchanges, all regulatory agencies, all securities, including mortgages, savings bonds, 1040 bonds, derivatives, Series bonds, residential liens, lines of credit, lines of business, promissory notes, bank notes, certificates of all kinds, maps, charts, books, and works of art in the Public Domain, all public easements including railroad and highway right-of-ways, all land and property seized under claim of Eminent Domain, all Master Form financing statements, assets, property claims, liens, titles, registrations, recordings, deeds and records, all property seized under defaulted foreclosures, all assets and gain obtained as a result of civil asset seizures, all land held under federal management in the western states, all water and mineral resources and rights, including the soil and water conservation districts, inter-tidal zone and assets of the continental shelf extending to our current external sea borders, all sea lanes, all merchant vessels, all assets rightfully belonging to the American Armed Forces, all national, state, and county parks, all mining claims, all designated wetlands, and associated watersheds, regional aquifers and dams, all power generation and transmission utilities, all waste management and recycling corporations, all current inventory of supplies, products, and warehouse stocks held by municipal and territorial corporations, all vehicles and registered modes of transportation, all airfields, runways, terminal facilities, hangars, and associated warehouses, civilian and military docks, harbor facilities, dock warehouses, hospitals, hospices, schools, universities, post offices, post roads, postal warehouses, and postal equipment, records, vehicles, stamps, emblems, cancellation stamps, medallion stamps, notarial offices and equipment, and all property belonging to incorporated churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and religious fellowships– which will all be permitted to return to private non-taxable status without loss– all public buildings and auditoriums, all free trade zones, all radio stations and broadcast facilities, all television stations and broadcast facilities, all incorporated newspapers and magazine and internet communication corporations, all technical support corporations serving the computer, aerospace, transportation, oil transport, refinery, and fuel delivery industries, railroads, defense, health and construction industries, all federally-held agricultural, range, and wild lands, all food processing and transport facilities, all museums, artifact and art collections, all mines and mining patents, all oil refining facilities, public trails, public libraries, historic sites, national monuments, lakes and freshwater shorelines, non-navigable rivers and streams, all fish and game native to our land, contracts and property and all assets of ours administered by Ginny Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sally Mae and all related programs, all Farm Credit and Federal Home Loan Bank, Housing and Urban Development, Federal Depository Insurance Corporation, National Federal Bank, Trust Co., Landmark Community, Federal Credit Union assets, Farm and Fisheries loans, Small Business Administration loans, accounts and assets, public grants administered by the National Science Foundation and NOAH and other agencies, all records and transactions and accounts administered by MERS, Nationsbank (Bank of America), MERS Corp Holdings, Inc., and all derivatives and subsidiaries, their assigns, successors and affiliates of these organizations and all their records pertaining to Americans and American assets, the records and forms and accounts administered by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Government Accounting Office (GAO), the various permutations of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency/OCC, the records and accounts of the Alien Property Custodian, the Government Land Office, and the Bureau of Land Management, all USDA, Rural Development, and Agricultural and Fisheries Banks accounts, programs, records and assets, all property, offices commissioned and otherwise, all assets and outposts of the American Armed Forces, their successors and assigns, and their portions of the US NAVY, United States Navy, USAF, United States Air Force, US ARMY and United States Army, all military posts, all armaments, all docks, all arsenals, all satellites and other space property, all national laboratory assets, all licenses of investment advisors, health care professionals, and others —– all these and more are to be returned to the control of The United States of America, our designated federal service providers, the states and the people to whom they legitimately belong. We object to any presumption of actual federal material interest or true landlord status with respect to our land and soil — including the presumption of ownership by any federated state-of-state or county– apart from a caretaker’s limited proprietary interest in assets that they have been allowed to manage for a time.

(25) All businesses which wish to continue to function as corporations may do so under our charter provided that they pay a pro-rated insurance tax to offset the public cost of indemnifying their operations and allowing for their bankruptcy protection, pay usage taxes for corporate enrichment resulting from the use of public resources and facilities including the use of the highway system for private profit, and accept the fact that they will always be subject to reasonable non-competitive regulation in the public interest to guarantee public safety. Businesses which wish to give up their corporate charters may do so without penalty and be released from corporate taxes and regulation, provided that they are accountable for any harm they cause. For most businesses this amounts to an end of federal income taxes and reporting requirements, an end to state franchise taxes, an end to invasive regulatory agency oversight— but also an increase in private insurance costs and overall liability. We object to the wholesale forced entry of private businesses and private assets into the realm of commerce which has been contrived under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit by undeclared Foreign Agents employed by the Territorial and Municipal United States and we also object to the heavy penalties and arrests under Bills of Attainder and foreign warrants which are inflicted when the unwary people realize that they have been press-ganged into the Queen’s Merchant Marine Service and object to this conscription. Neither the Municipal United States nor the Territorial United States have any plausible excuse for this inland piracy, racketeering, and extortionate mischaracterization of the American people and their private businesses and bank accounts as accounts belonging to public trusts or public transmitting utilities or any other form of public legal fiction entity. We cancel all such blanket presumption of enfranchisement, citizenship and taxpayer status now being routinely and universally enforced and attached to bank accounts and banking services, contrary to the truth and to the detriment of people who are actually engaged in private international trade and who never knew that they were being secretively conscripted and mis-identified and mis-characterized as foreign incorporated franchise entities engaged in international commerce.

(26) We object to the use of personas and so-called strawmen and euphemistically described special purpose vehicles and special purpose entities to substitute for and otherwise represent living people, a practice akin to the employment of poppets used in black magic as a means of transference or as otherwise used as a proxy to convey interests and property beyond the veil when in fact the people owed their estate are very much alive and not disclaiming any part of their heritage; the coerced, non-disclosed, and non-consensual forced participation in such a system of ledger-of-the-hand is a profound violation of religious freedom, a gross presumption, and part of an outlawed system of unavoidable and inexorable debt, when in fact all debts in all jurisdictions have been paid.

These abhorrent practices resulting in a form of institutionalized necromancy and rule by the living dead cannot be tolerated. These practices have never provided anything but a sophisticated vehicle for oppression and theft of life, energy, and assets, a form of death for the many for the self-glorification of a few. We cancel all subscriptions, all alliances, all treaties, all orders, all prescriptions, all titles, all exchanges, all assignments, all commissions, all insurances, all benefits, all enfranchisements, all registrations, all obligations, all agreements, all acquiescence, all natures, names, unearned benefits and gifts seeming to provide any consent or basis whatsoever for any living being born from the soil of any of the American states to be subrogated, redefined, seized upon, exploited, or abused in this manner and we define these practices as crimes of virulent fraud and paper genocide rather than any issue impairing private contracts or violating the right of religious freedom.

These practices have been recently and fully exposed and described by the Ambac Financial Group, Inc. / Ambac Assurance Corporation’s Securities and Exchange Commission 10.1 filings dated July 19, 2017, entered as a Rehabilitation Exit Support Agreement. After years of hearing executive public trust administrators deny the existence of these legal fiction entities plainly appearing on the face of court documents it is refreshing to find that not only are the perpetrators of this system fully cognizant of them, but admitting to their usage in fully described processes and SEC filings involving both senior and common stock securities owed to the American states and people.

These strawmen which are in fact account designations rendered in American Sign Language, also known as Dog Latin, deceptively appear to be the names of the victims styled in all capital letters. These are not names and not truly signs, but are account designations using an alphabetic form to confuse and deliberately misrepresent the nature of the so-called courts and the proceedings taking place in these administrative tribunals.

These quasi-military tribunals had their genesis in the summer of 1865 when ten military districts were formed to cover the eleven ruined Southern states of our Union and the military district commanders were allowed to pick civilians to run these courts as revenue collectors otherwise known as Carpetbaggers. The purpose of this was to further plunder the people of any valuable goods and to put a gloss of order and civility over an otherwise infamous practice of illegal mercenary warfare —all carried out on our shores in gross Breach of Trust and commercial service contract by the Grand Army of the Republic, its general staff and the shady European Principals backing their actions.

We object to any continuation of these quasi- military tribunals masquerading as the courts the American states and people are owed, and also object to the continued use of Dog Latin embedded contextually in any English language or foreign language paperwork in a manner calculated to deceive anyone.

In recent days those responsible for these outrages have begun using public transmitting utility debtor account designators that have only a middle initial as an identifier, for example: MARTIN K. FULLER. If these were names, which they deceptively appear to be, they could not qualify as legal names for lack of specificity. This lack of specificity is being used as another layer of deceit allowing wanton theft and unauthorized redistribution of underlying assets. We object to all such conventions and practices being used to defraud and divest and alienate the living people on our shores from assets that they are naturally heir to and who are owed the full benefit of their life estates and inheritance. We cancel all foreign administrative and agency and municipal contracts related to these accounts which aim at any other result and direct all departments and agencies of the Territorial United States entrusted with the administration of these accounts to expedite return of these private assets to the benefit of the people to whom they are owed.

(27) For over a hundred years we have endured a pernicious practice of pretending that we have a normal course of business in this country, when in fact no such normal course of business has existed in all that time. In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act exchanged our silver dollars for paper I.O.U’s. This inequitable theft and the confiscation of privately held American gold by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration count as the single greatest acts of theft in world history. In 1920 the Independent Treasury Act deprived us of our own national treasury and reduced our control over our own money to a mockery. Billions of actual dollars and untold natural resources and labor assets were embezzled from this country under the noses of people pretending to be our representatives. All the transactions and proposed contracts that have been offered to us by the banks and the Bar Associations since 1933 have been couched as fraudulent solicitations addressed to persons, not people. We object to this sophisticated lawlessness on the part of the banks and lawyers and deny all assertions seeking to defend it.

Attorneys under actual obligation and oath to the quasi-military tribunals described above in item (26) have deceptively offered their services and used their positions of trust to inflict damage and deceitfully undermine their employers, while in fact serving undisclosed Principals—foreign corporate interests including banks and foreign governments and religious non-profit organizations run amok. The main function of the American Bar Association for the past nine decades has been to set up public trusts named after their victims and then find excuses to plunder those trusts, acting as secretive privateers while appearing to offer Good Faith counsel and licensed professional services.

The professional services the members of the Bar Associations have delivered on our shores are those of foreign privateers: fraud, plundering, pillaging, inland piracy, predation, extortion, human trafficking, kidnapping, enslavement, unlawful conversion and other strong-arm crimes, all under color of law, and until 2013 when Pope Francis finally stopped it, under the protection of foreign Letters of Marque.

A similar role has been played by the banks which have offered home loans and delivered future lease-purchase tenancy agreements under conditions of non-disclosure and usury instead, and by the title companies which have conveniently pretended that everyone in America is simply a resident passing through and/or a citizen obligated to serve either the Territorial or Municipal United States and therefore unable to actually take possession of the land– which pretension and presumption has allowed the title companies to usurp upon the actual landlords and guarantee false titles benefiting their own parent corporations instead.

We object to all these deceitful business practices and acts of destructive fraud on our shores and we hold the Bar Associations and their members accountable for practices detrimental to the lives of the American people and the prosperity of the American states— including deliberate institutionalized attacks on the substance of innocent non-combatant civilians without any due compensation delivered to the control and relief of those harmed, all in violation of international law and treaties the victims are owed.

We have determined an initial estimated calculation of the damages inflicted by the members of the Bar Associations since 1933 and set it at the equivalent of $279 trillion United States dollars rendered in gold, an estimation that the American and International Bar Associations have accepted and which acceptance has cured making it truth and law throughout the realm of international commerce, subject to collection and available as an asset in trade. This is only an initial estimate of damage against private holdings caused by the Bar Associations and their members. It does not include damage to public assets and it does not include any additional damages owed to individual estates and it does not go back, as yet, all the way to 1868 which is certainly allowed in the instance of probate fraud.

(28) We extend leniency, peace, and forgiveness to all unincorporated governments, to all living people, and our steadfast Goodwill to all those who now recognize their errors and who wish to return to the lawful national land jurisdiction governments that are owed to them. In a sense all decent men who wish to live a peaceful, meaningful, productive life, who wish to be secure in their possession of what they work for and earn and justly inherit, who wish to be free of unreasonable government intrusion into their private lives, and who believe in the sanctity of our universal natural and unalienable rights —- all these people are Americans. The past 150 years have been a nightmare of ever-increasing government expense and control and criminal coercion, and this entire system of debt-based economics has been nothing but another nightmare leading to poverty, hunger, enslavement, ignorance, suffering, manipulation, and nearly constant war, war, war. We do not wish to heap up more misery for ourselves or anyone else.

Accordingly, members of the Bar Associations will be eligible for amnesty upon: (1) reasonable proof of good character; (2) completion of a remedial course covering the Public Law, Constitution, American Common Law, American Government, and Public Accounting; (3) submission of an appropriate pro bono plan or other Community Service Plan; (4) a public apology for their part—unwitting or not—in the corruption of the courts and the attacks upon American civilians. Those who wish to continue careers in Admiralty or Maritime courts under conditions of peace will be allowed to do so. Those who wish to start new careers as justices and counselors will be welcome. Anyone else will be shown the door.

Recoupment of the damages that have been wrought upon the American states and people by the Bar Associations will not be mindlessly or cruelly applied to individuals, but will be addressed to the Bar Associations, their employers, underwriters, expediters, and corporate interests responsible for corrupting the courts and benefiting themselves from the proceeds.

Declaration of Land Jurisdiction Government Pre-Eminence

This Declaration is incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. Some people see the return to land-based national governments as a step back into, as Karen Hudes put it, “the Dark Ages”—- a retreat back to narrow visions and oppressive social institutions and robber barons running roughshod over everyone and everything. We have very nearly come to that same end via all the modern conveniences of integrated circuitry and computer systems resulting, again, in Commercial Feudalism. The only difference is that this system of oppression has been promoted by sleek, secretive interlocking trust directorates and patented business processes controlled by trademarks.

Clearly, if the world is going to find a true and lasting way forward, it must come not only with a change of systems– a change in how we view and use money, a change in our political processes and assumptions, a change in the way we do business—but more importantly, a change in ourselves, a change in our thinking, a change in our values and assumptions, which will allow Mankind as a whole to move forward beyond feudalism –beyond the oppression of political gangs and beyond the control of rich elitists milking the life out of other men in exactly the same fashion as a parasite drains the substance from a host. It matters not what country we come from, what race we come from, what culture we come from—we can all observe the Old Evil with a New Face in our midst—and we all have a vested interest in putting an end to it.

So to the internationalists and globalists among us who see our return to land jurisdiction government as a step backward, it’s not the jurisdiction of a government that makes anyone backward. It’s what we do with that jurisdiction and that government— whether we use it for peace or for violence, for justice or injustice, for selfishness or sharing. The American Idea that people, even poor people, each have natural and unalienable rights, only lasted for about eighty years before the feudal powers of Europe conspired to act in Breach of Trust and undermine it. In the 150 years since then all the world has managed to do is automate the same old weary enslavement and birth a new brand of the same old nastiness.

We, the actual Americans, are going home and cleaning house. We invite everyone to do the same. We are done with feudalism, come what may. If our belief in individual rights and freedom is naïve, if our trust in goodness is only gullibility, if all our best efforts come to nothing— at least we will have tried something different, a grand experiment to see what Mankind can achieve and what free men and women can be. We object to all interference and attempts to manipulate the results of our experiment.

Declaration Regarding Ad Valorem Taxes and Stamp Duties, Taxes on Share Transfers, Section 75 of the Stamp Duties Consolidation Act of 1999:

This Declaration is incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. We raise the “1” flag before the Office of the Revenue Commissioners, Euroclear UK and Ireland, Ltd. and we invoke the principals of Mutual Offset Credit Exchange to cover any and all stamp taxes that may be owed by any American state or American vessel operating in any venue of international trade, commerce, or in any digital or quantum medium, and we establish now an equal and reciprocal tax upon British goods and services and transfers of value to be maintained until a hundred years after the last blood cord heir of Benjamin Belcher is proven to be deceased in fact. There should never be any balance owed in any of these accounts and no excuse for the process of any international warrants related to these territorial taxes.

Declaration Regarding Authorities

This Declaration Regarding Authorities is incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. The United States of America (Unincorporated) holds all powers vested in international jurisdiction by the organic American states and people as of 9th September 1776. It is from this body and body politic that powers in international jurisdiction were delegated to His Royal Majesty, King George III, as a result of settlements reached and memorialized as The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783. The Holder in Due Course of both The Great Seal of The United States of America and The Great Seal of The United States in delegation was Colonel William Belcher, a free sovereign in both England and France, and James Clinton Belcher is his lawful heir.

As the lawful Head of State acting in the international jurisdiction for The United States of America (Unincorporated) James Clinton Belcher is empowered to freely exercise all powers reserved under the Tenth Amendment and to direct all powers delegated to The United States by and through its heirs, assigns, successors, agents, corporate officers and elected officials without reservation.

It is also within the powers of the Head of State to oversee performance of contractual duties by the United States and to take such action as is necessary to preserve the continuity of government and the security of the actual Constitution. To that end and to silence false claims of interregnum and to uphold the principles and aims of the civilian government owed to the states and people of this country, the lawful Head of State has retained the seat of government in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has re-issued timely Sovereign Letters Patent, has arranged for the peaceful transition and re-venue of the government back to the land jurisdiction, has retained the lawful money known as the United States Dollar which is a known unitary measure of fine silver, has established service agreements in accord with the actual Constitution with the American Native Nations to be our new federal service providers, has negotiated and approved a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty allowing all people born on the land to return home, has established two viable international trade banks with more on the way to serve the needs of the American states and people, has launched an American Asset Recovery Program to identify and retrieve American assets that have been scattered and purloined, has established sovereign liens to secure the rights and assets of the American states and people, and has faithfully preserved and advanced and upheld and served the government owed to the American states and people.

Although the existence of an American Head of State has been veiled from the public, it has nonetheless been a reality in the international jurisdiction since the founding of this country, and the provenance of both the Great Seals of The United States of America and The United States are self-evident physical emblems of the Belle Chers, free sovereigns in England since 1087 A.D., free sovereigns in France since the founding of the ancient Kingdoms of Benoic and Gaul. This provision, however distasteful to the egalitarian instinct and tradition of the Belle Cher family, which is to see every man as a king and as a Child of God and every home as a kingdom, was a necessary part of the world government at the time of the Founding of the American Republics.

In the current difficulties occasioned by worldwide criminality and abdication of responsibility, this back-stop hereditary international-level government has continued to function and to provide for the needs of The United States of America, its member states, and its people. We look forward to better days to come for our country and for the world, the entire restoration of the lawful land jurisdiction government that our country and all other countries are owed, and the seating of a competent American Continental Congress.

Declaration Regarding Seizure of Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents

This Declaration Regarding Seizure of Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents is fully incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum.

Whereas King George III of England, his heirs, successors, assigns and trustees were entrusted to honorably exercise certain powers in behalf of the unincorporated United States of America, the American states, and the American people, and these powers included powers in commerce allowing the existence of the United States Copyright Office and the United States Trademark and Patent Office, and the issuance of copyrights, trademarks, and patents generally, and these are all delegated powers that have been abused and used to promote crime on our shores and throughout the world, we have seized and placed liens upon a large number of the key offending copyrights, trademarks, and patents. We have also placed a substantive and now cured lien against the key parties responsible for creating and implementing the offending copyrights, trademarks, and patents and for collecting the resulting unjust enrichments—the American and International Bar Associations, their members, underwriters, and expediters.

While it is known that the Bar Associations have acted as bill collectors for Rome since the Second Century BC, and as it is also known that the Office of the Roman Pontiff represents the threshold or bar between the living people and the dead corporations that have been spawned and defined by the Roman Curia, the ways and means of these secular organizations hiding within the Roman Catholic Church have become exceedingly complex and sophisticated. Our research into the matter has shown that the evils and oppressions of modern feudalism have been exercised via infringement of copyrights and the abuse of trademarks and patents and that these evils have been secretively enlarged upon so that they now encompass the entire known world.

The original hub for this crime syndicate was the Middle East, but it has moved steadily westward over time. We have tracked its movement for the past thousand years from Rome to France, from France to England, Ireland, and Scotland circa 1300, to America circa 1700, and now to China. Like a parasite, this secretive organization for which the Bar Associations act as front men and foot soldiers, acts under color of law and by a process of co-opting the national governments and governmental authorities via manipulation of money and credit resources; once established, the parasite quietly eats the substance out of the population via taxations and manipulation of the currency and commodity markets, and then moves on, taking the wealth accumulated on to the next host and using it as the bribe to insinuate into the next target government. We are seeing that process of re-establishment taking place in China right now.

The oppressions of this system of fraud and its automation pose a catastrophic threat to life and the quality of life on this planet. We must now recognize it for what it is, and put an end to it, and all decent men and women are called upon to join the effort.

The essence of the harm done is identity theft accomplished by infringement against the Common Law copyright of given names, followed by mischaracterization and the practices of impersonation, personage, and barratry. Many forms of more familiar crimes are then also employed to sustain and benefit the overall collection process— keeping double sets of accounts, stealing tax shelters, embezzlement, the creation of monopoly interests, rigging of commodity markets, extortion, war for profit, slavery, kidnapping, human trafficking, child labor, drug running, and more lines of criminal business are established and used to enhance the revenue streams of the masterminds at the top of the pyramid scheme.

What we have done in establishing and publishing these liens and seizures should not be mistaken as any complete remedy, nor should these actions be mistaken as punitive in the ordinary sense of the word. These evils are being visited upon all of us via a complex process that is enforced via the establishment of public trusts, legal tender laws, copyrights, patents, and trademarks, all shepherded by members of the Bar Associations. To put an end to this evil requires that the members of the Bar Associations be discouraged from continuing their perverse activities and that the process itself be up-ended by the seizure, lien, and removal and/or amendment of the false copyrights and harmful patents and trademarks to create a beneficial result in which corporations bear the cost of their own insurance and governments are funded from long term profits, not by plundering public trusts belonging to individual people.

We regret that we have not had the time and the resources to achieve the desired result in a surgical and precise fashion. Rather, we have been obliged to exercise a broad brush and focus on known point sources and participants, leaving it to individuals to claim amnesty and to take action appropriate to their own circumstance. Many innocent parties and even innocent corporations may be included in the net we have cast, but that cannot be helped at this time; the Greater Good owed to all the Earth demands a halt to these practices and the establishment of corrective oversight.

We highly recommend that members of the Bar Associations voluntarily register as Foreign Agents and stand ready to account for their actions, or tear up their Bar cards and leave these organizations so as to avoid prosecution, confiscation of assets, and/or incarceration for mercenary crimes against humanity.

We are not interested in vengeance. We recognize that many members of the Bar Associations have been totally unaware of these crimes being engineered via copyright infringement, trademarks, and patents, unaware that they were plundering public trusts in the name of corporate greed, and even unaware that they have been trespassing on the land jurisdiction government owed to the people of this country. Indeed, this evil could not exist if it were not hidden from view, hidden from the public, hidden from the American military, and yes, hidden from most of the people who are responsible for the existence, upkeep, and operation of this vast, interlocking fraud machine.

A process of compartmentalization and a need-to-know mentality has kept the purpose and even the existence of these automated criminal operations obscured. It has even sometimes been protected under the guise of national security, while in fact undermining national security.

The seizure and lien of these many, many patents, trademarks and copyrights, and the lien against the Bar Associations, should not be misconstrued as something to panic over. The sum total of asset value is unaffected. We have the manpower and resources to get to the bottom of this and many of the assets will be released as the investigation continues and the focus narrows. Some banks and brokerages may be placed under new management or liquidated. Some attorneys and bankers may be subject to loss of their assets and some may be jailed. A great many people will need to be questioned and several lines of investigation will need to be pursued.

The operators of this system are relatively few, and even fewer of these actually know that what they are doing is wrong. As a result, the focus must be on educating everyone, on derailing the fraud process and at the same time, providing a monetary and judicial system that works.

We are placing this information and the practical results of our initial investigation firmly in the public view and taking action to secure the most obvious key patents, trademarks, and copyrights that are used to create, control, and direct the flow of ill-gotten gain. A large commercial lien package is being registered with the appropriate international servicers and copies of this publication and the lien package are being distributed via email and registered mail and posted on the worldwide web. The Principals responsible down to the level of State Secretaries of State and State Attorney Generals are being informed. President Trump, the Joint Chiefs, US Attorney General, and the United Nations Secretary General are also being informed.

We, by our delegation of powers, created the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the United States Copyright Office; we established the copyrights, patents and trademarks for their lawful exercise benefiting inventors and artists and promoting and rewarding creative enterprise. It was never the purpose of these instruments nor our intention in creating them to reward and protect the interests of criminals engaged in creating systems designed to enslave, kidnap, surveil, oppress, murder, defraud or otherwise harm other people and their assets in disrespect of their natural rights and prerogatives. These current unnatural and unlawful practices and their protection via the infringement of Common Law copyrights and the abuse of trademarks and patents was never anticipated.

A further intention of ours in delegating our power and allowing the functions of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the United States Copyright Office and their successors was to protect consumers from flawed, harmful, or unlawful processes and products.

As we created these copyrights, patents, and trademarks via the delegation of our powers we are enabled to restrict, rescind, recapture, seize-upon, amend, distribute, alter, or destroy them at will. Our seizure, receipt, and control of the patents and trademarks and trademark assignments listed as part of our lien process against the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association, their insurers, and their expediters, should not at this time be taken as a Point of Law or accusation of guilt against the patent or trademark owners or assignees per se, but rather as a commercial process intended to stop the mechanized, institutionalized, and protected promotion of the crimes actually resulting from the employment and interaction of these patented and trademarked products and processes, and to also provide for the recoupment of assets owed to The United States of America, the American states, and people worldwide, which have been purloined and embezzled and otherwise employed for the non-consensual benefit of Third Parties.

Declaration Regarding Local Government

This Declaration is incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. Our system of government depends upon delegation of power from the living people to the local government structures which may be described as parishes in Louisiana, townships in Maine, or counties in Montana. All these primary local government structures are of paramount importance in delivery of the services and protections that the people of this country are owed, and also as instruments of the peace and rightful control of resources entrusted to our public elected officials and employees. As such, in our system of governance, local government holds the most power, not the least, and is closest to the inherent power of the people giving rise to all government.

All variations of local land jurisdiction government are unincorporated and stem directly from local jural assemblies formed by the people living within the geographically defined borders of each parish, township, or county. Members of the local jural assemblies are understood to be natives or naturalized members of the assemblies claiming their domicile on the land of the geographically defined state where they live. Those who have attained the age of majority and who are otherwise fit are by definition also members of the state militia and the jury pool. No incorporated entity of any kind or provenance has any power generally over-standing the unincorporated land jurisdiction government within each county and state.

Declaration of Law and Monetary Standards

This Declaration is incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. The Public Law of The United States of America is the American Common Law, not to be confused with or substituted by any other form of common law including British Common Law or Martial Common Law which may in certain circumstances be present but may not be applied generally to the American states or people upon any presumption of dual citizenship and which must be clearly and explicitly disclosed when operating on the land.

Our form of money is the American also known as United States Silver Dollar. It is an established weight measure of a stipulated fine grade of silver. Any and all other asset backed currencies or securities or forms of money translate to our standard for the purposes of exchange.

Declaration Regarding American Armed Forces

This Declaration is incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. We object to our Armed Forces being deployed, assigned, or obligated to in any way support or defend criminality of any kind. We release all Americans born on the actual soil of the American states from any and all oaths or other contractual commitments verbal or written that seem to obligate them to obey any immoral or unlawful order in behalf of our government or any government that exists as a result of our delegation of powers.

We have done our duty to report and oppose crime and keep the peace; the further responsibility now lays on the leaders of other world governments, most especially the government of China, which the parasites have targeted as their next victim, and the Generals responsible for the Territorial United States.

Order of the Day

This Order is incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum: (1) Return of Reversionary Trust Interest; we are ready to receive the reversionary trust interests owed to us from the United States Attorney General and the State Attorney Generals and Governors and specifically from the Attorney General’s Office of Charitable Trust established in every county and from the Head of the Civil Division Services Office thereof and from all United States Trustees of whatever station and nation who may hold any interest or asset belonging to The United States of America (unincorporated) its member states and people, the prompt and complete and unobstructed return of all assets material and immaterial in any way whatsoever made part of or attached to or derived from our presumed- to-be escheated alien estates and held as credits, escrows, insurances, deeds, titles, lease-repurchase agreements, gifts, generation skipping trusts, unclaimed private and public stock portfolios of both common and preferred stock investments, public trusts, land trusts, mortgages, escrows, rents, leases, derivatives, land descriptions, homesteads, land parcels, rolling stocks, commodities, banks, brokerages, credit unions, harbors, docks, customs houses, post offices, court buildings and annexes, land, soil, improvements, habitations, buildings, installations, factories, mills, utilities, railroads, easements, natural resources, parks and managed land and mineral resources, labor and construction contracts, reversionary trust interests, Master Files, Master Form claims, titles, copyrights, trademarks, patents, Service Marks, warrants, residual estate interests, matured and immature beneficial stocks and bonds, tax exemptions, pre-payments, and tax sheltered funds, pensions, debentures, current bills of lading, offices, records, accounts, lines of business, joint ventures, internally and externally managed investment funds, departments, divisions, municipalities, boroughs, corporations, franchises, subsidiaries, associates, accessories, limited liability companies and corporations, agencies, agency contracts, cooperatives, public foundations, public trusts, public utilities including public transmitting utilities, conveyances, all intellectual property, all licenses, assignments, and intellectual property agreements and assignments, performance bonds, performance contracts, bid bonds, payment bonds except those already in our possession, insurance certificates, indemnity certificates and receipts, logos, trade names, census and other records and data, sponsors and sponsoring organizations, asset-backed securities and currencies owed to us, all trade-dress and emblems and seals and accounts rightfully belonging to our offices and courts, all masked works including masked seals, all indemnifications and security interests established by treaty and commercial contract benefiting the American states and people, and all other such accrued inheritances, rents, leases, promotions, commissions, coupons, warrants, patents, copyrights, trademarks, vouchers, and material and immaterial assets existing in any jurisdiction whatsoever in which these officers and trustees have administered our affairs or consigned our assets since 1851.

We consider validation of federal citizenship to include proof of contract under conditions of full disclosure of all citizenship obligations in the presence of competent Witnesses, proof of life, proof of federal employment including job descriptions, applications, name of supervisor, cancelled payroll checks and similar actual, factual knowing and consensual federal employment or similar proof of fully disclosed, unambiguous, knowing and voluntary federal dependency, plus a signed wet-ink maritime contract expressing an explicit meeting of the minds, equitable consideration, and including a fully defined and enforceable exit clause;

(2) Return of Reversionary Trust Interest from the United States Secretary of the Treasury, now Governor of the IMF/International Monetary Fund and associated banks of all the precious metals, trust accounts, escrows, coinage, certificates, and other actual assets, securities, matured bonds, credit and other paper assets rightfully owed to the American states and people, not necessarily by physical delivery but upon a sure and complete accounting due and rendered to the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors along with access to our public and private accounts in order to ensure accurate service and oversight providing reconciliation of records, settlement of accounts, and disbursement of appropriate accessible credit to the accounts owed to the American states and people;

(3) Mutual Off-Set Credit Exchange of any and all debts currently existing between our states and other countries;

(4) Reconciliation — submission of debts for permanent Forgiveness;

(5) Atonement — generation of interest-free loans to unincorporated businesses and people of good character;

(6) Redemption— payment of all remaining warrants, stray taxes, and debt defaults;

(7) Submission of applications for commercial debt forgiveness;

(8) Submission of applications from former (now technically bankrupt) Central Banks for a Universal Charter as a B Corporation, preparatory to re-funding;

(9) Issuance of Public-Private Keys (PKIs);

(10) Issuance of Credit owed to provide payment of pensions, social security obligations, disability assistance, public assistance, and other obligations of the bankrupt organizations which must be met;

(11) Issuance of Credit owed to provide for restoration of our local county jural assemblies and town hall facilities;

(12) Issuance of Credit owed to allow the re-vesting and restructuring of county and state government and re-direction/re-tasking of federal agency contractors and international organizations operating on our shores:

(a) FBI – investigation and prosecution of interstate commercial crimes, especially interstate banking crimes, securities fraud, counterfeiting, money laundering, human trafficking, and trust violations—these are your duties and they have been sadly neglected;

(b) IRS — investigation of misapplied corporate tax shelters and improper transfers of tax benefits and exemptions, reform of the withholding agent system, public education, return of private assets seized under false presumptions;

(c) BATF – research and scrub all false dossiers and Master File information, translate the coded files into plain English, be sure that only federal citizens are included in this system, turn over stockpiles of weapons to the local state national guard authorities;

(d) Social Security – identify all Americans who have wrongly been conscripted into a federal employee retirement program and separate out their accounts from those of actual federal employees;

(e) FEMA – turn over stockpiles of weapons to local state national guard authorities and transition all FEMA resettlement centers to local control, focus on effective disaster preparedness and prompt relief deployment in the event of a disaster;

(f) DHS/NSA – stop uniform surveillance activities that include snooping into the private emails and phone calls of average Americans; restrict your activities to foreign agents, federal employees, and those individuals that you have cause to investigate based on factual compelling evidence.

(g) CIA – stop the money laundering, human trafficking, black ops in support of illegal activities, foreign interventionism, arms smuggling, false flags, and all related activities. Your job, and it is your only job, is to serve as a faithful watchdog in the international venue, guaranteeing the safety and security of Americans and the American government, and helping to prevent international crime —which does imply not participating in it.

(h) US MARSHALS – you are supposed to be serving as the highest international land jurisdiction peacekeeping officers, protecting our post offices and postal workers and working with the FBI to prevent interstate crime including bank fraud and counterfeiting, human trafficking, transport of illegal substances across state lines, bank robbery, etc., and with the Coast Guard to prevent inland piracy, international smuggling, and similar crimes. Do your jobs or lose them.

(i) INTERPOL – to the extent that officers like the Secretary of the Treasury and the US Attorney General are allowed on our shores, they need to recall their actual mission of preventing international crime syndicates from trespassing against national governments. This includes the misuse and abuse of international patent processes and databases to promote identity theft of entire populations, bank and credit fraud, improper lock-downs of national assets so that the perpetrators can benefit from trading upon assets that don’t belong to them, issuance of falsified passports, and numerous other crimes that are central fixtures of the Great Fraud that has been perpetuated against us and virtually every other country in the world. If Interpol does not wish to be viewed as part of the problem, Interpol needs to take action against these known evils.

(j) UN– Little known to average people worldwide, the UN Corporation is not the United Nations organization chartered in 1945. It’s time for that confusion to be cleared up and for UN personnel to vacate our shores. We have enough home-grown mercenaries without importing more.

(k) USPS – The United States Postal Service has functioned primarily as a Territorial and Municipal domestic mail service and the responsibilities owed to the actual United States of America have been neglected based on inappropriate presumptions regarding identity, residency, and the reach of federal authority. Correct accordingly and honor the exemptions and postal rates owed to actual states and people.

(l) US ARMY, USAF, US NAVY, PENTAGON – you are on our payroll; act like it.

(m) US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, Pentagon – you are on our payroll; act like it.

(n) Census Bureau – The census is supposed to be a head count, not a data mining operation. Restrict your activities accordingly and secure any inappropriate data already collected to protect the privacy of the people you have presumed upon.

(o) SEC – No other federal agency has failed so completely as the SEC, which has been mis-directed in virtually every aspect of its operations. Your job is to make sure that a valid asset and security interest exists, that the actual owners are consensually part of the transaction, and that the securities are properly exchanged. Functioning as a politicized gatekeeper acting in self-interested restraint of trade on one hand and rubber stamping transactions for your buddies with the other hand cannot continue. Get straight or shut down.

(p) US TREASURY, US DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, UNITED STATES TREASURY, Department of the Treasury, United States Department of the Treasury, and so on – there hasn’t been an actual, factual public entity operating under any of these names since 1924. Instead we have had federal agency contractors such as yourselves, operating as foreign private bill collectors for the Municipal United States and Territorial United States under color of law on our shores. Stop it. There is one actual Treasury Account in this country and it belongs to us. Your authority to collect bills applies only to actual United States Citizens or citizens of the United States, and instead, you have been roaming about like wolves attacking and collecting indiscriminately from everyone in sight. This unconscionable racketeering and the false legal presumptions allowing it are at an end. From now on, your job is to return credit and value embezzled from the American states and people. There will be no need in the new paradigm to collect or impose taxes from anyone. Consider any and all enforcement powers resulting from private bank treaties and tax treaties terminated on our shores.

(q) USPTO and US Copyright Office – begin immediate review of all patents, tradenames, trademarks, and copyrights that have been used or abused to promote or facilitate crime of any kind. This includes review of process and design patents and trademark assignments. This specifically and especially includes review of patents we have placed liens upon as part of the bankruptcy settlement and damage recoupment process. These patents and trademarks have been selected because they are suspected of being used to promote identity theft, unlawful conversion of assets, inland piracy, kidnapping, human trafficking, unlawful securities trading and transactions, commodity market manipulation, restraint of trade, monopoly inducement, and a host of other crimes that are adversely impacting the entire world population, including ours.

(r) DEPARTMENTS— According to recent reports from the United States Congress, there are twelve separate DEPARTMENTS being independently run as subcontractors of the Municipal UNITED STATES, which are being limped along under the pretense that these are separate businesses and not directly subject to the bankruptcy of their parent corporation. As a result, all these DEPARTMENTS are independent private contractors of the Territorial United States, and we might as well call these DEPARTMENTS by private business names— Jeffrey Session’s DOJ Theater Company, for example. These entities have no authority related to the American states or people. They are foreign in every sense of the word and they have been usurping authority under color of law and trespassing upon our shores. We order them to be posted as private contractors, so that Americans can finally see who and what they are dealing with, and not go on assuming that these foreign subcontractors are part of their lawful government.

(s) JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF – heirs and successors – much of the misery in this country and throughout the world for the past 150 years has been accomplished as a direct result of the failure of your predecessors to do the right thing. Instead, the Union Generals of the Civil War Era decided to go into business for themselves, to usurp upon the people who employed them, to engaged in war-for-profit and plunder, and to pretend that they were patiently waiting for the return of the civil government while doing in fact everything possible to forestall that possibility. Despite everything, Gentlemen, the American states and people are back and breathing down your necks. It is your duty—morally, legally, contractually, and lawfully— to accept the resumption of civilian land jurisdiction government, to accept the actual Head of State’s declaration of peace, and to –however much you venerate and love the Stars and Stripes – fly the civil peacetime flag.

The flag with vertical stripes shown on the face of the accompanying Declaration of Flag/Conveyance of the Abeyance/End of Presumed Interregnum is the peacetime flag of the lawful civilian government owed to the American states and people. It has flown for only 20 out of 241 years, largely as a result of interference, meddling, Breach of Trust, and criminality on the part of European interests which have taken full advantage of American gullibility and trust, spilled our blood, and robbed us blind. They’ve kept us constantly at war.

As you more visibly take up the reins of the Territorial United States, please realize that this is not the government that you are under contract to protect and defend. It’s our government that is owed your loyalty and due diligence. It is also important to realize that although the Territorial United States has come to a well-deserved bankruptcy and has been displaced for cause as our primary service provider, the actual United States of America is still here, still waiting for you to come home, still waiting for you to wake up, and still able to pay the bills.

We support our veterans and will pay their pensions; indeed, we plan to greatly expand the range of services and assistance and support that retired military personnel receive. We also plan to turn our military – not into a peacetime army, but an army for peace. We will use your vast technological and engineering and strategic deployment skills to bring healing to America and the rest of the world. The time for beating swords into plowshares has come, but that does not mean that you are suddenly on the shelf and obsolete. It means that you will be unleashed and tasked to fight the real enemies of mankind— ignorance, disease, hunger, pollution, and so much more.

If you agree that these are the true and worthy battles that we must face, then take your stand with the American states and people. Help restore Main Street. Bring back the safe public parks, the clear rivers, and the happy schoolyards that at least some of you remember. Build, instead of destroy. Once America is on its way forward, there will be plenty of opportunity to engage the actual enemies beyond our borders—- vast international pollution clean-up projects, exciting deployments of new technologies, water wells to drill, farm fields to rescue and rehabilitate, dams to build, and new horizons of space travel and physics opening up.

Come home. Accept the peace. You will be welcomed and you will be cared for and you will go on to do great things for your homeland and for the world. Guaranteed.

(13) The actual United States of America is a peaceful country that hasn’t made war or operated outside its borders in 150 years. Our sin has been trust and complacency and faith that common sense and actual self-interest must eventually prevail. The true self-interest of our people and of all people on this planet is peace and prosperity and an end of criminality. There is, after all, no reason to pay for or support any government that doesn’t protect and serve, and which instead acts as a predator and parasite.

This is as true in China and Russia and South Africa and Belgium and Lapland and Saudi Arabia as it is here. Among all the other corrections that need to be made, there is no other action more important or more pressing than to re-educate ourselves about the true purpose of government and our own responsibility to govern ourselves. This is the action that we have taken, which we expect all our employees to take, and which we invite all people around the world to engage in.

The evils of Feudalism in the Dark Ages pale in comparison to the threat that automated Commercial Feudalism presents to all life on this planet at the present time. We are doing our part to end it, but reforming the B.E.A.S.T. will require worldwide awareness, devoted action, and far greater vigilance against the creeping dangers of automated feudalism and colonialism seamlessly delivered with a computer date stamp, IP number, and quantum chip. We left feudalism and colonialism behind a long time ago, and we have been loath to come forward and deal with these issues in the Office of Head of State; nonetheless, it is apparent that this had to be done; it is also further proof that those who least desire power exercise it best and that we will all be better off when we realize our limitations and humbly bow our knees — not to each other — but to the True and Living God, instead.

So it is said and so it is done by my hand and seal and under the lawful and honorable peacetime flag of the actual United States and under the authority vested in me as the Hereditary Head of State for The United States of America and Keeper of the Great Seals:

By my hand this 21st day of October 2017: Proof Seal

By:___James Clinton Belcher ___Head of State

The United States of America (Unincorporated)


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