Non-Resident Alien Proof

  By Jaro

State Citizens are NON-RESIDENT ALIENS with regard to the United States corporate Democracy.

The following definitions are from Black’s Law Dict. the 6th ed.

ALIEN: “A foreign-born person who has not qualified as a citizen of the country.  Any person, not a citizen or a national of the United States. 8 U.S.C.A. 1101”.

California or Texas or Florida, etc. are FOREIGN to the United States gov’t. since their jurisdictions are SEPARATE from each other.  The US does not have jurisdiction in California and California does not have jurisdiction in the US.

Title 8 of US Code was NOT enacted into positive law, so it is NOT a national LAW but only a federal CODE.  It is prima facie evidence of the law, but it can be REBUTTED.

NON-RESIDENCE: “Residence beyond the limits of the particular jurisdiction.”

NON-RESIDENT: “One who does not reside within the jurisdiction in question.”

NON-RESIDENT ALIEN: “One who is neither a resident nor a citizen of the United States.  Citizenship is determined under…U.S. Code Title 8.”… ( ONLY residents and US citizens are TAXPAYERS )

And you may have thought that RESIDENCE means living somewhere, such as in California.  Obviously, it DOESN’T.  Residency means living WITHIN some JURISDICTION.  And what jurisdiction do you think a municipal CORPORATION has?  Obviously, NOT over EVERYONE in a certain area, but rather ONLY over certain persons within an area ( such as residents and US citizens ).

You may live within a CITY, COUNTY, or STATE, territorial limits, and STILL NOT be a resident, because municipal corporations exercise STATUTORY, not COMMON LAW jurisdiction ( just ask a judge in court what kind of jurisdiction he acts under ).  COMMON LAW is a real law which applies to EVERYBODY, while Statutes and Codes ONLY apply to certain persons.

With respect to the United States, a State Citizen or Inhabitant is a NON-RESIDENT ALIEN, because he is not a 14th Amendment ( federal ) citizen, and does not reside under the United States ( federal ) jurisdiction.  For example, California is under the jurisdiction of State of California, NOT the United States.

Those living in California are NON-RESIDENTS with respect to the United States.  And if they are not also 14th Am. US citizens, they are ALIENS, NON-RESIDENT ALIENS.

United States ( federal ) citizens and residents are PARTICIPATING in the bankruptcy of the US gov’t, which makes their property COLLATERAL for the $20 trillion federal debt, so they are NOT protected by Public ( common ) Law ( pre-1933 laws and court decisions ).  THE ONLY people in the USA who can claim the protection of Public Law are NON-RESIDENTS ( don’t live within federal jurisdiction ), and ALIENS ( aren’t federal US citizens ).

The tax form that non-resident aliens file, is not W-9, but W-8BEN, which identifies them as “the beneficial owners of any amount subject to withholding”, i.e. persons that are NOT participating in the bankruptcy of the United States gov’t.

The term “beneficial owner” means an EQUITABLE TITLE HOLDER.

Since the United States is bankrupt and there’s no REAL money in circulation, EVERYTHING is in COMMERCE, where an absolute title was SPLIT into a LEGAL title and EQUITABLE title. Legal title holder gets to USE the property, while the equitable title holder (the STATE) CONTROLS and REGULATES that property.

While you get the legal title to the property, the US and/or the State secretly holds the equitable title, which gives it the authority to TAX and REGULATE that property. BUT a non-resident alien is OUTSIDE their bankrupt zone, so he holds the equitable title    ( they call him ‘beneficial owner’ ), which is TAX EXEMPT and exempt from statutory regulation.

Don’t assume that “CA” is California.  It is not.  “CA” is a POSTAL CODE for a region west of the Rockies.  They may as well call that region FL or NY.  In the REAL world, among people, an official abbreviation for California is “Calif.”.  “CA”  DOESN’T exist in the real world. It is a fiction.  It is an INTERNAL region designation created by a federal corporation, the USPS.

Are you a US citizen, or are you a Californian, Floridian, Texan, etc.?  Sovereign People of a State do NOT qualify for gov’t benefits, since gov’t benefits are only for taxpayers.

Titles of the US Code that were NOT enacted into positive law, are NOT national LAWS but just federal CODES.  I.e. they only apply to US citizens and those in ZIP code areas, NOT to State Citizens and Inhabitants.  This is how they can be rebutted; by proof that you are not a US citizen or that you do not reside in a ZIP code address.


And the fact that since 1938 federal common law no longer exists.  Under federal jurisdiction, the Public Law of the republic is NOT recognized.  Public Law was replaced by PUBLIC POLICY ( post-1933 federal statute and codes ).  US citizens and residents are TAXPAYERS, because they take gov’t benefits from the bankrupt United States.  They are also LIABLE for the $20 trillion federal debt, and the income tax is one way of paying for the federal debt.

Under PUBLIC LAW, the income tax is unconstitutional unless it’s apportioned.  But Public Law is no longer recognized on the federal level.

This is the difference between a Constitutional REPUBLIC and a corporate DEMOCRACY. On the land of the Republic, there is Public ( Common ) Law ( and real gold money ), while in the corporate Democracy there’s only Public Policy ( statutes and codes ) ( and fake fiat money ). There is NO Public law under federal jurisdiction, so if you’re anything federal such as a resident or US citizen, you’re a STATUTORY PERSON / SUBJECT / DEBTOR to the bankrupt federal gov’t that gets all of its money from Federal Reserve        ( international banker ).


Regarding Inhabitants.

INHABITANT: “One who resides actually and permanently in a given place, and has his domicile there….. But the terms “resident” and “inhabitant” have also been held not synonymous, the latter implying a more fixed and permanent abode than the former, and importing privileges and duties to which a mere resident would not be subject.”

And Domicile is defined as “A person’s legal home”.  This, of course, means that the US citizen’s domicile is the District of Columbia AKA the United States.  If your legal home is the District of Columbia, which is under FEDERAL law, you’re subject to federal drug and gun laws.

INHABITANT is DIFFERENT from a RESIDENT.  A California INHABITANT has a legal home / domicile in California.  A California RESIDENT is a US citizen, who’s domicile is in DC, temporarily in California.


Comment by Chuck 
If you file taxes your still in their system
Comment by agent smith 
If you hold a US passport and do not correct it at the state department in DC the automatic presumption is 14th amendment resident. Check out
I highly recommend his state citizenship course. It clears up all of the Patriot mythology. He has been successfully helping people with status correction for 15+ years with the State Department. If you are collecting any SSI shut up because you will not be leaving the plantation until you leave the planet by returning to God. The only solution is through trusts. While on the plantation I suggest reading the book THE ART OF PASSING THE BUCK vol I. Few people have the ability for proper trust structuring or management thereof. The more who do the better we all will be through the law of attraction. Jaro, your explanation is spot on! Good job.


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