California Homeless Problem

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Despite the record stock market and unemployment at 4.1% (despite a December jobs miss), the socialist utopia known as California is home to an ever-sprawling tent city which estimated to contain over 1,000 residents.

After a ZeroHedge report last March on the sprawling tent cities, a 10-minute video, dubbed by some as “incredible” has emerged showing the shocking growth of the encampment near Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA along the Santa Ana River.  



Locals have become increasingly alarmed by the rapid spread of unregulated squatters and their belongings and their waste.

As a cyclist who uses the trail to ride to the beach often, over this last year it has gotten substantially worse.  It is unsafe and unsanitary with loose dogs everywhere and human fecal matter scattered on the trail.

The area is disgusting and reeks of trash and feces.

He reports that the bike trail, once popular with outdoors enthusiasts and families which runs for miles to beaches along the Pacific Ocean, has become unsafe as miscreants plot assaults and robberies on passing riders, even laying tripwires across the path. Dan Lyman

Domestic Migration

As we pointed out last March, California’s Democrats aren’t just failing the poor people who have been relegated to tent cities (see “Americans Fleeing Expensive, Over-Taxed Metro Areas In Pursuit Of Affordability“). In fact, people of all income brackets are fleeing the state in droves. Not surprisingly, these domestic migrants are flocking to areas with a lower cost of living, lower/no state income taxes, less regulations and higher job growth (aka “Red” states).\


commit serious crimes against US citizens!

Honorable General Joseph Dunford,
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the  United States Armed Forces!

Honorable Provost Marshal Major General David Glaser, Сommanding General U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command!
Honorable Generals and Admirals of the United States Army!
Cc: FBI State Headquarters, NSA, US Department of Justice and Mass Media.
I, —- Ms. Nina Sidorova, President of the Northern California Tenant Association (NCTA), a member of three Human Rights Organizations and a member of the Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights International, —- contacted you several times, requesting to the Provost Marshals of the US Army to open a criminal investigation and to bring to the Military Criminal Tribunal members of the Santa Clara County Branch of the Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate. This syndicate is also known in the USA as the Khazarian Jewish Mafia.

I informed you that members US Jewish organizations are involved in Genocide of US citizens. I submitted already information with photos and other evidence, which show that unaware and peaceful US civilians, including children, women, and seniors, are attacked, tortured, money-grubbed and murdered by the members of more than 500 (FIVE HUNDRED!) big and small Jewish Organizations-Gangs that operate in the USA.

I already submitted to you names of the corrupted officials–criminals, who are involved in serious crimes against residents of the Santa Clara County, and you can see that more than 80% of them are of Jewish nationality.

As retaliation for my help and assistance to low-income and other tenants of Northern California, the Santa Clara County Branch of the Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate attacks me, evicts me repeatedly from the places where I resided, money-grubs me and tortures me with Direct Energy weapons. Since 2009,  the Santa Clara County Branch of the Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate committed 158 (one hundred fifty-eight) criminals offenses against me. I registered these criminal offenses with police and the FBI.
However, President of the Congregation Kol Emeth Synagogue Jeff Rosen, who is at the same time District Attorney of the Santa Clara County, covers up all crimes committed by the organized Jewish crime syndicate against me and against other residents of the Santa Clara County.
The Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate and the mercenaries of the private criminal corporation (NFCA)-Fusion Centers try every possible method to silence me, including several attempts to assassinate me. The last attempt to assassinate me took place on November 18, 2017, at 6 PM in the front of the Russian Christian Cathedral in San Francisco. The Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate sent assassins who shot at me. I was injured but survived.

The leaders the Santa Clara County Branch of the Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate, including corrupted officials of this country, claimed that 500 Jewish Organizations do not exist in the USA, and they are not involved in Genocide of US civilians.

I answer:   First, there are more than  2,450   Jewish organizations in the USA.
Honorable Generals! Honorable Sirs!
I state to you, and I can support my statement that there are more than 637 Jewish Organizations in the USA, which are involved in crimes against unaware and peaceful  US citizens. I repeat:

commit serious crimes against US citizens. The members of these organizations, involved in briberies and blackmail of US officials and espionage, including stealing of industrial and military secrets.  They control every part of US society, in order to continue moneygrubbing US citizens and the USA. Former Congressman James Traficant was right!
Congressman James Traficant explicitly said,
“Israel uses America like a Whore.”

For those of you who want to see an example, which explains and shows how US Jewish organizations blackmail and bribe US Officials, I suggest seiing the video below that supports Congressman Traficant’s statement.

AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know

You know that only officially, the USA gives $30,000 per year to each of Israeli Judaics, but the Israeli government uses these funds to attack and murder Palestinians.

At the same time, many of US citizens, including  residents of Santa Clara County, do not have money for food and do not have a place to reside, being regally money grubbed and evicted by the Judges, members of the Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate, such as Jew Judge Carol Overton of the Santa Clara County Court.  The judges of the Santa Clara County Court steal properties from US civilians, and they regularly illegally evict residents of the Santa Clara County from their residence. The subsided and other kinds of housings in California are completely hijacked by the Housing Cartel, which belongs to the Khazarian Jewish Mafia and which is led by Mr. Matt Fraklin, who was identified as one of Clinton’s pedophiles. Please, watch a short video below, which shows what the Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate,  its Housing Cartel, and Judges such as Jewish Racist Judge Overton committed against Californians.
California Homeless Problem

Many Americans cannot EVEN COMPREHEND   the real financial damage and the harm, committed against them by the members of the US Jewish criminal organizations, which operate in the USA.
Please, review the lists of Jewish Zionist and other Jewish Organizations, which operate in the USA and commit horrific crimes against US citizens.  Please scroll down to see the whole file.

I already informed you that the Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate uses against US citizens not only members of more than 600 of the US Jewish criminal organizations but also the members of the violent anti-American Hate Group La Raza, which claims to be Latino Ku Klux Klan in the USA. La Raza members preach severe racism, including violence, against anyone who is non-Hispanic.  The National Council of La Raza – Spanish for “The Race” — is a hate group with over 300 affiliate organizations, which are tied and receive finical support from  Mexican Drug Mafia (“La EME”) , California’s violent Mexican Drug Gangs ( Nortenos  / Sureños/ Sur 13 ) and La Familia  (Nuestra Familia) . La Raza is working closely with criminal Israeli Mossad, and they together are involved in distributing illegal drugs in California.

The crimes committed against US civilians by the members of US Jewish organizations are not simple crimes. The Genocide of US citizens took place in the USA!  I personally consider this as the Holocaust of US Citizens after I conducted my research- investigation, which the FBI agents offered me to conduct in 2012 and 2013 when I visited them and submitted to the many complaints about crimes and murders of tenants of Northern California.
Ms. Nina Sidorova: — The Holocaust of US Civilians — To the United Nations, Provost Marshall of the US Army, and the International Criminal Tribunals
Our US Hero, Mr. Robert Steele, former CIA Agent, an honest and brave man, explained more professionally  about crimes against US citizens committed by the Zionists :

Robert Steele: Zionism in America – Seven Strikes and Counting…
I came to a conclusion that now only US Army can defend US civilians from the Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate, from Israeli Mossad,  and from members of 637 criminal Jewish Organizations, which operate and commit crimes in the USA!

For instance, now even the most authoritative Jewish Kabbalist, Michael Laitman, confirmed in Israeli TV that the Jews have turned into Horrific Nazis! Please, watch his testimony below and see below a little video taken with a hidden camera, which supports  Kabbalist Laitman’s  statement.

Honorable Provost Marshals and Generals of the US Army!

We The People of the USA ask you to Honor Your Oath to We The People and to take proper legal actions, defending US citizens against the Organized Jewish Satanic Pedophile Crime Syndicate, against  Israeli Mossad and against Jewish criminals, who have infiltrated more than 637 US Jewish Organizations, and who are armed by Mossad, and who regularly commit crimes by terrorizing, torturing and murdering  peaceful and innocent US citizens, including children, women and seniors!

Respectfully submitted,
Ms. Nina Sidorova,
President of the Northern California Tenant Association


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