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The Indemnity Bond and Court Process — Step by Step

  Judge Anna von Reitz In order to conduct business across “state” borders— which we all do — we have to either function in private or public capacity. If you are a public corporation and functioning in the realm of international … Continue reading

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Yaaay, Rhode Island! Fifty of Fifty!

   Judge Anna von Reitz Very recently I put out a call to Rhode Island, explaining the situation— that they were the only State in the Union that hadn’t answered the call to assemble. As soon as our brothers and … Continue reading

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Confusion About the Indemnity Bond

   Judge Anna von Reitz When you operate in commerce –if you ever legitimately do–(remember that “commerce” is business between two incorporated entities) you typically need insurance of some kind — liability insurance, fire insurance, insurance against illness, accident, unemployment, … Continue reading

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