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A World of Oxymorons

  Judge Anna von Reitz The most prevalent oxymoron I run into is “sovereign citizen” which is an impossibility and contradiction because one cannot be both at the same time. One can act as a “citizen” or one can act as … Continue reading

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The Queen of The Chair of the Estates and the “King of Persons”

  Judge Anna von Reitz I have received several inquiries from Scottish and Irish and Canadian groups who are confused. They thought that —to at least some appreciable extent— they have been cut free from the British yoke? So they are … Continue reading

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Looks Like a Bank “Revision” on June 8

  Judge Anna von Reitz Just became aware of an interesting recorded message issued by HSBC warning its customers that they will be doing an “upgrade” on the weekend of June 8, admitting that the records reflected on accounts may be … Continue reading

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Federation and Confederation

  Judge Anna von Reitz We live in a world that functions via duality: positive and negative, male and female, light and dark, private and public. This does not imply that a starry night is evil or that a sunny day … Continue reading

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Your Autograph on white paper can be monetized . . . it is worth money!

[An oxymoron is a term for a figure of speech made up of two or more words that seem to be opposite to each other or are actually opposite. … The word oxymoron is an oxymoron; ‘oxy’ comes from the Greek word that means ‘sharp’, while ‘moron’ comes … Continue reading

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