The Queen of The Chair of the Estates and the “King of Persons”

  Judge Anna von Reitz

I have received several inquiries from Scottish and Irish and Canadian groups who are confused. They thought that —to at least some appreciable extent— they have been cut free from the British yoke? So they are checking their treaties — especially their Treaties from Westminster — and wondering WTH?

First Fun Flying Factoid — “Westminster” is a separate principality of the Inner City of London which is itself an independent international city-state and part of the municipal government established by the Holy See.

So a Treaty from Westminster is a separate deal with a different entity than you might suppose.

You may recall certain annual ceremonies where the Queen knocks on the door of Westminster and is admitted by the Lord Mayor? And then she walks behind him in procession, head bowed? This is because she has entered the separate jurisdiction of Westminster, which does not, strictly speaking, exist on British soil.

In the case of Canada, and I have no reason to think it is substantially different for Scotland, Ireland, Wales or Australia, Westminster released the Canadians from subject status many years ago. They entered into their national sovereignty — meaning they gained control of the top six inches of dirt throughout the country known as a “soil jurisdiction”. The people were also released as living beings.

All that is very well and good, but it does not release the land jurisdiction owed to the Canadians, which the Queen continues to claim and exercise via her office connected to The Chair of Estates.

For the purpose of claiming and exercising her dominion over the land jurisdiction (deeper than 6 inches) she does not occupy her throne at all. It is the underground portion that she retains and gloms onto — the realm of the dead and of mineral resources.

This is why all the murders and child sacrifices and other dirty business always occurs underground. This is why Princess Di was killed in a tunnel. This is the “Royal Secret”. This is how Elizabeth could take The Coronation Oath with her living breath and promise to honor the Public Law and all the other good things that The Coronation Oath requires, and then, three days later, turn around and break it all.

Three days after the Coronation, she stepped down from the actual Throne, occupied The Chair of Estates, and has remained there doing the dirty work and ruling over the dead realm ever since.

And so, while she is busy claiming the land and that means the physical land estates of the dead — her consort, Prince Philip, is just as busy claiming the assets of all the various “Persons” — also dead entities that belong to the realm of the dead.

Remember JOHN DOE — “who” is a ward of the Public Charitable Trust run by the U.S. Attorney Generals’ Office? And therefore treated as an “incompetent” and a “ward of the state” and “legally and civilly dead”?

He belongs as property to Prince Philip, and Prince Philip will tell you that, if you press him.

Remember JOHN RAYMOND DOE? —- “HE” is the ESTATE of “John Raymond Doe” — an American presumed “lost, missing at Sea” — after, that is, considerable self-interested falsification of both public and private records by Her Majesty’s Territorial Employees. HIS land assets are “presumed” to belong to the Queen, and all else that he might have is “presumed” to belong to Prince Philip.

Remember JOHN R. DOE? — this one is a Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility franchise, again, another “legal fiction entity” that is “dead” by definition, and also presumed to be a Territorial holding of Prince Philip.

If you are all as fed up with this crappola as I am, write to:

The Ambassador, British Embassy, 3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

and to the:

Secretary-General, United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY 10017

and to the:

President, Donald J. Trump, c/o The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500

And give them all a piece of your mind concerning your actual political status and your standing “in full life” and your opinion of all these mind-rapes and games that they have all been playing — and taking seriously, too.

It should not be necessary for you to demand the return of your “Life Force Value Annuities” — to the extent that those “values” should never have been conceptually separated from you in the first place, but as things stand, we all have to call a halt to this nonsense.

And an end to the British Raj and the Bar Associations enforcing it all.


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